Monday 4 May 2020

A quick walk around the garden...

Not a long blog tonight as it has been a busy day and so just a few photos to keep you going that everything is happy and growing in the garden.  And of course we couldn't finish without a slice of cake well maybe a slice of two.
The rain was welcome and can water the garden far better than I do. I think once a child always one as I try to make rainbows between myself and the sun raising the house pipe high .Sometimes too high resulting in getting a soaking . Or putting my finger over the end of the pipe to make it squirt just that bit further. My dads hosepipe is set up far better than our as his hose never seems to blow off at the tap end whereas when I pull the reel round our garden it is so annoying and time wasting when it pulls off at source and then I try to get it put on again, only for it to pull off. Bluebells are not the only ones who can turn the air blue . I use warm water to water my plants in the summer house and I am worried about my lemon tree I think I must have pruned it back too much last year. It is still sulking as there are no lemon flowers on it. The last harvest I had was of about 20 lemons . I ever put it in a nice new glazed pot last year. Now I have put it back in its old pot and lifted it back on to the top of the fridge as I wonder if its roots like to get a bit of warmth from the sun instead of sitting on the floor. I put a layer of crushed up egg shells on top of the soil as google says lemons like the calcium and also reverted to Princes Charles way of talking to it .I am tempted to giving it a good cursing . Jacks mother would have told it to  "shake your feathers "and it wouldn't have dared of dying or even thinking of dying.

And the strawberries are now in flowers  and a friend heard the cuckoo up on the lane above our house over the weekend.