Monday 18 May 2020

Cooking with Rosemary Shrager on Wednesday

I have always had great admiration for Rosemary Shrager, not just as a chef she is one of lifes' genuines . Down to earth and a great chef even though she never was college or cookery school trained and as she says learnt "on the hoof" and with a lot of hard work. She is happy in her "own skin" and I think that is why I admire her so much as I think I am a bit like her too .

.Wasn't Rosemary great , she was in the jungle ... her attitude lets get on with it and make the best of what we have. She makes things look easy and so even the most untalented cook will not feel over fazed 

Rosemary used to run a cookery school on the Isle of Harris and on Wednesday night you can cook along with her too. I wish I had been able to experience that. One day we will get to Harris if they will let us in.

Rosemary posted on her facebook page -La Voix and Rosemary are back on Wednesday at 6pm for another 'Queens of the Kitchen' cook along. She says  if you are joining us you will need to prep these ingredients (make sure the butternut squash is cooked in advance). Even if you don't fancy cooking along, join us anyway for a giggle!

I would have preferred her to be doing something with seafood ..she is a dab hand with lobster, but as we are still in lock down, we will have to be glad to be able to cook along together making risotto instead . I am sure it will be fun and if you open a bottle of wine and drink half of it before hand will be even more enjoyable. .Remember to dice the squash before you drink the wine .We dont need any accidents ...Happy Cooking,Happy Eating 

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