Sunday, 10 April 2011

Look who's has come to tea- Deer-

Deer, yes little roe deer. About 8.20pm just as the light was fading I looked out of the window and saw the deer down near the garden gate.Armed with my camera I managed to take a photo of them.There are just above the gate in the field and between the hedge and the bush. I did film quite a bit more but it was coming in darker all the time it doesn't warrant you seeing them properly. The cat decided to come stalking with me and I thought she was going to give the game away. They grazing quite contentedly unaware I was so near. I guess the wind was in my favour.They frolicked about. They looked like to half grown does to me. I do hope you will get to see them if you come to stay with us. Anyone who has already been will know how near they are to the house from the photo . I just hope they don't want to dine on the magnolia bush as they did a previous year. It was a feast for them as they cleared the whole tree off in one evening and a big disappointment to me