Friday, 29 April 2011

My Royal Wedding Invitation

We have some guests staying from America to enjoy all the excitemnet of "the" wedding. One of the ladies handed me an envelope. Inside it contained "the" Invitation. Whether it had got hijacked enroute by the Obamas or it had got stuck to the envelope which was going to David Beckham I will never know. It now takes pride of place in our sitting room which we will now have to rename the drawing room. Along side a photos of Jack on a point to point horse called Gypsy Dan ,Nicholas and of us on our wedding day. All I can say is to wish Prince William and Catherine -cousin Kate very very distant on the Lupton side of her family- all the very best for their future.Hoping their day goes as well as ours did and they will be just as happy.Even the flowers in our garden are getting into wedding mode and

shaping themselves as hearts,