Thursday, 5 September 2019

The Shambles with Harry Potter and then there is the new Downtown Abbey

This is the Shambles in York in the evening  and a perfect time to get that special photograph without having to wrestle with the crowds of people, who are about during the day .Also The Shambles is where there is now a Harry Potter Shop which delights my grandchildren . I prefer to think of it at the time when ladies wear elegant long dresses and gentlemen walked the streets in top hats and carried walking canes.             
Maybe I have been watching to much Downton Abbey. But what I think is really exciting is that there is going to be a new Downton Abbey film out soon  and some right on our "doorstep". 
I am lucky to have a friend who was part of the cast and so I have the low down on where the new Downton Abbey was filmed . So whether you prefer to go and check the film locations under your own steam or prefer to have an organised tour with your own personal chauffeur ,we can arrange it when you stay with us here at Carr House Farm .
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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Countryfile Live at Castle Howard

Countryfile Live was held at Castle Howard last week for 4 days. With Thursday looking like the best day I made an early start and as Castle Howard is only 15 minutes from us I was parked up by 6.30am and on to the show field. With wellingtons and my jacket on I was prepared if the weather worsened but it turned out to be a really nice day. There was lots of news about people having to queue up for 3 hours to get in off the A64 but as we dont live in that direction and really if the people had made an early start I am sure there would have been no problem. Our guests went the next 2 days and had no problems at all and thoroughly enjoyed their day out.  I took Jacks 4 x 4 just incase I got stuck but it was effortless and when I did come out about 1.45pm again I had had enough by then and to beat the queues I was straight out.

There was lots of delighted people as the presenters of the show were about all day and having their photos taken with the crowd. I had a quick word with Matt Baker as he had stayed  and Ellie was filmed with us a few years ago when making a programme about sheep and dyeing the yarns.

With getting there early, there was free bacon sandwiches for the first 500 people and shared mine with the girls on the Welcome to Yorkshire stand as they were in for a long day. Thanks to Brian Turner the chef in charge .
 There was so much tastes of gin on offer I could have done with a chauffeur but was only tempt with some marsh mallow Moonshine . The cake from the Wold Cookery School was amazing and you can see it on my Instagram page as I did a little video of it. And I tried every lemon curd going.

My grandchildren went on Sunday  and had a whale of a time been "weather girls" and goodness knows what else . There was plenty of things for them to interact on. Knowing what they are like I imagine they entered it with gusto as they have been on the radio and on film before so are not shy and especially Martha would be asking the presenter all sorts of questions - she is the middle one . She had her birthday 2 weeks ago she was 8 and Emmy was 6 last week .Rubi is 10 in September so they are good company now and time flies how they are getting so grown up. They were pleased to hear that Countryfile Live  is coming back in 2020 .

And lastly thanks to the Daily Mail who had a code in the paper which enabled ourselves and many others to get in for free.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

You never know who you might bump into...

I had spent the day in York thank to Visit Britain on a workshop on the growth of overseas visitors . At lunchtime some of us went out for a breathe of fresh air and noticed their was a film being made .  So at the end of the session who should I see .I asked him if I could take a photo as I thought the grandchildren might like to see what their wacky grandmother had been up to and he said it would be a pleasure and summoned his body guard to take the photos .

 Now that is what I call a real gentleman . It was Armand Anthony Assante who is an American actor. Best recognized for playing the role of John Gotti in the HBO miniseries ‘Gotti’. He has appeared in a number of TV films and dramas till date. His TV film credits include 'The Pirate', 'Passion and Paradise', 'The Hunley', 'Kidnapped', 'Blind Justice' and 'Shark Swarm'. As far as his work in television dramas is concerned, the actor has appeared on ‘Napoleon and Josephine: A Love Story', 'Jack the Ripper', 'The Odyssey', 'ER', 'NCIS' and 'Chuck'. In addition, Assante has been a part of numerous movies as well. He has acted in popular films like 'Q&A', 'The Road to El Dorado', 'American Gangster', 'The Red Maple Leaf', 'Kids vs Monsters', 'Shadows in Paradise', 'Breaking Point' and 'Confessions of a Pit Fighter'. Coming to his awards and honours, Assante won an Emmy Award for his portrayal of Mafia Don John Gotti in the miniseries ‘Gotti’. He has also got a star on the Italian Walk of Fame in Toronto. The American star has earned multiple nominations for many prestigious awards like Screen Actors Guild Awards and Golden Globe Awards as well.

The film I was more aware of him starring in was alongside Goldie Hawn in Private Bejamin .

If you ever read this Mr Assente - thank you as you made my day Image may contain: 2 people, including Jack Peckitt Anna Lupton, people smiling, people standing and suit

Saturday, 27 July 2019

In Knareborough

Well worth the visit. Often guests by pass Knaresborough on their way to Harrogate and beyond. Wednesday is market day so a good day to go. 

There is a  tiny chapel of Our Lady of the Crag in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. It dates back to 1408 and was carved by John the Mason, the master mason at Knaresborough Castle. Legend has it that it was created in thanks for the Mason’s son’s miraculous escape from a rock fall. Some say that it was a way for the Mason to show off his skills. 
The knight effigy may be original ,but there again no one can be sure It was certainly there in the time of Wordsworth who mentioned it in one of his poems. No photo description available.Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Coming to Yorkshire ... coming to stay with us

Saturday, 13 July 2019