Thursday 11 January 2024

Happy New Year 2024

A lot happened last year and apologises for not keeping in touch more. I will try harder this year but what often seems mundane to me is of interest to those of you not living in the beautiful country side which surrounds us. Strawberries in December in the garden well seeing was believing .The day after Boxing Day saw Father Chrsitmas's deer return to our field for a well earned rest. I was greeted by 5 of them walking leisurely down the drive as I drove home.I know they can be destructive but they are lovely- just wish they didnt eat my fruit trees. Father Christmas had called at Wass Grange as we had the grandchildren round and little Ralph had been left a shiny blue wheelbarrow Jack says we need to get him a brush and shovel now to go with it . The girls.. well Emmy is really into her tea -fruit teas so she got a fruit tea teapot and lots of different flavoured teas. Martha got some fluffy bedding and Rubi the oldest - well at 14 it is all about makeup. . I had been to London with my cousin to see the lights in London in Decemeber so classed this as my Christmas present. My cousin loved the lights but I loved the shop windows.I would love to know what happens to all the decorations afterwards. It was a perfect day out getting the train from Thirsk in the morning and back home by 9.30pm - 17,000 steps later. We dropped in for lunch with our Italian friends and exchanged with a half moon of Wensleydale cheese. Telling them to eat it with their Christmas cake -fruit we hope. and came home clutching our Panetonnes. I was delighted to find the New Zealand shop, Rodd and Gunn, so Jack was very happy with his Christmas present too. Liberty never fails to impress with its beautiful displays but also the character of the building. I could have just spent all day looking around but we did it all.. well nearly all- names that pop up on the Monopoly board. But you know we have some fantastic Christmas displays around here. Helmsley market place looked lovely this year with its coloured lights on the tree, Thornton -le Dale, the villagers had certainly spent a lot of time and effort making their village look pretty and Norton near Malton excelled in the main street . Castle Howard was the highlight and I was treated to an evening preview of Peter Pan. I had hope to go back it was so good but went down with whatever was going about and just recovering now as is Jack. Christmas can be such a sad time too as I went down the churchyard to put the holly,ivy and fir from the farm on the graves. I did th erounds and popped some on not only parents/grandparents/greatgrandparents but old Dr Vidal who I have spoken about before who brought my dad into the world. Also village people who I looked up to when I was young and their families live abroad now. Ironically as I came out with tears streaming down my face I got a hug from another village "lad" whose ancestors are buried there too and we talked about the good old days and it lightened my step. We realise so much how our health is the most important thing we can have and so may people come to stay with us to recharge their batteries .Pretty soon we will be able to tell you about what is going to be happening in Spring 2024 when we join forces with Sara M.
to bring you some very amazing things.