Thursday 25 June 2009

THE FUSE...who played.....and stayed.....

Recently THE FUSE were playing in North Yorkshire and stayed with us. A pop rock fusion band- what great guys these were. When you hear of groups who trash rooms,are very demanding and cause chaos. I imagined them dancing on my dining room table but I can say they were so polite and very charming. If I had a daughter I would have been very happy had she brought any one of these lads home. How civilized it was to listen to the talented Alex Newberry's voice belting out in the middle of the North Yorkshire countryside rather than have to trail all the way down to listen to them on the London circuit. Backed by the equally talented Jake Blair,Simon Bowsker,Mike Varnavia and Kiki Dugdale, you see the group relaxing in our Yorkshire sunshine as they are preparing to go on tour around Europe before heading off to Los Angeles to to cut their new album. THE FUSE are the recently reformed group from the original LATO. Their website is and will perform a headline gig at MONTO WATER RATS THEATRE in London on the 25th July

Wednesday 24 June 2009

The FUSE...

Jack says there is no need to go anywhere else we live in the best part ...We get people from all over the world and some are more famous than others. The other weekend a pop rock fusion band called THE FUSE stayed with us. I must say what delightful young men they were too.You hear of bands trashing bedrooms,been rude,so demanding and other horror stories.These are the sort of guys if I had adaughter I would have been happy for her to have brought home. These guys were just here to play at a gig and chill out in the sunshine the morning after.They have a brand new website after regrouping from LATO to their new name of THE FUSE.....and their music isnt bad either.It was so civilized to listen to Alex Newberry's voice belted out over the North Yorkshire countryside instead of the usual London circuit backed by the equally talented Jake Blair,Simon Bowker,Mike Varnavia and Kiki Dugdale. They are now preapring to tour through Europe before crossing the Atlantic to cut a new album in Los Angeles.

June-My Birthday Month

Another year older yesterday and hopefully a little wiser. To celebrate my birthday we went up to The Hare at Scawton and had a delicous meal- well worth a trip. Their number is 01845 597769.We sadly missed meeting Jan Smith ,a very friendly landlady who is also a very busy one. Next time it will be the double baked cheese souffle that Jessica always raves about.
I have always wanted a platinum ring and Jack came up trumps as usual with the help of Martin of Pattisons Jewellers in Thirsk, who had been keeping his eye out for me a special one for a long time.It is about 100 years old and has 12 sides to it -one for each month of the year. This shop may be small, but its reputation is big and if Martin hasnt got it in, he will either make it for you or find something you will treasure for ever.
My Dad gave me sweetpeas out of his garden and a pale pink rose off a bush which has been at the farm as long as the family over 100 years.One year I may be successful at trying to root it. This is always one of my best birthday memories.
I must tell you about a wonderful paint company I have found called The Little Greene Paint Co which produces paint and wall paper. Since 1773 the Little Greene Dye Works have been making paints and dyes and now offer 128 different colours to choose from and the most fabulous rolls of paper. I am just waiting for some guests to vacate a bedroom as I have a pot of paint called Gauze ready to transform a pine chest of drawers...You may be interested to visit their website www.the hardest bit is there are so many lovely shades to choose from. They even do limewashes and distempers.Their telephone number is 0161 the guests have now gone and I have painted the chest which you can see in the photo

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Hovingham Hall......

One of North Yorkshire's special gems will be open to the public for the month of June. It is not so well known, but is very well presented and brings a lot of enjoyment to those who know where to find it in the middle of the North Yorkshire countryside on the malton to Helmsley road, about 10 miles north of York . Formerly the home of the Duchess of Kent and now of her nephew, William, lovely wife Marie and young family.I like to spend time walking round their garden as there are always tips of how a garden should look. I remember a few years ago after a pleasant afternoon there rushing to get the lawn mower out and try to make the same pattern on the our lawn as they had achieved.Needless to say it was not quite as gracious, I am still trying.....