Sunday 29 October 2023

Byland Abbey Memories

A day of apprecation of my surroundings and the memories, we made when I rode out with Jack many moons ago. Jacks Dad ,Charlie, was riding out then too .He was 76 when he hung his stirrups up. Is it the time of year as the clocks go back,the nights pull in and the sights of atmospheric sights like this of Byland Abbey I took yesterday, makes me refelect on life as it was nearly 50 years ago .The views are the same ,the seasons unfurl abeit sometimes they just dont quite fit the pattern they did back then. We have some amazing sights at the moment of the leaves changing colour. The patchwork of fields turning brown as the farmers work well into the night, trying to beat the weather and get their winter crops in. Some are sprouting green as you see the straight drill marks that have planted seeds for next years harvest. As the daylight hours shorten, there is more chance of seeing the Northern Lights. And of course you can breakfast by the fire when you come to stay with us. Oh so beautiful , Majestically stood alone in the mist. The monks have departed and so have their flock, Apart from the pheasants and occasion woodcock. At night ,an owl will weave the ground Looking for a mouse, he looks keenly down. Sheltered from the wind and the troubles of the world Byland is there, for all to be found. Until then I enjoy the peace of the land. I am proud to recall the days of the past of those powerful horses trotting by so fast. There was Volters and Tilston and big Gypsy Dan Astride one of those magnificent beasts So privileged to be one of the string A memory for all who then climbed the Bank, to gallop on Wass Moor knee high in ling.

Thursday 5 October 2023

Walking, sightseeing and going to a cafe are ....

· The Top activities for visitors of the North York Moors area. If this appeals to you going on a gentle walk, sightseeing / pottering and going to a cafĂ© / tea room - Come and stay with us. Not to mention Dark Skies venues of which we are lucky to live in the very midst of one .We do see the most amazing skies full of stars and wonderful formations. We have seen falling stars and as youngsters always wanted to pick one up and put it in our pockets as the song goes - but havent achieved this yet. A record from the 40-50s Perry Como sang and is still remembered today. We can direct you the the foodie places we think are the best.... We can tell you the best places to go to eat, pick up a sandwich or slice of cake to eat on your day out. There is plenty of tea/coffee and milk here. Just bring you own flask and we will fill it for you . You can walk from the doorstep and leave your car while you tak a stroll to Byland Abbey 20 minutes away And if we have some homemade soup on the go we are happy to share some to go in a flask too . One of our favourite easy,flat stroll round a picture perfect village is only 10 minute drive away. Where there are thatched cottages, a duck pond and old mill. Pass cottages with names like Primrose Cottage, Mill Cottage and Orchard House A pretty village church with its lofty steeple but even better the day you do this there is no need to think of a picnic. The Star At Harome does the most amazing food ,having just been awarded 3 rosettes by the AA. Even though the foie gras is what Jack would be drawn too topped with black pudding, a very reasonably priced Market Menu 3 courses for £30. Did you know there is a child's menu too - A child's menu at a Michelin starred inn that was news to me . Add a loaf of bread and rest assured you dont need anything else but maybe a slice of cake later in the day but if you look in "your tin" when you get make to your room there will be some sweet treats for you in there. If you have already "done" your Holidays for this year .Why not plan ahead from 2024 . Gift vouchers can be bought from us for you to give for family and friends who like to get away and have a treat. If you pop into the Star Andrew Pern has brought a second book out which also will make a great gift or a keepsake for your stay in the area. It is named "Loose Birds and Game" contains 65 recipes divided into 13 chapters, large-format fold-out pages introducing each topic. There is everything here from dishes that you’ll cook to win round the in-laws, to rustic pies that you’ll want to keep for yourself. Game has never been more affordable.