Friday 16 December 2016

Busy day with a different hat on ......

Friday, 16 December 2016

The Ryedale Business Award Finalists

Today the finalists were announced for the First ever Ryedale Business

The Judges were

Councillor Linda Cowling.
Ian Rogers
Richard Shaw

The finalists are as follows

Learning and Development sponsored by Alex Yoxall Photography

The Jones Partnership
Viva Hair

Community Contribution  sponsored by Handy Mag

Helmsley Walled Garden
Libby Butler Jewellers - Carolyn Frank
Terrington Stores

Young Entrepreneur sponsored by Ryedale District Council

Fergus Court Funeral Services
Gemma Richardson
GVT Painting and Decorating

Innovation sponsored by Vale Radio

Consultancy Team
High Farndale
The Stick Man

Rural Diversification sponsored by Anna Lupton

Happy Paws Boarding
Deepdale Farm Weddings
Studford Luxury Lodges

Start Up Business sponsored by Federation of Small Businesses

Horsetown Beers
The Cutting Shed
Willow Green Estate Agents

Long Standing Business sponsored by Pearson and Ward [Ware and Kay]

Claridges of Helmsley
RV Rogers Roses
R Yates &Sons
Terry Elsey Tyres

Ryedale Champion sponsored by Gillies Jones

Cuckavalda Gundogs
Easterby Racing
Tommy Banks

The winners will be announced at the Ryedale Business Awards which are to be held on Tuesday 24th Jan 2017 at the White Swan of Ampleforth by kind permission of Simon Parker, Robert Fawcett and Edward Fawcett who have sponsored the event.

Tickets are available  £15  from Handy Mag Office in Market Place Malton or Anna Lupton on 01347 868526. Cheques made payable to Ryedale Business Awards.

Breakfast will be served at 9.30am  and the winners announced by Vale Radio and transmitted live throughout the morning.

The event will end at 11.30am.

The White Swan will remain open should anyone wish to stay on for further celebratory drink and lunch will be available to be purchased.

Monday 14 November 2016

Sunday 6 November 2016

Friday 4 November 2016

Rascills at Raskelf --No tricks just treats.

A breathe of fresh air and a large lick of paint has transformed what was the Purple Partridge into Rascills . I must say I did like the giant teapot which used to stand out but this lovely young couple, Richard and Lindsey Johns don't need a teapot to entice people in .

Recommendation does it for me after they did any amazing job down "'Ull way' at their award winning Artisan restaurant in Hessle. Richard has spent some months this year helping his mate,Andrew Pern out at one of his starry places in York .

They are now nicely settled just off the A19 and not too far away from us so guest who stay with us will have another choice in store. And Richard's beef which is mouth watering to write about and even more so to taste, along with the rest of the food he creates.

So it is time for you to take a look at their website

 Tues,Wed and Thursday- an a la carte menu , Friday and Saturday - a tasting menu and the last Sunday in every month - Sunday Lunch.

For those of you who know Jack I can tell you what he will be going for it is Richards Chateaubriand and thrice cooked chips ...he will fore go the red wine sauce but more for me and will probably have the giants half of the beast.  Tasting menus are not Jack's scene as he tends to fall asleep half way. Especially now it is the shooting season and he is out all day, when he comes into the warmth and has a drink or three its goodnight from Jack. So give the baby his steak and let him get to bed.

My "plate of buffet" that we were treated to.
 Even a selection of drinks for me ....
 Jack drank all the red ...Not really surprised are you ?  so there was only white to show you but some very pleasant ones so I was told.

Richard and Lindseys hall of fame .... Yes Hull's angels, your eyes are not playing tricks

And our super hosts for the evening .

Quite apt that I wrote this blog on Mischief Night ,so time to be a little rascal and book a table on with them on 01347 822031.


Saturday 22 October 2016

Playing Host

This week I hosted Keith Gilks who is a journalist for Cycling World Magazine. I was lucky to be able to call on a few businesses I know to help make Keith's stay even more tasty.
Primarily he was in Yorkshire to cycle ,but I wanted to make sure he had the very best of food and drink too.
The White Swan in Ampleforth feed the very tired Keith and after a few pints of baa baa Black Sheep his aching legs were a thing of the past.  He started with Pork and Apple Terrine and had Plaice rolled in Smoked Salmon to follow in the most sublime of lemon cream . I mirrored him on this, while Sarah Barrowby who had come along to talk "cycling" we must not forget why he was in the area. Sarah opted for the Plaice as well but started with homemade soup. There was no room for puddings.  Emily Slingsby very kindly organised that Keith receive a selection of Ampleforth beers which her husband Andy brought to the White Swan for him. A real ale man, Keith was delighted. It was a vey pleasant evening spent in the White Swan which has been newly refurbished and was lovely and warm too which is something the some eating places just don't seem to get their heads around . Quite "Hygge" infact.
After a nights sleep that Keith said he had slept like  King ! It was time for me to serve breakfast. A full Yorkshire of course complete with my son Nicholas's venison sausages.
Soon it was time to say goodbye to Keith and off he went on his next cycling adventure heading in the direction of Sutton Bank.
Hunters of Helmsley had kindly made him a packed lunch with goodies from their deli counter and some Hustwaite apple juice.  Hunters won the Best Local Shop in Great Britain and rightly so ...we love their rare beef sandwiches. As we were not sure if Keith was a rare beef man they opted to make him a cheese and ham one,which I guess was very tasty as they cook their meat on site. I often  get a whiff of their meats cooking when I go by their doors.
Keith's next port of call was Whitby and home for the night .I  just knew he shouldn't miss a trip to the Magpie and a quick call to Ian's team and a place was booked for him for 7pm. The last thing I heard of Keith was a photo he posted on social media of a very large portion of fish and chips curtesy of the Magpie.
Thank you to all you wonderful businesses that made it possible to turn Keith's trip into an even better one than he had expected. Jack often says to me if you are going to do something, do it right and I think we all did .

Thursday 13 October 2016

Apple Day At Helmsley Walled Garden

They are such a friendly crew at Helmsley Walled Garden.  We are very lucky to have such a  gem of a place only 6 miles from us. And last Saturday I took Geneva , a Canadian guest, along with me to their Open Apple Day . Mike was there talking about his bee hives. The bees playing their part around the
orchards. We were amazed at the different colour of apple juice that was on show all taken from the Walled Garden ,all bottled up ready to drink.
Then we took a quick walk around the garden and into the Orchid House that was playing host to the harvest of gourds. Every year I say next year I am going to grown some for myself..and another year passes maybe 2017 .
This is certainly a hidden gem of Helmsley and Ryedale too. A charity set up many seasons ago by a very enthusiastic Alison Ticehurst ,a lovely lady and had the privilege of knowing. Her enthusiasm was infectious -well she was our doctor's wife, which lead my Dad to lending them a small plough and I think it is still there.


Sunday 18 September 2016

Wednesday 7 September 2016

September ...

September what does it mean to you ?.....Carluccio's have launched #MadAboutMushrooms, which brings me to write this blog.
I have loved September and all the memories it holds since the year dot. No longer do I have a pony to ride around the fields looking for mushrooms. Transferring them from perfectly formed fungi into a Mother's Pride waxed bread packet and getting them back to the farm the majority of which were only good enough to put in a stew. The buttons were fried for tea with home cured fat streaky bacon. Who could ever forget ?

Life goes on but we still go mushrooming. The mushrooms still grow in the same places within the backdrop of Byland Abbey.  As I said to my Dad, who is 94 in 2 weeks time -he was driving the mule [a mechanically version not animal by the way]  Did we have more hours in the day then? No came his reply things went at a slower pace.

My Uncle Fred was the horseman and it was when I was tiny he would lead me around the fields on my pony looking for mushrooms . I was perhaps 3 at the time. Fred  would lift me down to watch him cut the mushroom with his knife and then I would pluck it out of the grass and he would lift it up again and off we would go in search of the next mushroom.  There is still something magical about picking mushrooms. Go early in the morning when the dew is still on the grass. Mother Earth is a great provider.

Thursday 1 September 2016

With my competition head on again...

 Now taking photographs is going to be harder than making the chocolate pot.

This is the email I received the other day ...

to another lady et moi .....

Morning Ladies
Wishing you many congratulations this morning for winning Lockwoods’ chocolate pot competition.
Your two recipes have been chosen by Matthew and the head chef.

The next step is for you both to come to the restaurant for a ‘cook off’ at a suitable time and date.
This will allow us to choose the winning recipe to go on the menu.

Before this however, we would like to do a photo with yourselves and Matthew at the restaurant in Ripon before the 6th September (and between 3.30pm and 5pm) 
It would be amazing if you could bring your chocolate pot dish to be included in the picture. But if this is a problem, please don’t worry.

Can you let me know when you would be free this week for the photo.

Once again ladies, many congratulations and thanks for sending in your delicious recipes.

Friday 29 July 2016

Thursday Evening at the Banyan tree with Visit York

Sue Frumin gets a mention here as she has yet again succeeded in arranging a great networking evening at the Banyan Tree in Little Stonegate yesterday evening.

Sue is part of Visit York, Made in York and her title there is Business Engagement Manager. She had had a busy day as we had both attend a Visit England workshop earlier in the day at the National Railway Museum. I presume her morning had been full too . Then after the full on afternoon with Visit English there was only time for Sue to "powder her nose"and  to the Banyan Tree and finally we made our way to York Market for a night of entertainment .. more of that in my next blog.

We were welcomed at the Banyan Tree with a glass of Prosecco much to the liking of our Italian guest who chaperoned me . There was around 50 members and  lots of Visit York staff around , all enjoy the samples of food which we are delicious and we served by a happy band of young people. My favourite was the pea and  crushed advocado on crusty French bread. certainly a place to remember for the future

A fun place to go ,plenty of seating and space and great to be able to look over the glass down on to the next level. They even do cocktails classes there ....

Sunday 24 July 2016

What makes the Great Yorkshire Show GREAT

Perfect weather for the Great Yorkshire Show this year, not too cold not too hot. Not too crowded by the time I got there in the late afternoon .
I suppose spending my childhood Yorkshire Shows having to tramp round endless cattle, sheep and pigs has left a mark as I have a quick nip round. I can only appreciate all the time and effort that goes into the quality of these show animals.  I think my favourite tent is the flower tent. Maybe it is the smell that draws me to it.
I have never been to Chelsea as much as I love watching it on television .I always seem to be held up with something which has meant I have never got to the Flower Show at Harrogate in Spring or Autumn.
My Dad always ordered his sweet pea seeds when we went when I was a child. Not only was I always amazed by the colours of the blooms but the black posh cloth that they stand only. It was all "posh and extravagant like " .
This year I felt the flowers grown on farms display should have won gold . It  was amazing. I have bought flowers from this band of growers  before  and they certainly do last longer than most other shop ones and you can save the seed heads to sow later too .
I also like the weird and wonderful ,thought it was something out of Harry Potter and this too was a great display.

Saturday 16 July 2016

Summer is here...

There is nothing better than the smell of newly cut grass . It has been a busy week here as Jack and Nicholas have been busy hay making . The paddock that the dogs exercise in has been cut ,made and baled and lead away for winter feed for the animals . The  field where I keep my bees has been partly made but it is very hilly and the grass was so long it tangled around in the baler and then a bale rolled down the hill and through the fence.

So with a heatwave forecast the guests have got into al fresco eating mode already. And as they had brought their meal with them and are sat outside enjoy the warm evening and watching the

sun go down.

Friday 1 July 2016

We have waited 5 whole weeks ....

Rob and Gill Thompson had been at the White Swan in Ampleforth for 13 years and we were sad to hear they were going as they have always served our guests so well with their constantly good fare. Then we heard a rumour which turned out to be true that they had bought the Wombwell Arms in Wass. Team Thompson have worked like beavers during these last 5 weeks . Tonight they open the doors of the Stapyleton Arms for the first time and true to form his Lordship and I were some of the first over the threshold. Jack as you know gets up early and goes to bed early hence our early door booking.  We had wonderful food and Thompson sized portions as Ruth had promised and here are the photos to prove it. It was great to see so many locals in from Wass, Crayke, Helmsley and Coxwold. Wass pub is where Jack and I met nearly 39 years ago so it is always a special place for us. We didn't eat at the Stapylton Arms, we dined there and there is a difference and we love it . With 13 years under their belts the Thompsons are flying already.

Thursday 9 June 2016

Ampleforth has a Coffee House

It is always nice to see a new business start up in Ampleforth and especially as it is run by a young couple Chris and Lizzie Kirk.

It is a coffee house in the middle of the village. I know I will call it coffee shop and get my wrists slapped for it, so today I will give it it's proper name of Kirk's Coffee House.

Tommy Banks was there yesterday to lend a hand on their first day of opening. Tommy is the young person to hold a Michelin star at the nearby Black Swan in Oldstead.. As a friend and I think former employer of Chris [give me no sugar in my coffee if I am wrong] he and I had run a  banter on Twitter to see who would be there first over the doorstep at 8am on the 8th June. Not liking to be beaten, it was a close run thing as a queue of traffic built up as the recycling cart made its way through the village, but I was the first over the doorstep.

 Lizzie is delightful and front of house while Chris will be in the kitchen. I couldn't stop long as I had a meeting to go to near the coast and had Rollo one of our Labrador to drop off at the vets on the way.

I have taken a few photos to give you a taste of what will be on offer. And sooner rather than later will give you an update. I think it is great for my guests who are not looking to have a full blown meal that we have somewhere like this just down the road. As soon  I saw the bread I was hooked

 Their coffee is roasted in Malton by Roost. Again Roost is another young couple I have met before when I went to see their coffee house and roaster in Malton .

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Curlews on the North York Moors

This morning I was on my way over the North York Moors National Park on a very foggy June morning, I had left home in bright sunshine . I was rewarded by seeing this pair of curlews and even though we often see them in our fields around home I had my camera with me to video them this morning. They are a strange looking bird with a long hooked beak and look if they come from prehistoric times and are quite mysterious .But to see them shrouded in fog was something I will never forget.

Sunday 5 June 2016

Rainbow at Mallyan Spout waterfall, Goathland- to cool you down after this very warm day

Just what you need to cool you down on a day like we have had here today, 27 degrees and predicted for the whole week here inland in North Yorkshire .

We are 31 miles over the North York Moors to Goathland .  Goathland is where the "Heartbeat Village" is set. The author of the book lives in our village and he lived in the next village to us when he was a policeman, and we were part of his patch.

Saturday 4 June 2016

Romans roaming the streets

I went to a Visit York network meeting recently .It was held at the Yorkshire Museum .I hadn't been there for around 30 years and wow hasn't it changed .Back in those days it was a few bits and pieces when I took Nicholas who is now 36 to see the dinosaur display.

A lot of care and thought has been put into the Museum and it is not just on one floor.

This weekend, the Romans are invading the street of York and for the 1-5 June there is a catalogue of events.  The weather is great for it and I hope it will continue to grow each year. The enthusiasm for the event is infectious and you can see from one of the photo that even the Chairman of Make it York had to put his briefcase done to listen. I wonder what the Romans would have made of life in the C21st ,this we will never know .However we have the chance to see of what life was like in Roman Times thanks to The Yorkshire Museum events and exhibition as this will run throughout the year

Tuesday 24 May 2016

A meal by the sea

Nothing quite beats a day at the seaside. Whitby is an hours drive from us and when it is a sunny day I always begin to think ...paddle,sea,sand.... and when you get there it isn't as warm as it is in land and the sea is cold and the sand gets between your toes. But one thing that never fails to disappoint is the Magpie Cafe - proudly stand overlooking the harbour decked in black and white. In fact inthe dusking light it could be said to stand regally .While others come and others go you can always be sure of the best seafood on the table. It was my cousin's birthday and I could believe she had got to the grand old age of 58 and never been. Monday evening at 8pm in May you wouldn't have expected to queue .But it wasn't long before we were sat down and eagerly awaiting out chosen dishes.  I know how much choice they offer, so pre-warned is pre-armed and I had advised Gillian the night before to scale the menu via the internet. There is nothing worse than you knowing what you want and the rest of the party dilly and dallying about.  Gillian opted for a medley of hot seafood, while I went for 2 starters  the risotto with scallops  and salt and pepper squid. Never had oysters before ,that had to be remedied, I ordered one for Gillian and she dutifully got it down .In fact she decided

she quite liked it after a bit of face pulling - she always was a picky child eater !
Lets say the finally plate says it all ...and no there wasn't a pattern on the plate but what had rested before on it was truly delicious. And now the Magpie has another convert - not that it took much doing .

Tuesday 10 May 2016

A Day Out

A ride over the Moors to Robin Hoods Bay and Boggle Hole and back in time for tea

Quaint cottages, narrow alleyways bursting with maritime and local folklore

On your way into to Robin Hood’s Bay pay a visit to Old St Stephen’s, a church dating back to 1822 with commanding views across the coastline. The church’s interior remains virtually unaltered since it was built. Look out for the memorials to shipwrecks and maidens’ garlands

Then stroll outside and wander through the tiny passages imagining those times when houses were said to be connected by cupboards or tunnels in the cellars. In fact, legend has it that a smuggled bale of silk could pass from the bottom of the village to the top without leaving the houses. 

For a great rundown on the village’s smuggling history and the richness of the local life venture into the Robin Hood's Bay Museum, housed in what used to be the Coroner's Room and Mortuary. 

Wander down to the Old Coastguard Station which is now home to the National Trust’s Visitor Centre and find out more about the rich marine life in the bay. Around 170 million years ago Robin Hood’s Bay would have been a deep sea bed and today you can still find evidence of the creatures that would have existed back then, including dinosaurs.  

Pick up a Tracker Pack from the Coastguard Station and go on a fossil hunt on the beach once the tide goes out. The pack also contains information for carrying out a rockpool recce and a route map for a two kilometre walk along the bay and cliff path to the delightfully secluded cove of Boggle Hole

Boggle Hole, so-called as it was said to be a hiding place for hobgoblins, is also an amazing place for rockpooling and fossil hunting. Hidden Horizons can take you on a guided hunt that may well turn up some dinosaur prints as well. 

Tuesday 3 May 2016

River Rye Project

Went along to Chopgate the other night . A meeting organised by Tom Stevenson from the North York Moors National Park . Between 2017-2019 there is a large grant available so anyone who has any interesting facts to tell about it should get in touch with Tom.  We are in this area as the Little Holbeck which runs at the bottom of our garden into the Holbeck, which feeds into the River Rye, is all part of it . I have told Tom to get in touch with my dad has we had an old brick works on our land as it shows on old maps and some other intersted facts due to the land being farmed by the Monks of Byland Abbey centuries ago. There was some interesting discussion and it will be good for history to get it all logged beofre it is too late . Amy Thomas did a sterling job taking noted

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Monday 4 April 2016

New Potatoes and Mint

My Dad is having a race with two other gardeners to see who can be the first to get new potatoes and home made mint sauce on the table first.
He is 93 now and loves his garden. He has had Jack over to cut the lawns and my jobs are listed !  He has planted his sweet peas and tomato plants which he grows from last years fruit. I wish I could be as good as he is. He is ahead of the others to date. .....oh and the rhubarb needs some straw on it .

Saturday 2 April 2016

Harrods of the North

For years Barkers of Northallerton has been dubbed by locals as Harrods of the North . Personally I think it is better than Harrods,at least you can park just outside for free. They have just had a relaunch of their furniture shop on the outskirts of town and went along to take a look. It is now called Barkers HOME . Now here I would have been happy to spend a lot longer than an hour ,they have a coffee shop too. So here is another place you can wander if the weather turns a bit grim or you just need to shop . There is so much to love here and I took a few photos to show you what caught my eye. And what is more it is on TWO levels !