Thursday 30 August 2012

Over the Moors -not far away

A ride over the Moors is always spectacular. More so at this time of year when the heather is flowering. A carpet of purple. The sheep go about their daily lives quite unperturbed by visitors to their grazing places. As well as being on the Moors they act as lawnmowers around the houses in Hutton le Hole.It is only in late autumn they are rounded up to go to the sales.
Farmers can tell which belong to them by the coloured marks on their fleeces.

A trip to Rosedale

Last night I was invited through Welcome to Yorkshire to the White Horse Farm Inn at Rosedale by kind invitation of Christine Cullen and its other owners to celebrate it been awarded Yorkshire's Favourite Pub of the Year. Welcomed with a smile and with generous hospitality and delicious food it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I took along with me. Welcome to Yorkshire dedicated staff were there in force. Sarah,Craig, Liz and Jo along with Gary who gave his usual good speech . We must continue to tell people to Back Le Bid to bring the Tour de France to Yorkshire. So please after you have read this go to Back Le Bid website and give your support.

Monday 20 August 2012

Last Night at the Proms

Saturday night . The weather was great as was the food and company. In fact we have not enjoyed ourselves as much for a long time.We were kindly invited to the Last Night of the Proms by Tom and Rachael.The setting was perfect and we will talk about it for a very long time. Lots of flag waving,clapping.cheering and even tears as the Spitfire took to the skies giving a nostalgic display. Some had even got dressed up in officers uniform. Molls at the side of them as they wobbled over the lawns of Castle Howard in their high heels and seamed stockings. We ate Butcher Geoff Thornton's best rare beef and tucked into a table groaning with goodies. Talk about drinking you under the table -the bottles were tucked under the table in big plastic buckets filled with ice. The finale was a grand firework display.
Rachael was so organised and had obviously gone to a lot of trouble to create a wonderful evening for us all.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Hay making instead of the grouse moors.

Jack is usually on the grouse moors by now with the dogs but it is all hands on deck on the farm. With the bad weather we had in June means Haytime and Harvest are rolled into one. The barley has been cut and stored and we are waiting for the wheat getting ready. The grass is very heavy this year with the warm weather and rain there will be no shortage. Shame the barrel in the
garden wasn't full of beer as it may have gone down well as turning hay can be a dusty job.

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Getting a bit of advice...

Kinga is from Hungary and staying with us for two weeks to help around the house,garden and on the farm. Last night I took her to Sandsend as she had never been fishing before.After some friendly advice from a local we decided to head down to the pier at Whitby. High tide wasn't until 2am but we stayed until well past midnight and managed to catch a few fish.We caught 2 crab which we put back and came home with enough for lunch today. A shoal of cod had come in just before we arrived and a party of fishers had caught 8 between then. We had pollack and grayling. I cooked them in the Aga with butter and they were delicious. Kinga got the hang of casting very quickly and looks like a really fisherwoman here.She was ready to go back tonight but I explained the high tide would be even later so we will leave it until next week when we will not need our flash lights. The waves were really coming in It was a lovely warm night
and it was nice for Kinga to see Whitby Abbey lit up on the sky line and the twinkling lights of the harbour.

Wednesday 8 August 2012

On Holiday

Recently we went to Canada as it was a big birthday for Jack this year. The first summer holiday I have had since starting bed and breakfast 34 years ago. The first week I kept saying I wish I was at Filey fishing.I really meant it as a county we have everything to offer- I am working on the rodeo bit. Welcome to Yorkshire kindly armed me with 2 teeshirts bearing the W2Y logo.H
ere you see I did my bit for the county. In Calgary for the stampede where over 100,000 people go I thought I was bound to be seen.Meeting one of the Canadian Mounties who didn't arrest me and also to bump into George Stroumboulopos who is a famous Canadian television and radio presenter. And guess what he was born in Malton .Not the Malton 14 miles down the road from here but Malton,Ontario. George you could say would be the ideal for Hot Chocolate 1970 record melting Pot for those of you are old enough to remember that record. It was one of my favourite. Born to a Ukrainian mother who was part Indian, his father was A Greek from Egypt.and had the manners of the best English gentleman out there.

Thank you

Thank you for my guests. Not only for coming to stay with us throughout the seasons but those who wrote such positive reviews for us on the Trip Advisor. Love it or hate it- it is very much a bounce station for people looking to stay anywhere. None of us are perfect and sometimes the things we do are not right for some people. We are sorry when this happens but as my Dad says "you cant please everyone" and "There's is nowt so queer as folk". I am pleased to say that we have excelled to being awarded by the Trip Advisor with this award. We don't like to rest on our laurels and are constantly trying to give more to make your returning
stay better. We have been using Yorkshire Laundry Services for a number of years now and are just in the process of upgrading with their help. We are introducing a cycle rental service from the door and hoping to offer an earlier check in time. As we don't have fairies with magic dusters check out time will remain unchanged.

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Martha Mai's Christening Day

Does seem 2 years ago that Rubi-Sue was getting christened. On Sunday it was Martha's turn. She is one next week how time flies. Poor little soul was teething and hasn't been very well .I think all this silly wet weather hasn't help as she has had a bad chest. Fortunately the weather was sunny on the day. After being at the font which she was not amused at she was given a candle which Nicholas took charge of from the big candle at the front of the church.She looked lovely in her christening dress .She has very fair hair and the most amazing huge blue eyes.