Tuesday 29 October 2013

Silver Wedding Party.

Looking back at the photos it doesn't seem 25 years since Philip Nicholls made an honest woman of Shirley Bowes. Over 100 friends and family joined the silver pair along with their 2 sons David and Robert. It was held at the Feathers in Helmsley. Simon Parker and his staff did a sterling job to make sure everyone had a wonderful night. Shirley looked amazing, Philip made a great speech and David and Robert looked after "the show" very well. The food was superb.For our main course we choose the beef. Simon spoilt Jack bringing him some beef right from the middle of one of the 3 joints.It nearly looked as it was still alive but that is Jacks favourite. We were sat with Doreen Davenport-better known as Fawcett and before that as one of Philip Robinsons daughter -there was 5 of them. Her son Edward was on our table too and all made for good company. Apparently my mum taught Doreen to knit. We all had plenty to talk and remiss about. It was Doreen's late husband ,Anto's car that son Tony drove Shirley to the church in. All too soon the night was over. A wonderful night for a wonderful couple who were so busy looking after everyone else that I disappointedly didn't get a photo of them together. Shirley dazzled in a sparkling blue dress as I caught her talking to Faff who we would both go to school with. Philip looked very dapper in his d.j. The two ladies in the photos are Philip/s mum on the right and Aunty Ada -Shirley aunt of the left. A photo also of Shirleys sister Sandra with her two sons and daughter Jenny just behind her.

Green Traveller...

We had the pleasure of having Florence Fortnam to stay recently Florence is responsible for managing our Greentraveller Guides - writing content and coordinating a team of professional travel writers. She also visits and reviews accommodation and contributes to an award-winning blog. She speaks French and Italian. On a whistle stop tour of North Yorkshire she just had time to try one of our bikes out beofre she headed off. We have 2 of these bikes which are available to guests . They are complimentary and can be used to explore our beautiful countryside.

Sunday 27 October 2013

Dinner at the Park Restaurant at Sutton Park

What better place to take Isabelle who had been staying with us on the Wwoofer scheme for her last night. She was a gem and I quickly renamed her Isabella Princess of the Reindeers. We drove over to Sutton Park and snuggled behind the main house is The Park Restaurant. The brain child of this new venture is Adam Jackson. Adam, we knew from when he was chef at the Black Swan at Oldstead when he gained them a Michelin star. Isabelle and I tucked into the 8 course tasting menu into on Tuesday evening. There are now also introducing a mid week 5 course tasting menu too. The welcome of a pot bellied stove outside belching out a toast heat to our departure clutching my posh stag scarf with the stove still burning brightly as the autumn leaves gracefully moulded the driveway,here was nothing we could fault.The welcome to the food,to the cozy surroundings replica of a Great Grandmama's parlour.To the food ,the ambience of a slightly Swedish dining room,to the food.To the careful selected wine list,to the food. The service of the barman,the waiter of magnificent food, to the impressive scarf seller,this is a rolled into one role for the lovely Kyle Room. Trust me I can criticise but there was nothing here but wonderful wonderful food. Even the bathroom there was a very quirky top notch feel to it. There are objects dotted about just waiting to be bought- A pair of unusual coat hooks ,an array of scarves all added to the ambience of this place. I am not going to say more about the food except to show you the menu and a few of the courses.But I say go and experience the experience yourself.Go with your Best friend,your other half,up to 12 friends if you can muster that few. What a gem of a place this is. And any excuse I can find to go and celebrate the eating of gracious food in gracious surroundings I will.Again,it feels like you are in Great Grandmama's home. Feeling cosseted and loved with touch of a gingerbread house with the 3 bears and Red Riding Hood too. You don't leave hungry,you don't leave over full you leave just right. A true fairytale in the making. Even Winston Churchill looked impressed. Sorry my smile isn't the usual- I look like Halloween has come early -my front tooth crown has dropped off. Contact details for the Park Restaurant are tel 01347 810852 www.theparkrestaurant.co.uk email -admin@theparkrestaurant.co.uk.

Monday 21 October 2013

Sneak a peep....

The Star Inn the City... opens its doors tomorrow and Andrew Pern should be well pleased with himself. idyllically placed overlooking the River Ouse at the bottom of Museum Gardens.A restaurant on stilts so flood as it might this eating house will always be a dry dock. Isabelle and I took a walk around today as the Inn was getting its finishing touches were coming together as it is open for the public from tomorrow Tuesday 22nd October. We saw the man himself ,Andrew Pern giving an interview.Shame you aren't a lip reading I said to Isabelle. We had hoped to take Isabelle to eat there but as she flies home to Sweden on Wednesday it doesn't look as if it is going to happen this trip round. It all looks delightfully and we were greeted by charming staff but still alas no table for our little Swedish friend.

Exciting stuff......

We have just had an exciting launch day .. This time we are offering guests not only to come and stay but to offer Country Workshops too. They will start in the Spring. We are putting these together with some very talented people. Tricia Hutchinson from Real Staithes who will do an Ancient Woodlands Dye,Make and Create course.and you will take home a linen Tricia wrap. A chocolate day is already set for all those ambitious chocolatiers of you wanting to make Easter eggs for April 1st. This is no joke even though it is on April Fools Day. We are also really excited to have on board Derry Brabbs who will have you taking photographers within the North York Moors National Park. One of England's best. Derry Brabbs is regarded as one of England’s finest photographers with thirty illustrated books to his credit. This is a fantastic opportunity to spend a day improving your photography skills with someone who has a truly intimate knowledge of the ‘Herriot Country’ landscape. The project is supported by the NYMNP and Catriona McLees came along with Susan Briggs from Tourism Network. Sarah Barrowby represented Welcome 2 Yorkshire and Anne Jacques you see in the photo took a well deserved hour or 2 off after their hectic time from Wold Way Lavender. My Dad was here to keep his eye on things and Jack was a great support as usual making sure everyone was looked after and kept the fire burning. I snapped him on a rare moment when he was sat down.

Y Hub at Wetherby with Welcome to Yorkshire

It doesn't seem a year ago since I went to Y Business Hub at Wetherby Races course and it has now been and gone again.David Shields busy on his phone outside. One of the first persons I saw that I knew was Caoiline Bell who was having a few hours out from her busy day running Shepherd's Purse Cheese. There were also workshops on which were very useful. My first choice was that with the brilliant Dee Marshall. It is always good to get a refresher and learn a bit more. Old friends Mary and Katrina were there and it was like a back to school day .There was so much to pack in and one of the businesses which was new to me was Porcus who made the most delicious sausages. They are from Todmorden -a hill top farm where they keep saddle back pigs