Tuesday 25 May 2010

Rhubarb on the menu.......just like at Chelsea Flower Show..

Chelsea Flower Show-- I asked Jack not to strim all the cow parsley down as you come up our drive as it was shown in abundance at the Chelsea Flower Show 2010.The trend for gardens looks all very wild and grow where it feels happiest all jumbled together - that's how my garden grows. I just kept saying that look just like ours. I stayed glued to the television last night hoping to see a glimpse of the Yorkshire rhubarb garden which today has won a silver award. I thought the idea of the spoon chair is wonderful. We have a good crop of rhubarb and it will be on the breakfast menu for the foreseeable future.It is surprising how many people tuck into it at breakfast time.

Sunday 23 May 2010

Bigger decision than taking over No 10.

Well my friend, Emily and I have decided that although we were happy to take over running the country from No 10 that for the time being there are more important things to do. It would have meant having to redecorate No 10 right throughout and in this heat wave-although we mustn't grumble- would rather be outside than inside revamping the place.
The first flat screen TV with everything needed for the digital change over and a built in DVD player has been installed and we hope to have them all changed over soon.
My decision was do I go with bath robes or change bath towels to bath sheets.... So after getting the views of many including that of Christine Ryder who offers very bed and breakfast accommodation over at Scaife Hall Farm near Skipton and was Farmstay UKs chairman for many years. I appreciated her view and experience so based on that, and the help of Robin at Ryedale Laundry we now have new soft fluffy bath sheets.
Also I have been recently inspected by the tourist board and granted 4 stars / I am happy to keep my 3 stars. I feel it is more important that when people come they are more than pleased with what we offer than the amount of stars I have.

Sunday 16 May 2010

Saturday 15 May 2010

We have Wifi....

Another thing off the tick list is that we can now offer visitors Wifi throughout the premises. Visitors need not worry about where to go to find an internet cafe to read their emails you can get them here just bring your laptop with you. Also for visitors from abroad we have a net book so that you need not think to bring the extra weight of your laptop.Shaun from Electratec in Easingwold has fixed us up with a system which has powerline wireless range extender,all you have to do is ask for a router!!! I am still learning ....Shaun makes it sound so simple probably it is me who is getting older and am not that technically minded but still can bake a good cake.
That is where I am off now as Little Owen really liked his Granddads birthday cake and as he is coming up to ride a donkey today I am going to make him one all of his own.

Not my lucky day ....

Firstly I would like to thank all the people who have spent time in giving me quotes which I need to put in for the grant and to Shirley who helped me answer 27 pages of questions . I am truly sorry at this time we cannot give you the business straight away but with true Yorkshire grit I will get there in the end. Two days ago I heard that the grant I had applied for through the RDPE has been refused. There had been lots of exciting things in the pipeline. Unfortunately they didn't think that some people would want to bring their horses or pets that we could have stabled them even though the nearest is over 10 miles away. Extra hardcore parking would have been nice too. There were other things too which with the combination there would not have been another bed and breakfast/serviced accommodation provider offering the same in Great Britain but for the panel this was not unique enough.You will have to watch this space for it happening as I don't want to let the cat out of the bag at the moment as I still would like to succeed with being the first. We will get there on our own but it will be bit by bit.
I started yesterday with my tick list going to Maxwell's in Northallerton.From tonight when Jack gets them set up each bedroom with have a Roberts idream - digital stereo clock radio with ipod docking station. Next on my list is flat screen TVs.Changing bath towels to bath sheets ...the list is endless.
For now I will not be able to share my log burning hot tub which is in the woods at the back of the house where you can listen to birds singing and watch nature undisturbed as we could not get flag stones and make it a special area for you.It is a bit too rustique for most people at the moment I just wish I had had my camera the other week as I was sat in the tub and for at least 20 minutes a deer and her young one grazed with 3 trees distance of me. The wood smoke must have masked the smell of a human -No grant money could have bought that experience-they didnt think this was a good enough selling point.

Monday 3 May 2010

3rd May- Jacks' Birthday

Does not seem a year since we had Jacks "Heinz" birthday party. I was going to have just a small do this year but my poor Dad is stuck in Northallerton hospital and is not at all well so we decided not to celebrate as such . I made a big cake for Jack with 24 eggs and lots of cream and jam in the middle . Little Owen and Jack -Jacks grandchildren came up this morning and soon were having second helpings of the cake. Here you see Jack with them on the donkeys, my friend Jennifer has kindly lent us for the summer. It doesn't seem nearly 30 years ago since Nicholas had a donkey. He used to ride to the farm on it every day for his lunch then by the time he was half way home still holding on he had fallen asleep. I hope Rubi-Sue will soon be coming for her first ride.

Carr House Farm Bed and Breakfast -our back garden