Wednesday 19 December 2018

..and the next night .....

The night after the White Rose Awards I was meant to be in York at the Barbican as I was up for being a finalist for the best accommodation provider which was run by Minster FM - it just happened and no I didn't  nominate myself, but Jacks best friend of 45 years ,Geoff the Butcher had invited us to dinner at the Stapylton Arms in Wass to celebrate his 70th birthday.
there are times when I have to put others before my work and this was one of them .The pub at Wass is one of my favourite eating places too .First we went down to the Fax for a few drinks - tonight I pulled the short straw so no gin for me ,before getting to Wass for 6.30pm . We had great food as always and once you find good things on a menu it is hard to veer from them -9 times out of 10 we eat seafood there and that night was no exception.
It was a relatively early night compared to the night before as both Jack and Geoff are early risers and unable to burn the candle at both ends any more.

Welcome to Yorkshire White Rose Awards

A promise to myself I must catch up writing my blogs. November was a very busy and exciting month for me as you will see in the following blogs .It started off with Welcome to Yorkshire White Rose Awards which were held in Harrogate. Jack has decided he has done enough of wearing a dickie bow and having to wear shoes that pinch his feet. In my other life of doing marketing for other businesses I had managed to get 3 through to the finals and after Jack made me promise not to go in for them again myself I was kindly invited along by the finalists I had submitted the entries

for. He didn't like the pressure of having to answer /or not answer the telephone. As previously the judges had awarded be 100% for breakfast,welcome and accommodation but scored only 75% when the telephone had been answered -we ll Jack had done his best but on the day his best was good enough.
Move on and drink the gin ... Slingsby Rhubarb gin it is one of my favourites and with partner in drink Catherine Feather we were treated to the biggest glassfuls.
Even the food was very good as usually it is only passable at these large events - we had a miniature ploughmans lunch to begin with followed by lamb cutlets which were delicious.  The puddings was dashes and dabs and jelly type things which didn't seem to go down as well as th e18 bottles of wine on our table ...hey not a drop passed my lips I was very happy with the gin.
I finally walked up our drive at 2.30am as the other party revellers on the table whooped it up util 4.30am I think I am now showing my age

Friday 16 November 2018

Saturday 10 November 2018

We will remember them ....

We remember them often ...
And one person here in particular -Billy Buckle who was from Byland Abbey was George Lupton's cousin and also his godfather. He was the gamekeeper on the Newburgh Priory estate and served in the 1st World War alongside Jack Pringle from Wass.
The man in command of them didn't know as much about horses as they did. When their commander said something Jack Pringle soon corrected him and told him straight that it was called the horses withers not some other name he had dreamed up. Before going to war they had to be able to manoeuvre a horse and show they could go round some tin cans that had been put down. They were expect to be able to trot but apparently they galloped round at breakneck speed...

My Jack often tells the tale of when he was young going with his brother and sister to Billy Buckle's to get warmed up in front of the fire on a winter's day and Anna also remembers this countryman , who had two rather large spaniels and going to see him in bed when he wasn't well up the rickety stairs when I was a little girl.

Thursday 1 November 2018

Nunnington Hall... what a gem

So when it is half term and a sunny cold frosty day what do you do with the children.

We all had the most amazing time at Nunnington Hall which is only 6 miles from us. The River Rye runs through the grounds and the gardens are a great

place for children to run off all that extra energy.
The house was decked for Halloween .Nunnington Hall was a lived in home that I passed every day when I went to Malton Grammar School. I remember the Clives living here with their St Bernard when I went to school. Today there seemed to be far more rooms and passageways that what there was back then . It still has very much of a homely feel and I could quite happily pack my bags and move in . A rod in hand sitting on the banks of the Rye fishing for my supper. I remember been told of a ghost -a  lady who walked in the garden. Maybe it is just too beautiful to leave. The children had a great time tying their ribbons to the tree...making memories ,making wishes then running around the garden, lost in a world of make believe and fantasies that are so often missed in the fast world we live in now. This is more how our childhoods were spent. We adults enjoyed a walk around the garden in the sunshine,the serenity and the peacock elegant even though he was missing his tail feathers joined us silently in conversation ...... a marvellous afternoon.

Sunday 28 October 2018

Autumn Life at Carr House Farm,Ampleforth in photos

We have been blessed with an amazing Summer and now an equally perfect Autumn. This collage was kindly made for us by Julie Jones . My favourite of the 3 she has done for us . It is not too late to book a few days away and stay with us and enjoy the fruits of Autumn and enjoy some Yorkshire fresh air . Ring us on 01347 868526 to book your stay. Wake up from the comfort of a 4 poster bed, eat a tasty breakfast before setting off on your search of take photograph just like these.

Friday 28 September 2018

Finalist for the Mitre Linens' Award


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    The shortlist for the UK’s inaugural Room Attendant of the Year Awards was announced today, with six exceptional finalists selected based upon their impeccable room standards and outstanding dedication to work.
    “Mitre Linen decided to launch and sponsor the Room Attendant of the Year Awards to give well-deserved recognition to the key role room attendants play in the smooth running and guests’ experience of a hotel,” said Mitre Linen’s general manager Kate Gough. “We received dozens of entries from all over the UK and it was extremely difficult to whittle the list down to just six as there were so many excellent potential finalists. On behalf of the team at Mitre Linen, I’d like to congratulate all of those room attendants who made the shortlist and thank everyone who entered.  We now have the very tough task of selecting a winner and runner-up, who will be announced in October.  Luckily, we have Mark Lewis, CEO of Hospitality Action on the panel to help and we look forward to reviewing the entries of these amazing six room attendants.”
    The Room Attendant of the Year 2018 shortlist:
    Anna Lupton – Carr House Farm B&B, York
    Erten Azis – Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa, Hampshire
    Tadeusz Janeczek – Chilston Park Hotel, Kent
    Maureen Chapman – Kettering Park Hotel & Spa, Northamptonshire
    Carole Kidd – The Woburn Hotel, Bedfordshire
    Rhiannon Stephens – Fields Lodge Bed & Breakfast, Pembrokeshire
    Established in 1946, Mitre Linen is based in Merthyr Tydfil in beautiful Wales.  Having provided the hospitality, leisure, education, healthcare and laundry industries with the best quality bed linen, bedding, towelling and soft furnishings for over 70 years, Mitre Linen is proud to have held HM The Queen’s Royal Warrant since 1955.

    Tuesday 25 September 2018

    Friday 14 September 2018

    Rubi and her 9th birthday cake

    Tuesday 4 September 2018

    Fennel - homegrown at that

    I have always thought fennel was not the cheapest of vegetables to buy so every year my Dad asks me what I would like different . It was kohlrabi last year. This year I decided on fennel .We like it chopped up with a red onion soaked in orange juice. Bt what do you do with the fennel fronds and stems ?. I wasn't even sure if it could be used in cooking other than stewed to a pulp in a casserole. Google ...what would we do without google.
    Donna from Whole Food Bellies had a recipe for a pesto using fennel fronds. Ah that will do, I had been watching Jamie Oliver scooting around Italy last night on television last night and teh idea of making pasta had flitted through my mind. This would be ideally.
    I have no walnuts as the recipe said so I put butter in the frying pan along with a large handful of plain peanuts and a small handful of wasabi peas. Out with the liquidiser and in with as much fennel stems and fronds as I could cupped in both my hands. Sorry I dont really do weights . I added the juice of one of our own lemons, there was deep satisfaction in that .It isn't everyone who grows lemons in the depths of North Yorkshire. Instead of a clove, I used half a bulb of garlic and will try it in the future with some smoked garlic, but added a smoked chilli instead. And the sea salt and some ground pepper.  I added grated cheese, so needed quite a drop of

    olive oil. approx 500mls . Cant wait to test it out at the weekend when I am cooking a "harvest meal " of 8 courses from the garden ,in the garden, for  friends here at Kept half to use and froze the rest in 4 muffin cases before I bagged it up when there is just the two of us at home . Now to make some pasta ...

    so diverse bring your running shoes or/and eat slices of cake

    Sunday 19 August 2018

    Emmy and her birthday cake

    Wednesday 15 August 2018

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    Sunday 15 July 2018

    Stonehouse Bakery Danby and Tea Rooms

    I was on my way to a meeting and as usually decided I would 'Slim" for the day . Slim means I get hungry en route and have to stop to get something to fill me up it usually contains bread !.As I was not sure what would be on offer when I arrived my destination  - I didn't want to cause a fuss by fainting  of hunger.

    I do so admire these people who survive on a couple of lettuce leaves a day.  and say no to food. Instead of driving on the main road up to Whitby A170 to Pickering and then over the moors from there. I decided to go over by Blakey Ridge . As I got nearer to Danby I was feeling more than peckish and remember someone had told me about a bakery so I decided to look for it . As I was dallying at the staggered cross road I was tooted at but I didn't care I thought I would probably not see them again. Then I spied the Stonehouse Bakery and tea rooms . As I dont drink tea - cant bear the smell of it I usually carry a bottle of water in the car. There was some very munchable delights in this little shop as I like take outs it is cheaper than sitting in to eat ..did I say that ...well it is true. The staff were amazingly kind and so friendly . Other people were coming from "no where' and sitting down for their lunches. They make their own bread and teacakes and my Dad been a connoisseur of teacakes said they were very good .I got a savoury loaf for Jack and some pies too for next day .A slice of cake and a well filled sandwich put me in good stead for the rest of the day.
    So if you are heading over the North York Moors be sure to call in .

    Saturday 14 July 2018

    Saturday 30 June 2018

    Have you been to Goddard's

    Or for that matter do you know where it is or what it is ....
    I had an invite the other week from Visit York to go and see Goddards for myself.
    Noel Terry wanted to create a comfortable family home close to the chocolate works for Kathleen, his wife and his four children: Peter, Kenneth, Betty and Richard. This gorgeous hand crafted house was finished in 1927. Discover quotes and memories from the family threaded throughout the house on your visit.
     It was of special interest to me as some years ago now I heard the story of the farm where the milk was sent to York to the chocolate factory and that there were two little cottages which are very arts and craft were where the milk maids lived.
    We were treated to a wonderful lunch and a tour of the house but what was stunning was the lily pond in front of the house and the amazing gardens. Very intimate gardens that seemed to go on and on complete with vegetable garden,greenhouse and orchard. 
    Truly a lovely place to spend time away from the hustle and the bustle of the City.
    It is now owned by the National Trust ,so you need to visit their website for more details. 
    Shame my visit had not been later in the year as I love doing a Hyacinth Bucket and bringing a few seeds home .With great intention of planting them I dont think I have ever grown anything yet ! Her you see Sue from Visit York Biz and the girls from Bishops enjoying lunch on the terrace and photographs I took around the gardens 

    Friday 8 June 2018

    Tuesday 22 May 2018

    Named in the top 10 by the Farmers Guardian

    Chuffed to bits as we have heard this evening that we have been named by Emily Ashworth in the Farmer's Guardian as one of the Best 10 Farm Stays in the UK. Stretching the length and breath of Britain, we feel very proud and honoured to get this recognition  .It is 40 years ago  since we first opened the doors here at Carr House Farm to welcome guests.

    This is what was said about us and then it continues..

    This award-winning 16th century farmhouse is located on the southern edge of the North York Moors National Park.

    An area known for its outstanding beauty, explore the many walks and historic sites this part of the country has to offer.

    Sunday 29 April 2018

    Sunday evenings are Pizza Evenings at the Grapes...

    ....and occasionally on other evenings. Word has spread that these pizzas are amazing, they are so fresh and tasty, not like some of the cardboard rubbish you can come across.

    You can either eat the pizzas in or bring them home .

    Here you see the landlord as chief pizza-maker and the lovely landlady sat in her famous chair ,which had previously belonged to Queen Victoria . It was featured on last Sundays Antique Roadshow which was at Castle Howard. We spied a few people queuing up that we knew and saw Blenkers waiting patiently too.

    This week I managed to get my pizza home to take a photo before it was eaten on the way !

    The Grapes is in Slingsby just 3 miles from Castle Howard so makes a great change to visit a pub every now and again a bit further from home.
    The Grapes is a pub with many little rooms and is very popular with locals as well as passerby too.

     The Grapes Inn is an authentic spot to cosy up by the fire or enjoy the sunshine.
    “Everyone is welcome whether you’re a farmer in your wellies, someone walking the dog who fancies a drink or a group of girls dressed up for a great night out.” – Catharine Spooner, landlady

    Breakfast time with a difference

    Tuesday 3 April 2018

    The Mansion House in York

    I was really impressed the other evening when I was invited along by Make it York to the Mansion House in York.

    Past the grandeur of the prominent green doors and beautiful facade lies an inspiring, interactive environment where you can experience the story of York’s past and present. See how every Lord Mayor from the middle ages to the present day has danced, dined and entertained.
    Marvel at the stunning gold and silver collections, explore the dramatic interiors and uncover civic secrets hidden within its walls. From the grandeur of the state room to experiencing life below stairs, in the restored Georgian kitchen, York Mansion House is a pleasure to discover.
    The York Mansion House is the earliest purpose built house for a Lord Mayor still in existence and predates the Mansion House in London by at least twenty years. The home was built as a place for the Lord Mayor to entertain visitors to the city and to house York’s wonderful civic collections.
    Standing in the heart of our vibrant city, the Mansion House has been home to the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of York since 1732 and is still in use today.
    My favourite bits were dressing up as a judge complete with wig and cat and also the kitchens as I found them fascinating and lots of memories of my childhood. And in the dining room that  same styled sideboard which my parents have except I think ours was grander as theMansion House only had shelves in theirs and we have a drink cabinet behind one of the doors which holds 16 bottles not that anyone drinks it .It is full of bottles people have given them for Christmas and  we keep for "better days than Sundays".
    Certainly worth a visit when you are next in York and 
    ps Newly opened The Ivy Restaurant is just across the street

    Saturday 24 March 2018

    Friday 2 March 2018

    Saturday 24 February 2018

    Newest addition...

    The grandchildren got guinea pigs for Christmas. And guess who looks after them. On the days they come to the farm they do come, stroke them,get a lot of pleasure from them. Rubi has KitKat, Martha  has Sweety Pie and Emmy has Peter and Pete.  We got Pete to keep Peter company, but then they fought. Apparently this is what boy guinea pigs do.  They had to be put in different homes so that defeated the object of them keeping each other company. So surprise ,surprise the other day when I went to feed them and found there was ANOTHER. I had seen Sweety Pie which had been called  Butterscotch for the first few weeks,

     had made a nest and was laid out rather like a madam on a chaise longue, but didn't dream for one moment she was due to give birth.  Now talk about the immaculate conception ,but in real terms she would have been no more 4 weeks old when she had got mated. Before we got her I hasten to add. So here you see Martha holding her baby guinea pig and you can see how tiny it is as those little hands are only 6 years old . . Grandma rules and so one has to go.... Pete has now gone to his new home with a lady who has just lost her guinea pig, so will be living with very experienced hands.  We have a guinea pig pot so the money will get saved up and as we get an addition, another one is sold. We already have an order so reckon it will be KitKat turn to produce next ,so it will Rubi who gets a first hold of the baby g.p. Let's hope that this will give them business sense for later years.I think far too many children these days think money grows on trees and unfortunately I havent found a tree like that yet . Horror though I hear guinea pigs can have as many as 7 in a litter.  Lessons in marketing skills now girls ....Stick with Grandma ,no need to go to school .

    Just what the doctor ordered

    In the shape of a breakfast.... My Dad had to have some stitches out at Harrogate hospital, as I had won a competition for have 2 breakfast at Clarks In Easingwold it was the idea opportunity to make them into our late lunch on our way back. Easingwold is about 10 miles from us here and after sampling their meals we would certainly recommend  you call in . There was quite a full restaurant when we got there. A large selection of hot meals,cold snacks or just teas and coffee. I have shopped here many times for bread ,teacakes and those lovely little fondant cakes which look like a rather pregnant domino .But have to confess I have never eaten here before.
    Local "lasses" are the waitresses and we were well looked after. As my Dad was finishing off his food I nipped through to the shop and bought him some teacakes,a vanilla slice and a ? like a scone crossed with a rock cake and was told it had ginger in it . Please note that I fore went the sausage and I dont do baked beans but I had more than ample.And my dad had to help me out as I dont eat egg whites - never have, never will .  We had some lovely door stop toast and my dad had Yorkshire tea while I settled for water as apart from the odd gin ,water is all I drink . The parsley I brought home for the guinea pigs.

    We have to thank Mrs Lucy Clark for

    Clarks Bakers was established in approximately 1925 in a 17th century building in a small market town called Easingwold by Mrs Lucy Clark, grandmother of the current owner Mr.G.L.Clark.
    Grandmother Clark started her business by baking scones to sell through the window of her house, as it was then, to the tarmac men who came down from Middlesborough and Stockton to build and repair the roads. The tarmac men suggested that Lucy should open a Café or shop, and that she duly did. This saw the start of Clarks the Bakers. The house was later converted to become a bakery, shop and a small Café.
    Since 1925 the business has grown, and is now run by the fourth generation of the Clark family who has maintained the belief in high standards that were set so many years ago. This has been achieved by including the best ingredients from around the world, employing highly skilled and experienced master bakers and checking the quality of the finished product adheres to our standards of quality.

    Ampleforth Village Market-Last Saturday in every month -only 1 mile from us

    last Saturda