Wednesday 31 October 2012

Yorkshire Food Finder [part 2]

We boarded the bus and soon arrived at Hutton Cranswick to be met by the jovial butcher -James White. We were ushered first to see the incinerator.I couldn't believe how easy it was to access and with the push of a button it was all fired up ready to go. We then saw the area which would become the last few steps for the animal. This was too much for some,but for the nosey and blood lusty of the rest we listened to how the process from living animal to sausage meat happened. I actually knew and have seen it many times before.I listened just to check he hadn't missed anything out.The highlight here for me was having a go at making sausages. To tie them together is a bit like a knitting pattern. Once you get the hang of it you can do it easily.Before then it is mind boggling.I set off well but then got gradually worse. James was very patient and we laughed until tears ran down our faces. We were allowed to bring our sausages home .James' wife Ria has just been on a chocolate making course and is setting up shop selling chocolates. What a kind gesture we were all presented with a couple of the most delicious truffles.I am sure you will be hearing about Ria's chocolates

Tuesday 30 October 2012

A day out with Yorkshire Food Finder [part 1]

A kind invite from Sue and Aidan Nelson via Vikki Harris brought me to the Pipe and Glass to start the day with a delicious sausage sandwich - I should say 4 sausages and in very soft bun made for a very good start. This more than made up for the terrible foggy ride I had going across the Wolds at break neck speed so not to be late. More on the Pipe and Glass later.Our first stop was the Wold Top Brewery at Wold Newton. We were given a talk by the new owner,Tom Mellor. We looked down on the stainless steel vat and inhaled the rather warming smell of brewing beer.It was the brainchild of my dear friend,Katrina Gray who with husband Derek
had set up the brewery. Katrina who is never afraid of hard work told me how she had varnished all the woodwork after Derek had made a brilliant job of making this sky high walk way round. There was even chocolate flavoured hops. We were kindly given a bottle to bring home. I choose Fisherman's reward and gave it to my Dad. We had a magnificent lunch that had been prepared by James Mackenzie -all Yorkshire produce which was first class seen here with our generous host Aidan.

Autumn Colours

Autumn has made up for the summer and a very early start to winter. The trees this year have been a picture. \\\\\Amazing colours that the camera hardly does justice too. The trees behind the house are russets,yellows and burnt orange. Here in a photo, as the road approaches Ampleforth College from the east. It stands 50 ft high and is the largest cross in Britain. It is the memorial to Cardinal Basil Hume made of steel and pine. Ten years ago I
saw it coming to Ampleforth. It was brought from Westminster through the sky .Flown here by a RAF Chinook. Most of us who saw it thought we were dreaming .It is not every day that something like this happens.It weighs 4 and a half ton and stained blood red. It was intended to be a symbol of peace and unity and created for the New Millennium.

Monday 22 October 2012

Get on your bike...or borrow one

Fancy going for a bike ride and haven't got a bike.Maybe you don't want the hassle of bringing them with you .We have the answer.We have a couple of bikes you are welcome to borrow. A leisurely route with not too steep hills around Wass, Byland and Oldstead. For those who want to to challenge them selves there is always Sutton Bank a few miles away. We take no responsibility for how many good pubs and eating places you find on the way to waylay you. There is photo around every corner.A view to be admired and a memory to take home with you. The roads are well signposted and there are also a network of cycle routes for you to enjoy.

How many days to Christmas....

However many days it is now, 65-
it will soon be here. I nipped into Fletchers the butchers in Norton the other day. My uncle always maintained they were the best traditional pies around. It was 3 years to the day since Fred had died.He was 92 years wise so as I was in Malton I made the pilgrimage across the bridge into Norton. Peter Hogg runs the shop. It is well supported by locals and likewise Peter supports local too with 3 charity boxes on the counter.A right meeting place as Joanna Carr came in to get her mum some meat.I went to school with her 45 years ago. Peter piled us with pork pie which was delicious. I have always been impressed by Fletchers as not only do they buy from local farmers, the cattle's passport numbers are up on the wall too.If you were so minded you could track the animals back to their place of birth. My uncle was born at Spring Gardens on the outskirts of Norton and family rellies still live there so I suppose I feel a bit of going to the family's butcher when I go to Fletchers. I could have done with my grandmother's butter basket to carry my goodies in rather than doing a balancing act with them. Lots of home made extras on sale here- coleslaws,salads,meat pies and pates. The jewel in my hands was some rather delicious black pudding

Friday 12 October 2012

and finally Leeds on Thursday

I feel very honoured that I have been asked to sit on the Private sectors board at Welcome to Yorkshire. Thursday was the first meeting I had been to. I had thought to go to Leeds on the train from Thirsk as it is so easy and saves driving and getting lost.I instead hitched a ride with Ian Ashton who works tirelessly for Herriots Yorkshire group and the James Herriot Museum. The dynamic Mrs Barker was there too -better known as Jessica from Thief Hole Cottages near Northallerton. Jessica was short listed for the White Rose Awards for her cottages and showed me her very impressive portfolio she had put together. Vikki Harris kindly handed me the latest trophies which Peter Dodds had brought back from Portugal last week from the World Travel Awards. Here you see me with them -Europe's Award for Marketing Innovative and the other was for the United Kingdoms's Leading Holiday Destination. Kim Broderick and Dee Marshall keeping their eye on me in the back ground in case I dropped them. My Dad says you can't take me anywhere! You can take the girl out of country but you can't take the country out of the girl hence my wooly jumper. I enjoyed my day in the city and as I understand most business people do go for a drink after work. We went to the Engine Shed which is very near the office. Needless to say the next meeting is already marked in the diary. However much I enjoyed my day I still was glad to get home to our beautiful countryside.
With no light pollution I could look up at the stars and smell nothing other than wood smoke coming from the chimney.

Tuesday -it was Wetherby

A very busy day on Tuesday as I rushed off to Wetherby after breakfasts were cooked. It was the Welcome to Yorkshire Business Hub. With trade stands and seminars. Lots of familiar faces were there and most of Welcome to Yorkshire staff. - David Shields at the door to welcome us. Sarah Barrowby and her crew to keep us straight. I had pleasure in meeting Derry Brabbs and his daughter Olivia .Derry is in all my bedrooms and sits on the coffee table in the lounge too. He was that brilliant photographer who took the photos for the James Herriot's Yorkshire book.What a nice man he is and so is Olivia they are joining forces so more to come on that later. It has been years since I was last at Wetherby race course. Back in the days when Jack rode the point to pointers. Wetherby always had big fences and the water jump was something else. Very impressive grandstand there now. It used to be a cold and drafty place. Politico Pot broke down here, that was one of Jacks' dad favourite horse .Home bred out of Another Pin - a dark good looking and gentle mare to ride but one to watch in the box.The sire was Politico. Lots of memories of those days 20 years ago. Lots of good memories and wins for Jack too. The winning post is s
till in the same place though.

Monday it was Wykeham

On Monday, Susan Briggs and Catriona McLees joined forces to hold a meeting to develop business in North York Moors National Park. This is one of two National Parks in Yorkshire. We are on the edge of the NYMNP but also we are in an area designated for its outstanding natural beauty too. This is part of the Howardian Hills AONB. What we take for granted is some of the best scenery and views in the whole country.
With sandstone buildings with pantiled roofs it makes the best chocolate box lid ever.A view as you go down in Ampleforth Village. So here with the girls and back to the drawing board on how to showcase our area with the help of Leader funding.