Monday 31 August 2009

Biffs' Birthday Bash- Another legendary Thompson party.

Elizabeth Thompson,youngest of JVT and Barbara's brood better known to most of us as Biff- celebrated her 21st birthday last Friday night. We were privileged to be guests and a good time was had by all. Her older brother Robert who runs the White Swan in Ampleforth served the most wonderful food- 6 hot savoury dishes with rice, followed by "to die for" brownies and a chocolate birthday cake big enough to feed an army. It was nice to catch up with friends,one of which has a home on the Florida Keys. I am waiting for the post to come with the details if I can get Jack away after the shooting season ends. She said life is as laid back on the Keys as Jack is so he will love it. Meanwhile in November Jessica and I are off to Marrakesh for 3 days -I am really looking forward to haggling in the souks and we are travelling out very light but no doubt will be weighed down coming back . There is only a certain amount you can carry in pockets and on ones self.Does this crazy Yorkshire woman always wear 10 scarfs in different colours round her neck at any one time.

Monday 17 August 2009

What lovely local food .....

Jack took a fresh crew on Thursday and Quozzi, as usual she has boundless energy,had a wonderful day on the moor. She takes after her mother ,Molly ,who is such a marvellous hunter and just cant wait to go again.What characters they are.
On Friday I went to Helmsley market calling in at the new fish and chip restaurant and take away as we had heard some very good reports on it. It is called Makins and owned by an extremely friendly Yorkshire lady called Jane Makins who I had a long chat with. Apparently she is a friend of Jacks cousin, Wilma - small world. They were very very good and we will certainly be getting some in the future, a big asset to Helmsley and another place for my guests to go. In the evening Jessica and I went for a drink to the Star and ended up eating there. Well how can we resist the food is divine-It was Andrew Perns 40th birthday so we made room for some very chocolatey birthday cake too. He is a wizard of a chef and lets hope he is still producing meals like what we had in another 40 years time. Most week we get 2 ribs of beef from Perns shop in Helmsley - you just cant beat it and their tomato sausages are on the top of my list too. Saturday night we ate at the White Swan by this time I was still part full from the night before so had a lovely lobster starter while Jack tucked into the duck it is so big if I have it I bring half of it home for the next day!. Sunday well, Sunday is always Yorkshire pudding and home reared roast beef at the farm .My dads potatoes,carrots and lettuce out of the garden and home made mint sauce.

Wednesday 12 August 2009

The Glorious Twelfth...on Dallowgill Moor

The Glorious Twelfth has arrived.
Earlier for some than others. Jack was up at just turned 4.30am to get his dogs sorted before going to Dallowgill Grouse Moor for the first day of the shooting season. An early start for me too around 6.30am and for those of you who know me early mornings and I dont mix. I thought everything was sorted but it is always like the first day back to school... cant find anything. Tassels for socks. flasks without tops, enough refreshments for Jack as well as the dogs then we left the Mars bars on the table. Walkie talkies charged up. Then ready to go... Jack took 6 dogs with him to pick up the grouse and now are all safely home feed and watered ,him included and no doubt all will soon be asleep. Tomorrow.Jack will take different dogs with him. Quozzi will have her first day on the moor. Lets hope the day is as good for them all tomorrow.I would have loved to have gone to but when I have guests in it is too early a start and tomorrow I have to go to the dentist.There is no guessing where I would be.It would not be sat in a dentist chair but high up on the Yorkshire Moors tramping through the heather with Jack and his beloved dogs.

Sunday 9 August 2009

All in a week......

We have had a busy week with guests coming from across the globe. Thanks to the weak pound we welcomed Italians, Dutch. French and visitors from Belguim. A birthday guest and a couple celebrating their Ruby wedding anniversary. It has kept me on my toes. Some guests who stayed last weekend have added me the Trip Advisor site. It was kind and I hope this is what all guest feels but what happens when the cat drops a mouse outside their door as a thank you for them petting her what sort of a review I will get then.
Its has been the Pickering Steam Rally this weekend and the Sky Charter Uk Ltd from Kent based their helicopter here. On Saturday morning they kindly took Jack. daughter Fiona and partner Tony and myself up for a spin round...All I need now is to win the lottery. It is lovely day here so Jack has refilled the hot tub today after I got a hose pipe from Homeworkers in Helmsley . They are down Borogate and if Les and his knowledgeable staff can't fix you up with what you need on the DIY side you may as well put your feet up. My sampler I am told of the Kate Greenaway alphabet is been much admired. It is been displayed in an exhibition of Victorian children books and illustrations at Castle Howard.
We have yet to eat at the Abbey Inn since it was taken over but will get there soon as I hope. Jacks mum had been there for lunch last week and said it was wonderful .Just rememebr it is shut all day Tuesday.