Tuesday 13 October 2009

Debut photos of Rubi

Here you will see photos of Rubi with her eyes open . She could not wait for a photo shoot with David Bailey so I managed to take this for you to see her with her eyes open- there are lots with them shut. For anyone who dabbles on the stockmarket I would think you should consider buying Benetton shares. For after nearly 30 years I am starting to make trips into the Benetton shop. They seem just as good as they were when I used to buy clothes from them for Nicholas years ago.In fact I still have a few that were too nice to part with as they wash brilliantly and never seem to date.

Sunday 11 October 2009

Debut photo of little Rubi

Well I may not be in David Bailey's league of photography. Rubi couldnt keep waiting with her eyes open for him to arrive .So I took this photo for you all to see with her eyes open. Needless to say there was a lot more with her eyes shut

Keiko Igata and the Japanese Guests

It was nice to meet up with Keiko Igata again last week when she visited with 27 Japanese guests.They arrived here at 8.45pm after a day of sightseeing in Yorkshire. It was rather late to call it afternoon tea. They all seemed to enjoy the experience of taking tea and cakes and took hundreds of photographs.It is not every day that the villagers of Wass open their doors to provide these japanese travellers with bed and breakfast before they headed off to London the following morning .I guess there will be a few stories to tell not only from the East but also from the West - I dont who were the more curious.


Here is a photo that I took of Rubi when she came to see us last week .Not that I am much of a David Bailey and many of the photos had her with her eyes shut.

Thursday 1 October 2009

Cowboys and Indians...

A little late but we must thank Rob Easton-gamekeeper for the Newburgh Estate for the invite to his 30th birthday party. With Cowboys and Indians been the theme it was so nice to see to have made such an effort to get dressed up for the occasion. The food was wonderful with sides of roast beef which Rob had cooked in a hog roaster with a bit of help from Helen Wilson. Far better than any hog roast so here starts a new trend.There was a bucking bull which Jack lasted 5 seconds . His second attempt was better at 22 seconds. Not bad for an old stager!!. I gracefully declined -I was actually more bothered with lots of people watching I wouldnt not be able to get on to it or fall off straight away.The weather was perfect and a good time was had by all. Thanks Rob and Jenny for a splendid night. We should have taken photos before we went out not when we got home....

RUBI arrives in September and .....

Nicholas' wife Claire gave birth to a baby daughter on 11 09 2009 at 00.56am bouncing into the world weighing 7lb 5ozs. She is the 6th generation born into the Lupton family since they moved to Wass Grange over a 100 years ago.

On October 1st we had another arrival this time from Co Armagh,N Ireland. Out of the famous Keith Mathews Kennels- a beautiful, happy yellow labrador dog pup -He comes with the pedigree name of Copperbirch Winnebego -his pet name is yet to be decided. His sire is FTCH Greenbriar Viper of Drakeshead who was 3rd in the IGL in 2006. His dam is FTCH Ernvale Maud who was IKC's Labrador Ret'er of 2008.