Sunday 16 February 2014

10 year old explains the truth about where money comes from...

Does the words out of the mouth of babes spring to mind.

Saturday 15 February 2014

Fridays are market days in Helmsley

There isn't many Fridays when I don't get down to Helmsley market. My first memories are going on the bus with my Grandfather before I was old enough to go to school. We went to the bank -it felt a bit like the bank you see in the Mary Poppins film. We went to the fish stall.Grandfather had a magic little bag made of oil cloth that was rolled out and was just for fish. He bought Whitby cod and some fishcakes EVERY week.And then we went to the bakery for bread and iced bread buns. 55 years on it is basically the same routine -bank and go to get some fish along with other visits too. The butcher van is laden with meat -we supply this butcher and have done so down the generations. Near to it is the most amazing cheese stall - I think this is probably my favourite stall not only do they have lots of delicious cheese they are the most wonderful local,cheerful people I have known all my life -well Cathy is a bit younger. Nigel was brought up at a farm just over the hill from us and we were both born in the same vintage year.

Thursday 13 February 2014

George Pickles the Ripon Hornblower

I have written about George Pickles before even done a YouTube of him.I didn't think George had been given enough recognisation for his dedication .An MBE perhaps, so when I tweeted this one day last year Gary Verity picked up on this and set out to make things right. This was the result. I just happened to be there.... The Ripon man in charge of maintaining the world’s longest ongoing tradition has been made a Yorkshire Patron. Ripon Hornblower George Pickles has been handed the honorary title – and famous Y badge – by tourism agency Welcome to Yorkshire in recognition of his continued services to the county’s tourism. George said: “I’m delighted to have been recognised in this way and it’s a real honour to say I’m now a Yorkshire Patron. I think that over the years as the Ripon Hornblower I’ve welcomed more than 70,000 from all four corners of the world and with the Tour de France coming, I hope to welcome many more.”Gary Verity, Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, handed him the honour in Ripon’s famous market square. He said: “Yorkshire is known the world over for our famous welcome and George encapsulates this. Not only does he offer visitors a warm welcome, but fulfils an important historical and now globally-famous role.” It is said the role of Hornblower is to safeguard the continuity of the ancient ceremony of 'Setting the Watch' which has been carried out every evening on the market square without a miss for around 1128 years. It is the longest ongoing unbroken daily ceremony in the world. It dates back to around 886 when Alfred the Great visited the City in the midst of the Vikings’ conquests. He was so impressed by the place and support he was given by the people against the intruders that he decided to grant the community a Royal Charter. As it was a spontaneous decision he did not have a parchment scroll or anything of that prepared. All he had to offer them as a symbol of the Charter was a horn. A Wakeman was also then appointed to sound the Horn at the four corners of the market cross at 9pm each evening to let the people know that the watch was set and they could retreat to their homes knowing the Wakeman would be awake and vigilant to any potentials intruders. For more information on the Hornblower and the role’s fascinating history see George’s website at

Monday 10 February 2014

The Snowdrops Spectacular 2014 - Burton Agnes Hall

It looks as if Spring has sprung. The days are lengthening and the birds are singing. We have snowdrops too, but not as many as at Burton Agnes Hall. Our daffodils leaves are through and it looks as if we we will have a lovely show of yellow dancing daffodils within a month or so. Not far from us is Farndale where you can go to see the wild daffodils which grow down near the river and even go to the Daffy Cafe for refreshments after your walk. So much to do and see here in North Yorkshire