Wednesday 1 January 2020

Localanuary .My new word for a New Year

Why not get behind #localanuary and only buy local produce from independent shops throughout January. Anyone can buy Ultra processed and chemically ripened ‘food’ shipped from around the globe, served or delivered by an unknown face with no connection or knowledge of the produce. How about instead buying locally grown and fresh in season produce from your local farm shop, butcher or green grocer. Grown, matured and ripened naturally, you couldn’t ask for more wholesome nutritious produce, and you may be surprised to find that it’s healthier on your pocket too! And with a wealth of knowledge you may pick up some tips of things to try with new recipes. What’s more, with every penny spent at a local retailer, an extra 50% stays in the local economy compared to shopping with the larger national shops. Happy New Year, and a very happy Localanuary!!
Funny looking fillet to me ..but still tasty looking meat .
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