Friday 28 September 2018

Finalist for the Mitre Linens' Award


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    The shortlist for the UK’s inaugural Room Attendant of the Year Awards was announced today, with six exceptional finalists selected based upon their impeccable room standards and outstanding dedication to work.
    “Mitre Linen decided to launch and sponsor the Room Attendant of the Year Awards to give well-deserved recognition to the key role room attendants play in the smooth running and guests’ experience of a hotel,” said Mitre Linen’s general manager Kate Gough. “We received dozens of entries from all over the UK and it was extremely difficult to whittle the list down to just six as there were so many excellent potential finalists. On behalf of the team at Mitre Linen, I’d like to congratulate all of those room attendants who made the shortlist and thank everyone who entered.  We now have the very tough task of selecting a winner and runner-up, who will be announced in October.  Luckily, we have Mark Lewis, CEO of Hospitality Action on the panel to help and we look forward to reviewing the entries of these amazing six room attendants.”
    The Room Attendant of the Year 2018 shortlist:
    Anna Lupton – Carr House Farm B&B, York
    Erten Azis – Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa, Hampshire
    Tadeusz Janeczek – Chilston Park Hotel, Kent
    Maureen Chapman – Kettering Park Hotel & Spa, Northamptonshire
    Carole Kidd – The Woburn Hotel, Bedfordshire
    Rhiannon Stephens – Fields Lodge Bed & Breakfast, Pembrokeshire
    Established in 1946, Mitre Linen is based in Merthyr Tydfil in beautiful Wales.  Having provided the hospitality, leisure, education, healthcare and laundry industries with the best quality bed linen, bedding, towelling and soft furnishings for over 70 years, Mitre Linen is proud to have held HM The Queen’s Royal Warrant since 1955.

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    Rubi and her 9th birthday cake

    Tuesday 4 September 2018

    Fennel - homegrown at that

    I have always thought fennel was not the cheapest of vegetables to buy so every year my Dad asks me what I would like different . It was kohlrabi last year. This year I decided on fennel .We like it chopped up with a red onion soaked in orange juice. Bt what do you do with the fennel fronds and stems ?. I wasn't even sure if it could be used in cooking other than stewed to a pulp in a casserole. Google ...what would we do without google.
    Donna from Whole Food Bellies had a recipe for a pesto using fennel fronds. Ah that will do, I had been watching Jamie Oliver scooting around Italy last night on television last night and teh idea of making pasta had flitted through my mind. This would be ideally.
    I have no walnuts as the recipe said so I put butter in the frying pan along with a large handful of plain peanuts and a small handful of wasabi peas. Out with the liquidiser and in with as much fennel stems and fronds as I could cupped in both my hands. Sorry I dont really do weights . I added the juice of one of our own lemons, there was deep satisfaction in that .It isn't everyone who grows lemons in the depths of North Yorkshire. Instead of a clove, I used half a bulb of garlic and will try it in the future with some smoked garlic, but added a smoked chilli instead. And the sea salt and some ground pepper.  I added grated cheese, so needed quite a drop of

    olive oil. approx 500mls . Cant wait to test it out at the weekend when I am cooking a "harvest meal " of 8 courses from the garden ,in the garden, for  friends here at Kept half to use and froze the rest in 4 muffin cases before I bagged it up when there is just the two of us at home . Now to make some pasta ...

    so diverse bring your running shoes or/and eat slices of cake