Wednesday 29 February 2012

Filey-the Coble Landing and Filey Brigg

I parked close to the Coble Landing at Filey. My intention was to go along to the Brigg to look to see if there was anything for our supper. Armed with a bag and wearing my wellies I had a lovely walk along the beach. There was hardly a soul about.The sun was shining and although it was a few degrees cooler it could have been 6 years ago as now when we were in New Zealand. There we found clean,near deserted beaches. And here we have it all not an hour from home. Filey has a gracious feel to it .A family place without the glitzy and noise of neighbouring Scarborough -an unhurriedness. There are the most amazing red cliffs. Lots of seabirds wading about fluttering from one seaweed rock to another. The tide wasn't in my favour so I didn't venture out on to the Brigg. There is a Lifeboat stationed here but it would have been very embarrassing if I had got stuck and had to wave for help.So I did a quick turn around but to the Coble. I promised myself I will go back before too long.

Mrs Robinson's Tin Man

I called in Filey yesterday and at the top of Coble Landing a 12foot tall tin man stands. I admired him right down to the buttons on his waistcoat and the rat sneaking in to eat the fish from the paper -all in tin of course. He looks out to see and is to depict the decline of the fish industry. A generous donation by Maureen Robinson. It was created by artist Ray Lonsdale and named "High Tide in Short Wellies". Certainly a talking point and a place where young and old will pose alongside him for a photo. Whether you think he is worth £50,000 is another matter

Burning Heather

On my way back from Helmsley today I saw smoke from the fires on the Moors.Nothing to be alarmed about as they happen every year at this time. The gamekeepers on the moor are burning the old woods of the ling [heather] so that new shoots will come later.Heather is then kept young and grows with vigour.If it were left it would grow lank and long having very little nutritionally value. Grouse bred on these moor and their staple diet is heather .Sheep also like the new sweet growth. Sometimes these fires will stretch up to a kilometre. Usually it is done in small scale sections on a rotation cycle

Saturday 25 February 2012

Yorkshire Tea Box

How many bags do you put in a pot of tea? The question here is how many pups in a empty tea box. A pot of tea for 2 when I was a child was a spoonful of tea for each person and one for the pot. Now teabags are used more so I guess whichever way we get to 3. I often burn old boxes and paper on the fire. here you can see 3 little pups have found the box. As it was near the fire and nice and warm it was all pile in together. We have had great fun watching them growing up and now I don't think even 1 would fit in such a space. The tea box was chewed up and long gone. They then went on to play who is king of the castle on top of an empty biscuit tin.

Fiona Scott- local artist and Josh the donkey

You may have heard of Fiona Scott -she is a very talented artist and lives just down the road from us.Her self portrait was selected for the prestigious BP Portrait Awards. I personally think she is a lot prettier than what she painted of herself. I reckon she painted herself on a very bad day. Better known as Marks wife or Lily and the boys mum also sister of Selena Scott.Fiona does the most amazing painting and when we had our recent charity do she was very generous to donate a large print of a long horn bull. Jacks daughter ,Sheena, helped us at the breakfast event saw her work as Fiona brought some to display. Jack liked a Highland bull,I like the sheep and Sheena liked the donkey.So here you see the donkey which we bought for Sheena's housewarming and birthday present.I am sure you will want one too.Fiona's website is and you can buy on line. I was going to have an original of Quozzi done for Jack's birthday but have decided against it now and she will rest in peace instead.

Saturday 18 February 2012

4 and 20 blackbirds and a squirrel

Jack feeds the birds twice a day and three and four times if it is very cold. It seemed as if all the black birds in the area had come to feed here the other morning. Along with the robins and wrens. There are blue tits,great tits,long tailed ones and a multitude of other song birds that we hope we can help to survive until the better weather come . Remember to feed the birds. They don't all feed at the same level either so it is important to put it round and about so they can all get a share.And there is a squirrel comes too

Valentines Day

So did you get a card for Valentines Day,chocolate perhaps or a nice chunky diamond?.I didn't receive any of the above. Jack says why bother to send the above on one day of the year as it is the things you do throughout the year that prove you love someone. Which is perfectly true and he did bid for a meal at the recent auction for a Valentine meal. But every morning when it is cold I come downstairs to a fire like this and it is lovely. I only wish I had time to sit and make toast in front of it. So you can keep your cards and chocolate I would rather have a lovely fire like this. When I only have a couple of guests in for breakfast instead of been in the dining room I set the table in front of this so they can enjoy it too.

Monday 13 February 2012

Railway Museum with Harry Potter

Half term and not knowing what to do or how to entertain the children or not so big children. There is a special event going on at the Railway Museum in York with Harry Potter. Meet the steam Star from the Harry Potter series.Win a one to one magic lesson with the Mad Hatter and even owl displays by the Falconry Centre. More details can be found on their website. The Railway Museum is light and airy. There is room for lots of people.The food is good and with everything being under one roof- an ideal day out for this time of year

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Chipper is the buzz word.

Today I went along to Beadlam Grange to a Welcome to Yorkshire Member Event organised by the very efficient Carol Cheetham. Gary Verity opened the meeting,just back from Singapore.With a crew of 32 at Welcome to Yorkshire and Gary at the helm they have achieved so much for us all.Yorkshire is now the county which is best of the best in the world.What a turn around in 4 years. I am really looking forward to Y12 next month.
A talk from Mark Rooke and some interesting photos -One of Mark at 12 years old with a prize bullock at Malton Market when he was in Helmsley Young Farm.I think I should have won that prize over 40 years ago.I remember we had milk cows at the time. I had to write all the good points on the back of my hand as I had no experience of what to look for in judging beef cattle. We had an interesting presentation by Ben Stone from CO2 Sense. It was good to catch up with other members Linda from Rosedale and Beccy from Slingsby.Followed by a wonderful Yorkshire "tea spread" Time flew. Here is a photo of Carol who looks as if she was flagging by the way she was holding her hands but it was just a ploy. She was waiting for a bottle of Fentiman's Rose Lemonade. She is a secret addict like myself -but don't tell everyone.

Sunday 5 February 2012

Remember to feed the wild birds

Jack feeds the birds every morning and just before dusk. When we knew the snow was coming their feed was doubled up and today they were feed adlib.We get quite a variety to the bird table. Unfortunately we cant help the barn owls as they only eat mice and voles.As the mice run under the snow they have to go hungry . Hopefully the snow will soon melt. It was heart breaking to find so many dead barn owls last year. We often see them skimming the hedgerows at dusk and they sit on the post up the drive.The other night I managed to catch one with my camera.Hopefully he will find some mice very soon.

Lady Lane's birthday

My friend Jessica celebrated her birthday on Thursday.Those close to Jessica affectionately know her as Lady Lane. You have heard of two tier cakes, this was a two tier celebration. One was an early supper at the Durham Ox in Crayke with her two children Elliot and Raya,Jessica's mum and myself.Then it was out on the town with Amanda Bycroft.The Ox seems to get bigger every time we go in and we were sat in the newly extended dining room complete with log burner. I had quickly put together a birthday cake to which had candles and we sang Happy Birthday. Photos show Jessicas mum , then Raya who looks to have a whale on her plate and Jessica blowing the candles out with the help of her children.

We had sausages

Charles Ashbridge runs Taste Traditions with his mum Joyce. They were generous and supported us with cocktail sausages for the YAA event a couple of weeks ago. I went to another function last week and they were again on the menu. They went down very well. Charlie as our Nicholas would call him as they are know to enjoy shooting days together during the season started the business back in 2004 but had his own pigs back when he was only 6 years old..He uses rare breeds and farms like his Granddad did in the "good old days".Gloucester Spots,Oxford,Sandy Balcks and Berkshire are some of the breeds that he rears. He has an unit down in Thirsk and not only do they produce delicious sausages but suckling pig and porchetta too. You will find everything about this enterprising young man and his team on

We support the Herriot Hospice

After making over £7200 at the beginning of the Farmhouse Breakfast Week for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Another charity close to our hearts is the Herriot Hospice. One lady who does an awful lot for the Hospice is Dr Rosie Paige who is the daughter of the famous James Herriot who we locally knew by his real name of Alf Wight who was at Skeldale Vets.When I heard another farmhouse breakfast was raising money for it I donated an one nights stay for 2 people in a 4 poster bedroom.Here you see Rosie with a cheque for £1800 which was raised.
The lady who won our prize Mrs Dennis from Borrowby. Both her and her husband Peter will be coming to stay with us in the near future. What a small world it is too, as they know Jack really well as they had point to point horses when Jack was riding so there will be a lot to talk about and catch up on.Peter Dennis was Master of the Hurworth, but now rides on a quad rather than a horse.
The bottom photo shows Alison Barnes of Crakehall Watermill B and B with her camera . She has been a real trooper during the Farmhouse Breakfast Week as well as getting her hands into the sink at our event even though she was coming as a guest she helped on another two days. Praise should go to her indeed as with friends like her about the world it is a nice place to live. A modest lady with a big heart . Thanks Alison and hopefully your hard work will be rewarded before you get to Heaven

Wednesday 1 February 2012

A trip to Leeds

Very rarely do I get a trip to Leeds. Chris Parkin from Helmsley kindly gave me a lift to a marketing meeting. As we parked on the south side I saw different places to where I would normally see. It has given me a taste to go back to explore more.I have never been to The Armouries and what a set up that is. The Yorkshire Dance building,the BBC building and the West Yorkshire Playhouse.What I enjoyed seeing the most was the weir, the canal and the canal boats.Beautiful painted with little chimneys were puffing out snow Imagine being on a canal boat in the middle of Leeds.Wonder if anyone would like to swop me for a couple of days in the countryside.