Wednesday 28 March 2012

Y12 at the Barbican

Y12 is the show piece for Welcome to Yorkshire to tell its members what is happening in the coming year and what we have achieved already. Gary Verity and his team work hard to let people from all over the world now about Yorkshire and how great it is. We arrived early in brilliant sunshine to be meet at the door by David Shields -how was that for good timing. Everything went like clockwork. There was a live chat show and llamas came on to the stage We had MP John Penrose there who was fired at with questions in all directions. Ruth Annison, who I spoke about in the last blog, is a key supporter and fund raiser for the Wensleydale Railway put the Minister on the stop and asked him to attend a future event at the railways . We all heard him reply so we will find him out if he doesn't arrive.The finale was that the first champion of Yorkshire is to be the Yorkshire Regiment. Soldiers marched on to the stage as their names one by one were announced to a standing ovation. It seemed to touched everyone and from what I could see there was not a dry eye in the hall.

Bedale Biz Bash

I had a wonderful evening out on Monday. It started in the station yard listening to Bedale brass band. Bread Actually had made wonderful eats for us. The beer was supplied by Black Sheep Brewery.Carol from Big Sheep Little Cow was rushing around making sure everything was running smoothly. Ruth Annison is such a heroine from Outhwaites the Hawes Ropemakers was there working hard as usual.Ruth had been up printing brochures off until late into the previous night for us .She deserves an MBE for all she does. It is thanks to her I have become interested in the Wensleydale Railway.As funds allow the line keeps getting longer.It now ends at Redmire but hopes are that it will eventually link the East coast main line at Northallerton to the Settle -Carlisle line.This was a night out for our Herriot Group but is part of Welcome to Yorkshire. David Shields, Peter Dodd and Rachel Smith were just on the train. I say just as the Lady Mayoress was attacked by "Dick Turpin" alias Jessica Barker of Thief Hole Cottages as her 3 helpers surrounded Peter and David. Firing her pistol in the air Dick Turpin grabbed a bag full of money. The further up the line we went the more amazing the scenery was . There were 7-8 deer which I noticed out of the window -I needed Dick Turpin's gun to ensure venison for supper. We had a stop at Redmire as the sun was finally setting over Coverdale and beyond. By the time we got back to Bedale station it was dark and time to go home. Thank you everyone who made it such an enjoyable evening.

Monday 26 March 2012

Breakfast outside in the sun

Who would believe that we are still in March. Guests opted to eat their breakfasts outside as it was such a sunny morning . Guests ,Gerry Agar Fennell a regular guest with us has brought her Australian Daughter -in - law-to- be introducing her to North Yorkshire.Another person smitten by the beauty that our little piece of North Yorkshire has to offer. The birds were singing their hearts out,the sky blue without a cloud to be seen as the shrubs are all bursting into bud. Duchess,the cat,was not to be outdone either as she took her place in the garden. The forecast is like this for the next week we here. Apart from the sound of birds their lambs are to be hear as they race about in green grass fields.Take about the 2012 games they have started here already.Book up and have a weekend away before the Easter rush

Thursday 22 March 2012

Literature Day at Eden Camp

Today it was off to Eden Camp near Malton see the exhibitors of the local tourist attractions in the area. Sarah Barrowby and Craig Nattress were representing Welcome to Yorkshire. Handing out brochures and answering queries they seemed to be having a very busy time. I had a long chat with the young lady who was on Robert Fullers stand. Besides having originals and prints they sell diaries,calenders and cards.You can have a sneak preview of what will be available for 2013.Found out that there is a longer railway track at Wold Ways Lavender Farm. Eden Camp were very hospitably as always providing us with their delicious homemade scones and a drink too. As I was tucking into my scone under the watchful eye of Winston Churchill I saw a lady walking towards me.Her eyes just looked like someone I played with over 50 years ago. I hadn't seen her since. so me being me when she passed by again I stood up and asked here and it was and after coming back to the area and runs a bed and breakfast abut 15 miles away.

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Daffodils brighten up the day

Daffodils certainly tell us Spring is here. Their bright yellow heads stand proudly. We have the wild daffodils that Farndale are so famous. A smaller version and not as tall as the cultivated one they dressed the banks of the River Dove. They attracted up to 40,000 people a year. and it is a very popular place for locals and guests to go for a walk. Bus trips even go to see the Farndale daffodils. There is Daffy cafe too. There is even a website dedicated to them They are just starting to flowers and expect to be at their peak in 2-3 weeks which means they should be spot on for Easter. Today however the ones in York were very much out, Here you see them on around the walls of the city.

The other side of the coin

. We encourage people to come to stay in the countryside and experience all the things that are on offer. Things we take for granted.. To be able to hear the silence ,smell the wild garlic,looked at the stars in the sky without a street lamp getting in the way.Now you people who live in the towns and cities may laugh but I have done something today that I have never ever done before. I had seen Dot Cotton on Eastenders in one.I think they have one on Coronation Street too. I have always wanted to go a launderette and today I did. I have just hand reared a cocker spaniel puppy which has now gone to its new home but it had a few accidents on the cover that I have on the settee in our living room . I tried to push and shove it into my washing machine but it wasn't having any of it.It didn't warrant spending money on dry cleaning so I found this amazing launderette on the outskirts of York up near the hospital up Haxby Road. A young couple run it who were very friendly and helpful as I didn't have clue how to work the machine.So civilized it begin its cycle and I nipped up the road to do some shopping and when I got back it was all ready for me to take out.This is a marvellous find so if guests are on long trips and need a pile of washing doing they can take it there and go into York and pick it up on their way out. They have driers too and all was stainless steel and very clean.I very much enjoyed my "Dot Cotton "experience.

Tuesday 20 March 2012

From Generation to Generation

In the autumn I decide to leave a lasting tribute to my ancestors. Although I am not old old, I am no spring chicken and one day I will not be able to go to the graveyard and tend graves. You think I am just having a morbid day, no it is reality. I will not be there to put flowers on at birthdays,anniversaries,Christmas and Easter. So I went armed with daffodils bulbs and a trowel. So here you see the daffodils in flower on my 2 uncles graves,my paternal grandparents and my paternal great grandparents. All of them Luptons who lived at Wass Grange. We would not have the farm today if it had not been for them.

A thought from Mothers Day

I ate the Mummy Day chocolates and the Mummy Day cake but of course still have the lovely card. It has given me an idea. With a little patriotic twist to the design of the card crossed with a bit of Cath Kidston and the shape of the card. I will have to dust off my sewing machine .Look on the net buy a clasp I am sure I will be able to track one down and hay ho I will make a hand bag . maybe it will end up like a carpet bag. I love carpet bags just like Mary Poppins had in the film which fits everything but the kitchen sink .Thank you Nicholas and Claire not only for the presetns and card but for the idea.

Friday 16 March 2012

Lots of new brochures

Wednesday was the leaflet pick up day at Thirsk Auction Market. I arrived in good time as it is such a popular event that if you go later on all the brochures have gone. the Welcome to Yorkshire girls were there to welcome us and Sarah Barrowby as usual was rushed off her feet. It was good to see all the staff were dressed up warmly as it isn't the place for flimsy tops and flip flops. I think the most delightful stand must got to the Harrogate Spring Flower Show which is held in April..They had posters and brochures with Monet like colours on, very appealing and a taste of what is in store. It is top of my must things to go to this year.Sam and Ian were there to promote our Herriot group. Also there is a photo of the lady from the treasure houses of Yorkshire. There is also a chocolate attraction opening up in York very shortly which is a must for chocolate lovers

Saturday 10 March 2012

Mini and Minty

And who are they . Mini you will have heard me talk about before she is our young tortoise shell kitten. When does a kitten become a cat - she is about 9 months old. Minty is a little chocolate cocker puppy who's mother is Flake.I have hand reared her since she was 2 weeks old along with 2 of her brothers who have already gone to their new homes. She is now a little minx and Mini is very good with her as they play together. They even share the same food bowl.In a week or so she will be going to be vet checked and then she will be ready to find a loving new home. There will be more about her on Jacks website

Catering Exhibition at Scarborough

Wednesday and Thursday saw the catering exhibition at Scarborough Spa. I went along to see what and who were new for the season. It was nice to catch up with Sarah Barrowby who was doing a sterling job flying the flag for Welcome to Yorkshire. Tate Smiths of Malton this is where we get Fentimans Rose Lemonade. Our family have got refreshments from this company based in Malton since my Dad was a lad so for over 80 years. For Jack he likes their barrels of John Smiths beer so with his big birthday coming up this year I guess I will be on the phone to them sooner rather than later. It was nice to catch up with the news from Scampston Walled Garden -this is one of my favourite garden. Home of the Legard family there is always a warm welcome here whether it be from the family or staff. A garden created by Piet Oudolf this is an attraction certainly worth visiting.

Monday 5 March 2012

Picture perfect

Passing Newburgh Priory fish pond the other day on my way shopping I stopped to see the swans. There are also ducks and other little waterbirds swimming about and picking about in the reeds. Newburgh is just outside Coxwold and from the fish pond wall you can see our house. Our farm used to belong to the estate but my Dad and uncles bought it when I was a baby many many moons ago. The fish pond originally held the water that when the sluice gates were opened up would send water done the stream to power the mill. Now it is a tranquil place to sit on the wall and feed the birds. Old and young people alike enjoy seeing the birds bobbing about on the water and feed them on crusts of bread. Hopefully it wont be long before Mrs Swan -she is a pen ,the male is called a cob will have some young cygnets. They will take to the water first by hitching a ride on her back before taking to the water. The most graceful of birds on the water but a different story when you see them on land. The water was so clear and clean,I think this photo reflects it well