Thursday 23 April 2015

Wednesday 15 April 2015


Delighted ,well more than delighted that we have been chosen by VisitYork Travel Awards as a finalist. It was such a surprise as there are some wonderful bed and breakfast businesses here in Yorkshire .So to be picked as a finalist was unbelievable. Little old me having cooked breakfasts for 37 years. I had got an email to say "Congratulations! I am delighted to advise you that your entry for Carr House Farm, has been successful and been shortlisted for the Bed and Breakfast of the Year Award. Having received a record number of entries, the judging panel were impressed by the quality of entry so to reach this stage, with such strong competition, this really is a significant achievement." I rushed down to Jack who was feeding his dogs. I was shouting as I went and I think he thought I had chopped my finger off. I rang my Dad and told him to tell my mother. He immediately went on to tell me, something he thought was more important news, all about some Shorthorn cattle he was thinking of buying . I suppose I can forgiven him as he is 92. And to be fair, what he told me about the cattle went completely over my head. Jack should take a lot of the credit for this though. He supports me throughout. He does the garden and feed the wild birds religiously through Winter to Spring.Guests are amazed at the variety of wildbirds they see and some say they have never seen a woodpecker before. There is one who is very considerate and usually comes for his breakfast when guests are having theirs and he can be well seen from the dining room window. All the hedges and lawns have had their first cutting of the season. This year he has extended the garden by another acre or so ,planting fruit trees,magnolia and lilac trees and flowering bushes galore. This will be lovely to look at and also be a special place for the bees not far from their hive. He is always at hand to show guests his dogs and to sort them out with a suitable one to take on a walk.

Friday 10 April 2015

Thursday 2 April 2015

Just to remind you Spring is with us .

For the last couple of weeks I have been looking out of the kitchen window at tea time . At this time of year we see deers in the orchard at the back of the house. We have seen up to 5 at once before but last night there was 7 . They were too quick for me as I sneaked around the end of the house to take a better photo and just got two. Below is a little video of what you are likely to see in Spring when you are here. The fields are filling up with lambs. The birds are really doing their courting songs,as soon as you walk out of the door you can hear them. The wild garlic is well up now so anyone wanting to take a bag full home are quite welcome .They are now a favourite of young chefs in the area.