Thursday 30 June 2011

Are Diamonds really a girls best friend.....

I reckon its the man who buys you them that is.Jack has bought me diamonds... But there are things money doesnt buy. This is just to say a big thank you to Jack for all the hard work he does around here to make my life easier besides looking after his dogs. Please dont blush dear husband. He has been busy leading sand and gravel and digging up bag fulls of clay in the siting of this new water tank. So many people comment on the garden -I just buy the plants. It is Jack who digs them in and cuts the grass and waters the pots and cuts the hedge and...the list is endless. He is the one who in winter never misses feeding the birds. Visitors are amazed at the variety we have here.Someone reckoned on over 30 different ones they had seen. If they weren't feed through the winter they wouldn't survive to sing their song in the summer.As we have lots of puppies which need regular feeds during the day I couldn't get him away to Scarborough with me. I was lucky that the man at Mollie Malone's on the seas front was so accommodating.He was just locking up as I wanted to buy a crab to bring back as they are a favourite of Jacks .He kindly opened up and even pulled out a tray to let me choose which I wanted. I said I would give them a mention on my blog so he went back to put the lights on for me. Susan told me they also own the Tea shop on the corner just before you go on Marine Drive. Sorry I didnt catch your name but thank you -Jack enjoyed the crab very much. As I mentioned in my previous post Susan and I went on the beach and like kids we were remissing of sandcastles etc. My dad used to build really good ones with moats and towers and pebbles and shells for decorations. I wrote this in the sand for Jack and took a photo.He was in bed when I got home as he gets up mega early about 4.15am so I printed my sand art when I got home and put it on the table for him to see.It was at his place at the table when he had his breakfast.Maybe I am

old but am still young at heart.x

My Birthday Sweet Peas

Very rarely does a birthday go by when I dont get sweet peas from my Dad for my birthday. This year was no exception. There is no nicer smell than that of sweet peas.He doesnt stop at flowers either. He is hoping that he will have some ready for the local home produce show in Wass. He won the cup many years ago At nearly 89 he is already thinking of what he is going to enter.He has some super huge cabbages at the moment. Cutting one for their lunch yesterday it weighed over 5lbs. After he has finished work at night -remember he works full time on the farm and did not have time to go to Scarborough with me as he wanted to get on with hay making!.

He goes into his garden after his tea until my mother makes him come in for his supper around 9pm.Here you see my Dad and me at the shoot dinner last week.

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside....

There was no brass band playing but the sun was shining. This week we have been having a new water tank fitted.We are on spring water and had to comply with new EU regulations.We were not sure how long it would take I had to block a few days out in case we had mishaps. On Monday, the hottest day of the year as we expected had no water but by Tuesday it was back on in full flow. Susan and I went on the beach after we had eaten a wonderful supper at CoGonis - another post-. It was surprising how many youngsters were on the beach playing with footballs. Some had even braved the North Sea and were in the water. I thought it was big bubbles on the sand as the tide went out by it was in fact little jellyfish.Scarborough,Whitby,Filey with probably Sandsend being my favourite are have really good beaches and if the weather is right you cant wish for anything more. I had planned to get away for a few days but really there is no where better tha

n round here.Jack has been telling me that for ages and I tend to agree.

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Swinton Park-Clay Pigeon Shoot

Anyone wishing to go to the Clay Pigeon Shoot at Swinton Park ?. See this invitation.It came through the post for my Dad. He is nearly 89 and still shoots. He doesnt believe in shooting anything he cant eat so the invitation came over here. Anyway neither of us would want to show ourselves up. And I think like my Dad. I have never found a recipe that made clays taste like game. However it will certainly be a good day out so if anyone is intersted please get in touch. T

he RSVP is before the 31st July.

Thank you, Gordon Robinson

We usually go out to eat on my birthday, but this year we didn't as we were out the night before. Gordon Robinson kindly invited my Dad,Jack and self to join him with some other shooting friends for a mid season meal.It was good to catch up with everyone and talk pheasants,partridges,high birds,missed birds,good shots,bad shots. Also dogs,and in Jacks case more dogs.The night

passed quickly as it always does when you are enjoying yourselves and it was then time to say good night.Gordon's sister Jean was there too. The family are taking her to Cornwall to celebrate her 80th birthday so we all wish her a good time.No doubt they will be burning the midnight oil. Jean and my dad have known each other all their lives. It was us young ones that were ready for home as they nattered away a hundred to the dozen.

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Motor biking....

This weekend saw thousands of motor bikes descend on Helmsley to the MAG. Most pitch their tents in the grounds of Duncombe Park.You are not allowed to go to this event unless you have a motor bike.The shops and pubs do a roaring trade.The event give a huge donation to things that are needed to the community such as lowering the pavements for easier wheel chair access. We are only 6 miles from the event.We had people staying from Co Armagh on their bikes but decided they wanted a bit more comfort than camping. Here you see me as I approach my 55th birthday this week sitting on this "Hells Angel Mean Machine". Whats that saying -if you cant beat them join them.I dont think my little car could get up to the speed this machine does 135mph cruising. Before I think to go that speed I

will have to change my frock for some bikers leathers..Woo hoo/

Sunday 19 June 2011

A Family gathering...

How often do we talk about things and never get round to them. Ever since I have known Jack he has always talked about "Big Ann" Now this lady is actually Maria Oxtoby who now lives at Dalton near Thirsk with husband George. Her real name is Maria. When Jack and his brother Frank and sister Ann were small ,Maria used to look after them ,bake them cakes buns and scones and generally look after them.She

was a big part of their lives. -See how there was big Ann and little Ann. - Maria is 80 now. So today we gathered together about 20 of us for lunch . We had a lovely time, Maria brought photos from when the children were small .One with Grandma Peckitt at the Brenk-the family farm.Everyone had plenty to eat,plenty to drink.Four generations were here, spread over 80 years. We have some lovely photos of the day.Victoria even came over from Leeds.And never the regret to say wish we had done it but didn't make the time.

Thursday 16 June 2011

The start of your Bacon sandwich

We take pigs in at the farm from a month old.There could be 300-1000 at a time. They stay for 8 weeks.It isn't often we get any other colours than white. They come on a bed and breakfast basis. Dont worry they are not at this side of the road so you dont smell them. We supply them with a shed with lots of straw in and the water to drink. The supplier has a mill and bring their food. It is stored in a large bin holding about 5 tons of meal. Nicholas uses a loadr tractor to transfers the meal into a feed hopper. They are feed

ad-lib. They leave the farm after 8 weeks and go to another farm where they are fattened up before they got to the abattoir

Sunday 12 June 2011

Roses all the way

We are lucky you have lots of beautiful roses in our garden. I think it is quite early for them this year too. These 2 bushes are just outside a bedroom window. What with the smell of roses and honeysuckle home is just a nice place to be.The bees are loving the honeysuckle . Next stop the beehive.
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Saturday 11 June 2011

Posh Ploughmans....

I went to the Star in Harome yesterday lunchtime with Kate and her new beau.My complaint was that

was so much on the menu to tempt me.The asparagus soup with cheese fritters lost by a short head to a posh ploughman's. Well it was only lunchtime.It was so generous in size twice as much as I could eat. They kindly let me bring the rest home and my mother really enjoyed her high tea of rare beef and cheese. The pickles and relishes are made on site.The ham was so tender it just fell apart.They had even added a hard boiled egg in a egg cup with legs. Cannibalism to the first degree that made me feel as if I was eating Humpty Dumpty.A piece of pork pie which was a delight -as I just love pork pie.I munched my way through the celery not because I like it but thought I had to "do" healthy,Lettuce in ever colour shape and form.The bestest of bread which with the amount of butter I put on would not be classed as healthy but who cares when it is that good and I had eaten the celery to counteract my actions. In four words- a very delightful meal. Thank you Andrew Pern . Guests this is an ideal place to come to while away a few hours -enjoy delicious food, drink good wine and even better Pimms in the delightful surrounding of an age old thatched building called the Star. You enter bobbing your head through the low stable door into another world away from the maddening crowd.Furnished with Mousey Thompson furniture and much character in every crook and cranny. Please dont tell anyone ...

Its June its strawberry time...

June- Wimbledon-strawberries. How we link things with together. Here you see I have been raiding my Dads garden yet again. Rhubarb, there is still an abundance of it which guests enjoy for breakfast with yogurt. Cabbage for Jacks supper. I am not a cabbage lover myself but then there is more for those who like it.

Eggs -the hens are in multi drive at the moment so we have lots of fresh brown eggs. And my first strawberry of the season. Not one of your supermarket ones but a quality George Lupton one straight out of the garden. Perfect in every detail and even better in taste. We have a battle with the blackbirds too as they spy them juts before they are ripe enough to pick.My Dad put a net over them and then saw one cheeky fellow finding his way under the net.The cat sat asleep in the sunshine only a few feet away