Tuesday 25 September 2012

Super Dad -George Lupton at 90

On the 25th September 90 years ago Uncle Herbert -who used to live here at Carr House- set off to the village with his pony and trap. It was his job to go to get the midwife and bring her back to the farm. Shortly after George Herbert Lupton was born. 3rd son of Swales Lupton better known as Tich even though he was about 6ft tall and Mary Louisa Lupton who everyone called May. I am lucky to still have both my parents my Dad lost his mother when he was just 18 and his Dad died when I was a baby. Today we had hoped to celebrate his birthday by going to Filey fishing but the rain was so bad we will wait to go on a better day .Hopefully later in the week. A true countryman who likes his sport ,my Dad still works hard.He was combining last week and also went up to Fadmoor selling sheep. The following day buying in young sheep replacements in Scotland. On Saturday my parents had been married 58 years so here you see them together enjoying the day warm and
dry at home.

Sheep from Scotland

My Dad was selling sheep at Fadmoor on Wednesday. Shearlings he had bought the previous year up in Scotland. On Thursday he went back up to the sales in Scotland to buy this years' gimmer[female] lambs which we will keep for a year and hopefully
sell ready for breeding next year. Olivers Transport bring the sheep back and I was up early to count them into a field at the farm the following morning. Thousands of sheep are bought and sold at these sales and even if you don't want to make a purchase yourself it is well worth going to a sale to watch what goes on.

Thursday 13 September 2012

Claudia meet George

Claudia Medri from Bologna is staying with us for a month helping me in the house and on the farm too. After we had been into the Dales, we called back to see a dear friend of mine -George Pickles.Better known far and wide as the Ripon Hornblower. It was rather chilly as the nights are drawing in but you can always rely at 9pm if you go to the market Square in Ripon you will see the hornblower. Claudia said -the horn blowing, the history and George's humour is something she will remember all of her life.
George you are a nation treasure.

Rubi-Sue is 3

Tuesday was Rubi-Sue's birthday. They are now living in the new house up on the farm it was very appropriate she got a farmhouse kitchen. Pink of course. Martha Mai is up on her feet now -she as 1 in August. It is nice that they go around to the main farmhouse to see my parents. Needless to say the biscuit barrel lid is often off.

Chris Wildman -5th generation Butcher

Had the pleasure of travelling far into the Dales by kind invitation of Chris Wildman of Paganum Produce. Chris is the 5th generation of Dales butchers so I guess he has picked up a few tips on the way. This event was the opening of this new butchery department. Ade Edmondson -presenter of the Dales programme cut the red ribbon. Well supported there were familiar faces there -David Shields from Welcome to Yorkshire supporting a very sensible warm jacket with a big Y on as there certainly was an autumn nip in the sir.
Annie Stirk was there from Absolutely Food. Chris hosted the “Grand Opening” of his new Artisan Butchery & Charcuterie Building on the farm in Kirkby Malham.I saw a pair of wonderful Gloucester Old Spots.Friends and colleagues were able to tour the Butchery, enjoy a bite to ate and sample the delights of what Chris sells, a hog roast of suckling pig. Some Yorkshire Chorizo washed down with a local beer -a great way to spend an evening.

Monday 10 September 2012

Seal stopped play

Had a lovely evening out with my Dad recently. The weather was perfect,the crowds departed and high tide was not too late. So off we set to do a spot of fishing which turned out more to be looking at the seascape. We started off with a crab sandwich.An hour later we had an ice cream.At home time my Dad announced it wasn't a day at the seaside without fish and chips. Although we did share a portion. He managed to find time to get away as he would normally have been up on his combine.Not bad for a man who is 90 on the 25th of this month. We got settled down nicely with our fishing rods.It wasn't long before our hope of catching a fish was shattered.The arrival of Sammy the seal. Not only did he show off as he swam up and down the bay about 35 yards from the rods. To add to this it twice did quite a display bobbing up and down in the sea with a huge flat
fish in its mouth. Hopefully we will get another day away before too long