Monday 26 June 2017

Finalists for the White Rose Awards 2017

We feel very proud and honoured that our little bed and breakfast here at Carr House Farm has been named as one of the 6 finalists for the Welcome to Yorkshire White Rose Awards 2017 in the bed and Breakfast section for the whole of Yorkshire.

Ampleforth has done very well as not only ourselves have been short listed but the White Swan in Ampleforth has also got through to the finals, not only for Yorkshire's Best Pub 2017 but also for the WRA 2017 in the Pub category. Both awards are run by Welcome to Yorkshire and are known to be the country's biggest award ceremony in the country .This will also allow both of us to go through to the national award which are urn by Visit England.

I hope the judge will come soon as the roses are at their best at the moment and everything around here is green and lush and the countryside is looking its nicest.

Jack tirelessly keeps the grass cut and the roadside and drive sides strimmed. As we have had a new hedge planted this year he has had to keep off the wire a distance as the strimmer has no mercy and chops everything down in its way .

Sunday 25 June 2017

Meet our new tree pruners

Well there is Daisy, Poppy and Rosie .Why would you name tree pruners you must be thinking. They are in fact goats. So the three grandchildren now have a goat a piece. I do remember that we had some when I was young and they were a nightmare climbing on the farm building roofs and then pretending they were frightening and us having to get a ladder to get them down. I just wish they didn't have horns

And Nicholas had hatched some ducklings off, so they are in the guinea pig house as it was vacant at this moment in time and they are too young yet to turn out on the about animal farm . The grandchildren love all these different things and they nearly came home from Malton market yesterday with some pink hares. Trouble is I really think they would like a pony but it is a definite no from their dad so I need to work on that one .