Friday 3 June 2022

Jubilee Weekend - Friday

Well for me today it was a trip to the opticians. For those of you who know me it is rarely you see me without a pair either balanced on my head like an Alice band or on my nose end. With one thing and another I think we all spend more time on the computer. For me it is telling on my eyes. So off I went this morning to Malton. I killed two birds with one stone as it was the Malton Food Lovers Festival too. I had another hour on my car park after the optician so decided to go for a quick look round. I havent been for ages and could easily have spend a lot longer there. It has certainly grown and fills more or less the whole market place, ajoining streets and snicket ways. As I was there by lunchtime was plenty of people there but room to walk about quite comfortably. Stall holders were doing a brisk trade and there was a huge range of produce. I saw the yorkshire pasta lady was there .I had thought of making it probably 18months beofre they started but alas I just didnt have the time or energy to start off something else .My days often consits of 16 hours and to start up with that idea would have meant a lot more hours imput .Glad to see the young lady is doing well,who has put the idea into production. I was just in time to reach the Fest Demo Stage with the lovely Gilly Robinson from the Cook's Kitchen talking with Sarah Greenhough - Keeper’s Cottage about Honey. It was a full house which was nice to see. A special mention to The Yorkshire Baker who were very generous and gave me a lovely warm pie which did me for lunch .I munched it down as I walked round.I was tempted by Raisthorpe Gin but scuttled away as I was not risking even a sample as I was driving .It is the proper stuff 40%. There was a lot of alcohol to taste going round. Note next time I go I need a chauffeur. I find caught up with Adam from Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil back from my days on the board at Deliciouslyorkshire. Adam has grown his business offering a wide range of different flavoured oils and dipping oils, Dressings and my favourite the Lemon Mayonnaise. Here are a few photos from today. Oh and I forgot to mention oysters.