Thursday 20 July 2023

The secret to mindful travel A trip to our woods

Planted by George Lupton - my Dad and his two brothers when I was a little girl. I think 1961 before I started school. I used to amuse myself laid on old army coats with my sheepdog friend trying to read her stories. I had a crayoning book and Floss would emerge at the end of the day with her white forehead a different colour but she didnt seem to mind. It was quite boring when you are a child as the men had to plant all the little trees by hand. We used to have a pack up- lowance [snack] and our dinner and go off for the day. There were red squirrels about in those days. There are a few hardwoods which the tree company gave to me to plant too. Occasionly it rained so there was an old Oak tree whcih was hollow so I used to sit in that and watch the raindrops falling. Life was so simple in those days. We didnt have words such as chill,stress and anxiety issues ,which are all too often mentioned today. Maybe it is time to pack your bags and head out into our woods and enjoy sitting or lying and just taking in what is around you. I could nearly bet that you would be so relax you could feel your eyelids closing and the next thing you know it is time for your supper. Besides this wood which is getting felled which by the way is called the Garden of Eden. We have other lovely woodland spaces for you to enjoy. All you will hear is the song of birds and if you are near the stream ,the trickle of water. With a fridge in your room you too can make a pack up and have your meal under the trees. We dont have sheepdogs at home but you are welcome to take one of our Cuckavalda Gundogs with you for company. And lastly we still have the "bait bags" and thermos my dad and uncles used all those years ago .So to add to the nostalgia you are welcome to use those too. In Japan it is a big thing to relax under trees it is called shinrin-yoku. In England it now has a psh name - Forest bathing ... when I was little it was playing in the woods -what all country children did and our grandchildren still do today. The term emerged in Japan in the 1980s as a physiological and psychological exercise called shinrin-yoku (“forest bathing” or “taking in the forest atmosphere”). The purpose was twofold: to offer an eco-antidote to tech-boom burnout and to inspire residents to reconnect with and protect the country’s forests.

Tuesday 18 July 2023

Life at Carr House in Summer

We are now well into Summer and life here goes on with fruit picking in the garden, cutting lawns and looking after some Labrador puppies which we born last Sunday. More and more guests are enjoying the benefits, we can now offer with part self catering in rooms . With a fridge,microwave and toaster available you can make snacks and small meals if you do not wish to venture out in the evenings. Even just chill out around here in the woods and fields,by a stream.You dont even have to go that far, enjoy sitting in the garden listening to the birds,reading a book Enjoying that bottle of wine you treated yourself to. We are happy to help should you wish for a food delivery to arrive in time so you can make your own supper,snacks and small meals. There is a barbecue too for those more adventurous souls if you choose. A cooked breakfast, all comes in with the price so no need to worry about that. The Star in Harome has reopened its doors after that terrible fire and once again serving delicious meals . Michelin starred with a very reasonable market menu 3 course meal for £30 which I had for my birthday and very good it was too ,as well as their a la carte menu. Across the field from us is Wass Farm and you can buy delicious charcuterie. . Jack is busy with his dogs and Minty who a lot of you have meet or seen on facebook is his shadow. There is a saying if only the dog could talk … She makes friends with anyone who will give her the time of day and enjoys all the attention. We are busy working and in the early stages of bringing a walled garden on the farm back to its former glory.There were poplars tree which were hollow in the middle so had to come down which was a shame but necessary. Surprisingly they are putting up green shoots from the bottom again. By our Christmas newsletter hopefully will be able to tell you more exciting things and who we are working with and what we can offer in 2024. Wass Grange and its walled garden overlooks Byland Abbey. You can tread the route that the monks walked many centuries before. Grange is the word for a granary and this historically is an outlaying farm belonging to a monastery or feudal Lord. A large country house and when I googled a bit more the motto of the Grange Movement-USA- from the 1800s was “We have always welcomed and invited people of all races,creeds,religions and nationalities ". My grandmother did this in the 1920s and 30s and here we are 100 years on doing the same. We have a good relationship with Castle Howard as we continue to work together with local businesses. For guests staying with us we are able to offer a reduction in entrance costs. To get you in the Christmas spirit they will be open from mid November with their spectacular Christmas event. Also as we would really love you to experience a gastronomical experience at Andrew Pern’s The Star at Harome, we offer complimentary travel to get you there - Arrangements can be made with a local taxi firm for your return journey.