Thursday 19 October 2017

Adam Jackson - what can I say ...

I have always been a fan of Adam Jackson since he first won a Michelin Star ,when he worked at the Black Swan in Oldstead .

There are not many chefs around who are as friendly and approachable as Adam. He is one of the 'Good Guys'. He works 6 days a week ,is totally in love with the world and despite the knock backs he has faced along the way, is still creating plates of moreish-ness that would send the most critical of critics drooling into their food.

This was the ideal place to take a wine connoisseur, who had just returned from France and rubs shoulders with the likes of Heston Blumenthal. I want a place to impress and I know I made the right choice.

The Park Restaurant is tucked away down a leafy street near St Peter's School in York. Just off Bootham, but within a stones throw of the hub of the City. Add the beauty of free and safe parking .
We were looked after by the lovely Mary -who was so proud of her job and took great pride in explaining not only 8 courses of delicious eye catching, mouth watering ---drool even more, food but of the wine flight too. A grand Yorkshire lass who is a credit to her boss, Adam Jackson. I have a feeling they work together which is are these days as chefs who hold the golden ladle often get above their station.

I can only show you the menu ,take photographs of the food ,rave about the flavours the little hidden hits of wagyu beef fat , the perfectly paired Jerusalem Artichoke with the Chardonnay - Adam and Mary had got this all so right. The intensity of the blackberries was truly scrumptious. ...
And how I love bread, you all know how much I love bread -give me my Daily bread and butter and I am happy .This bread was not just for mere mortals it was fit for a King - and the 14 ingredient butter it just an explosion that you could just class as an early Christmas present to your taste buds. Tonka bean dessert... - I must go back to telling you about the Bass - perfectly cooked, perfectly dressed, a sauce I could swim in.  Sorry no photo of the fish I had nearly demolished before I thought to take a photo -that is how good it was.Carried away by the whole excitement of perfectly cooked ,enhanced with the accomplishments to bring it all alive.
The hours and hours Adam must spend prepping the food, making the sauce, the veloutes ,the eye catching bits and bobs. You can only thank the Heavens for stars - Adam , Little Mary and the beautiful experience they create.

Why tell me why, Mr Michelin Star, have you not found Adam Jackson and his Park Restaurant and blesses him with the stars he deserved.

Friday 13 October 2017

On our doorstep -the Black Swan at Oldstead

Brilliant - amazing news, can't believe it has happened so near to us. The Black Swan in Oldstead is only 3 miles from us here at Carr House Farm. So what the Banks family must be making of it all I can't start to imagine.
I have known the Banks lads since they were young as their mum was in the same farm bed and breakfast group that I was in many years ago. They went to the White Swan in Ampleforth to earn pocket money when they were at school and lived on a farm but one, next to Jacks family farm home. Then their parents bought a pub ...and the rest is history. There has been TV for Tommy, retaining a Michelin star and now the biggest explosion ever.

No the gas cooker hasn't blown up - something far more exciting than that ... Trip Advisor has named the Black Swan in Oldstead as the Best Restaurant in the WORLD. Everyone in the area are so pleased for the family.
It will be interesting to see how this all evolves . We hope Tommy will not be wooed away to the bright lights of London too often.  It is a family business and they look to growing their own produce or indeed source from local suppliers to supply meat, game and cheese.
The lamb which has become so famous comes from Cams Head Farm which joins on to Oldstead Grange . It features on the cover of Tommy's Book which comes out next year.
When my son was bathing his little girls last night a phone message from Tommy - he would be wanting more venison- they must be getting busy ! I wonder how long it will be before my back garden beauties will be ending up on the plates in the Best Restaurant in the World .

Sunday 1 October 2017

The NEW Hotel Inspectors....

Dont need hotel inspectors when you have 3 glorious grandchildren.
For 90 minutes they made sure everything was up to scratch. Blinds went up and down at rapid speeds,curtains were pulled back and forth. Lights were switched on and off. Beds were not too hard -the jumping technique was used . Beds were crawled under - no dust there. Pillows didn't lose their feathers in pillow fights Every cupboard and drawer was opened. The teapot was tested with cold tea and sugar sachets then were poured in to cups and served to onlookers. The toilet rolls ran smoothly, the soap smell fine, the hand cream was even better. There was enough room in the showers to dance. Mirrors worked well as they admired themselves.
They charge a mini chocolate roll per inspection for Grannies and recommended that this should be a fortnightly event .
Can thoroughly recommend.