Monday 14 November 2016

Sunday 6 November 2016

Friday 4 November 2016

Rascills at Raskelf --No tricks just treats.

A breathe of fresh air and a large lick of paint has transformed what was the Purple Partridge into Rascills . I must say I did like the giant teapot which used to stand out but this lovely young couple, Richard and Lindsey Johns don't need a teapot to entice people in .

Recommendation does it for me after they did any amazing job down "'Ull way' at their award winning Artisan restaurant in Hessle. Richard has spent some months this year helping his mate,Andrew Pern out at one of his starry places in York .

They are now nicely settled just off the A19 and not too far away from us so guest who stay with us will have another choice in store. And Richard's beef which is mouth watering to write about and even more so to taste, along with the rest of the food he creates.

So it is time for you to take a look at their website

 Tues,Wed and Thursday- an a la carte menu , Friday and Saturday - a tasting menu and the last Sunday in every month - Sunday Lunch.

For those of you who know Jack I can tell you what he will be going for it is Richards Chateaubriand and thrice cooked chips ...he will fore go the red wine sauce but more for me and will probably have the giants half of the beast.  Tasting menus are not Jack's scene as he tends to fall asleep half way. Especially now it is the shooting season and he is out all day, when he comes into the warmth and has a drink or three its goodnight from Jack. So give the baby his steak and let him get to bed.

My "plate of buffet" that we were treated to.
 Even a selection of drinks for me ....
 Jack drank all the red ...Not really surprised are you ?  so there was only white to show you but some very pleasant ones so I was told.

Richard and Lindseys hall of fame .... Yes Hull's angels, your eyes are not playing tricks

And our super hosts for the evening .

Quite apt that I wrote this blog on Mischief Night ,so time to be a little rascal and book a table on with them on 01347 822031.