Wednesday 27 April 2016

Friday 22 April 2016

Thursday 14 April 2016

Monday 4 April 2016

New Potatoes and Mint

My Dad is having a race with two other gardeners to see who can be the first to get new potatoes and home made mint sauce on the table first.
He is 93 now and loves his garden. He has had Jack over to cut the lawns and my jobs are listed !  He has planted his sweet peas and tomato plants which he grows from last years fruit. I wish I could be as good as he is. He is ahead of the others to date. .....oh and the rhubarb needs some straw on it .

Saturday 2 April 2016

Harrods of the North

For years Barkers of Northallerton has been dubbed by locals as Harrods of the North . Personally I think it is better than Harrods,at least you can park just outside for free. They have just had a relaunch of their furniture shop on the outskirts of town and went along to take a look. It is now called Barkers HOME . Now here I would have been happy to spend a lot longer than an hour ,they have a coffee shop too. So here is another place you can wander if the weather turns a bit grim or you just need to shop . There is so much to love here and I took a few photos to show you what caught my eye. And what is more it is on TWO levels !

New Season - New suite

This year has found me wandering about in Barkers new store in Northallerton. As much as I have loved my green chesterfield in the guests lounge I guess I had to put it into retirement in our own room . I will never part with it but it was getting rather more to look at and not to sit on. It was hand made in York by a company called Hamilton Ross who don't exist any more ...if only they did I have thought so many time.  I bought it around the time Nicholas was born 36 years ago and in those days you got maternity allowance to buy baby items . That is where the money went. Babies don't need new, they need something that will do . The pram he had, had been used by not only my mother to wheel me about as a baby but the hen to hatch a clutch of chickens and possible the cat to have her kittens. I dusted it from where it had been kept in the granary and Nicholas was put in it ..... Anyway back to the settee. It was going hard to find something to equal my chesterfield. There was so many to choose from ... so many choices . Barkers is just this amazing store....  Finally I have chosen a red buffalo leather one it came with chairs too. So next time you come to see us you will have a very swish settee to sit on.