Sunday 22 November 2009

Thanks to Shane of

A big thank you to Shane of who has had so much patience with me designing my new website.I am really pleased with the results and hope it will be easier for you to read all about us. There are lots of new photographs and the lay out is very clean cut. Don't miss the new shopping page. For living out in the sticks as a lot of people think we have some wonderful shops on our doorstep -plus a few more strides. So if you still have Christmas gifts to buy and cant decide these may give you some inspiration.

Saturday 14 November 2009

Trip to Marrakesh

Just been away for a few days to Marrakesh and it was delightful. I and my faithful black Jaegar jeans have now been to all 5 continents. It is the most wonderful place to go to see the sights ,shop and enjoy the warm weather within 3 hours flight time from England. We were very lucky to have chosen Ron Ciccone's Riad Hayati. With around 400 places to stay I think fate was on my side choosing this place. It was a marvellous experience and would recommend the Riad -from the accommodation to the food to the friendliness there was nothing to fault. We were within minutes of the hustle and bustle of the Djemaa el Fna and the famous Souks but returned to enjoy the roof top garden and views to the Atlas Mountains.We also had breakfast up here and watched the birds flying round and round in the sky getting ready to migrate.In fact there was quite a lots of little singing birds around. The flowers were beautiful and of course there was an abundance of roses which filled the air with a scented aroma. The spices and incense adding to the mystic and reality that it was a very different and pleasant land.

Wednesday 4 November 2009

The Sinnington Hunt came to catch a fox but it got away..

The Sinnington Hunt met at Wass today and it wasnt long before there was about 30 on horse back with 6 in pinks making a colourful sight riding through the fields They behaved well as sometime I think they are their own worst enemy as when some of those riders get up on their high horses they think they are better than everyone else. Today they were a well mannered crowd and didnt do too much damage riding over the fields even though the rain had made it very wet underfoot.They disturbed a fox very quickly and it was full tally -ho. The fox of course got away as I feel they usually do.We just hope that it will not be coming to get our poultry tonight.

My Uncle - Frederick Lupton

Fred as we all knew him was born on St Valentines Day 1917 and died peacefully on October 17th 2009
He was my uncle,great uncle to Nicholas and great great uncle to little Rubi-Sue. Thanks to
Peter Rymer who spoke at his funeral telling people about his life and what he had done over the years. Everyone who came in contact will remember him as a hard working farmer-A Yorkshireman through and through who had the most amazing memory-right to the very end. He lived all his life at Wass Grange -he once went out of Yorkshire to buy a Clydesdale filly but was back home again before the day was out. A character, the old resident of Wass, a fine horseman, expert moler, a keen shoot. There wasnt much that went on locally that he didnt know about. He stopped driving his tractor when he was 89,but was still doing the bookkeeping this year at the age of 92 and kept us all on our toes .In September when my Dad was off to Scotland to buy sheep it was Fred reminding him to take the cheque book and you dont forget the holding number. A legend and will be sadly missed.