Saturday 26 April 2014

Monday 21 April 2014

Lunch Out...

Tricia and I went into Whitby to take the jet I had found to get made into a piece to hand round my neck. We left the chunk at the Black Market.Time had flown, it was lunch time. We were disappointed as we went to La Rosa - a place I had wanted to eat at for a long time. The board outside showed they were open but they couldn't feed us so we head out of Whitby to Raithwaite Hall where we had both been before. The mushroom risotto was delicious. It was quite busy and we had a lovely waiter from nearby Hinderwell.It is so nice to be served by young local people, so top marks Rathwaite for that. We shared an assiette of sweets but the risotto was the winner for me. It made for a very pleasant couple of hours

Matthew Asquith and his amazing smoked fish

and not forgetting his lovely talented wife Vicky. When I was up at Staithes I popped in to buy some fish and came out with more than a pair of kippers. I found out about Vicky last year when she was featured in the Yorkshire Post with a full front cover. Interesting to read how their business has flourished. Hard work is something that has brought them this success. Always cheerful this couple know more than most about how to smoke fish and buying the best quality of local catches you will never be disappointed. Here you see salmon waiting to be smoked and doesn't it look delicious

The fields are coming alive

The hardy sheep winter out in the fields and some breeds fo cattle like the Highlands with their shaggy coats.Milk cows are housed for the winter months. It was always and exciting time on the farm when I was a child on the day that they left the cows out. It was time for them to stretch their legs ,feel the spring grass under their feet and hopefully feel the warmth of the sunshine on the backs. As I was travelling up towards the Hole of Horecum on the Moors I noticed these cows which would have just come out of the milk palour and turned out for the day . If it had been the first day they would have looked more like the cow which jumped over the moon.

Thursday 17 April 2014

Networking at the Fauconberg Arms

Another networking event organised for Yo61ners by Jo Burgess and Rupert Smith of Smith the Printers in Easingwold turned out to be a successful evening in more than one way. It was sponsered by Supanet Broadband who donated the wine which dare I admit I won .This is getting a bit embaressing now as this is the 3rd time I have won.I must say I have handed one of the previous prices back.I loved the wooden case with the 3 litres of very nice Italian wine I wanted to keep it. That said it will make a lovely and useful doorstop. Mine host,Simon Rheinberg and his lovely wife,our tea and coffee hostess were on hand . Simon holding tight to the wine. The teatime spread of food was delicious. I have had many a funeral tea there and it simple can't be beaten. It is only 3+miles from here so guests can soon be there to enjoy this old inn which is part of the Newburgh Estate. It was good to see so many people there. It has long been a water hole of Jack and his friends. I like the fact that they always seem to be going that extra mile -putting on events and entertaining and some very tasty meals I think the next one is a St George'e night meal. The family are very community spirited and now run the village shop to which is situated behind the pub.

Wednesday 9 April 2014

A Real Day out with Real Staithes

I have been promising myself for a long time that I would go on a foraging coastal course with Real Staithes. The stars of Real Staithes are Tricia,Sean,Thomas and Luke not forgetting Tiff. Tiff is their sheepdog. Last Tuesday I got my wish. A perfect day the sun shone, the sea was blue and I found the biggest piece of jet. Not only did I learn lots about fossils,seaweed, coastal birds and the rich heritage of this coastline but also what has gone on through the ages.Le Grande Finals was a feast created by Tricia which was more than delicious. I have never seen so many lobsters before. There was six other people on the course as well as myself and I am sure they were as full of praise for it as I am .I really don't think the website description does it justice. I got so much pleasure from my day out that I would love my guests to partake in it too I am offering any guests who stays with us and books to go on a Real Staithes day out a complimentary bottle of wine from us to take with them to enjoy with the lobster lunch.

Pascal in Pickering

Craig Nattress of Welcome to Yorkshire through Visit Ryedale was on the ball when he recruited Pascal Fintori.Here I got a sneakie photo of Craig taking the floor. His presentation was about Rediscovering Online Marketing. It is always good to be keep up to speed with these tips and listening to a different point of view and angle. As we waited to go in to the session my eye caught this beautiful collage which depicts Pickering and will have taken hours to make. We had a great lunch but unfortunately it was very cold as they had forgotten it is only April and the sunshine which was trying to warm us up had to be shut out so we could see the screen.

Friday 4 April 2014

Em and the Art Centre

Yes,Helmsley has its very own Arts Centre. It was the Friends Meeting House in a past life .Tucked away from the bustle of the market square down a little side street on the way down to the Post Office. For years it has been run by a merry band of volunteers .Time has moved on and in come Em Whitfield Brooks. I like her attitude -she is dynamic and also talented. You only have to google her to find out all about her. Passionate about the Arts Centre is what strikes you first. A business head too. We were kindly invited along to an open evening and a tour back stage before a "live" performance of War Horse. I love these sort of tours you feel you get to nkow about the running of the place far better then to see the polished peformance. Wednesday night in cinema night and live acts are available to be booked on-line before you come to stay. It is no good waiting until you get here as the Arts centre is a very popular local attraction too. With a good choice of eating places in Helmsley it makes for an enjoyable eveing out