Saturday 30 June 2018

Have you been to Goddard's

Or for that matter do you know where it is or what it is ....
I had an invite the other week from Visit York to go and see Goddards for myself.
Noel Terry wanted to create a comfortable family home close to the chocolate works for Kathleen, his wife and his four children: Peter, Kenneth, Betty and Richard. This gorgeous hand crafted house was finished in 1927. Discover quotes and memories from the family threaded throughout the house on your visit.
 It was of special interest to me as some years ago now I heard the story of the farm where the milk was sent to York to the chocolate factory and that there were two little cottages which are very arts and craft were where the milk maids lived.
We were treated to a wonderful lunch and a tour of the house but what was stunning was the lily pond in front of the house and the amazing gardens. Very intimate gardens that seemed to go on and on complete with vegetable garden,greenhouse and orchard. 
Truly a lovely place to spend time away from the hustle and the bustle of the City.
It is now owned by the National Trust ,so you need to visit their website for more details. 
Shame my visit had not been later in the year as I love doing a Hyacinth Bucket and bringing a few seeds home .With great intention of planting them I dont think I have ever grown anything yet ! Her you see Sue from Visit York Biz and the girls from Bishops enjoying lunch on the terrace and photographs I took around the gardens 

Friday 8 June 2018