Thursday 17 February 2011

Louise deserves an OBE- Yummy Mummy

"Just a bite of supper to celebrate Jack's 21st very low key " she said.Low key it may have been but grand it was- in the most deserving sense. I can truly say I have never ever had food like it. I dreamt about it and will drool for ever more. Lasagne and chocolate pudding but this was no ordinary lasagne and certain no ordinary chocolate pudding served up by the ever gracious Louise.. Around the kitchen table 8 of us gathered.Chandelier overhead decked with burning candles. 4 oldies and 4 young whipper snapppers. Interesting conversation to say the least.The candles were lit and the champagne was poured as we tucked into starters of smoked salmon,parma ham and melon served up with lovely ciabatti bread straight from the Aga.Butter- not just any butter -Brittany butter the sort with the little gritty lumps of seas salt in.I must confess I am not a lasagne person but this was delicious Topped not with stodgy cheese sauce but low fat creme fraiche with grated cheese on top. Cinnamon and nutmeg had been added to the meat tickling our taste buds. Then the grand finale Louise is very open with her recipes but this one I am keeping to myself topped with raspberries and rose flavoured cream custard. There was not a scrap left and here you see the birthday boy having the scrapping of the bowl. The world is these young lads oysters but I bet they never forget this birthday meal where ever they may sail to in their life.

Sunday 13 February 2011

Saturday night ....

We all gathered up at the White Horse in Ampleforth last night for an early St Valentines meal.And Tony Fawcett unveiled his photo of a surfer which he claimed was him.the photo is in the window at the end of the table He was just a few stone lighter in the picture and had a healthy head of hair too. However we all had a good and late night.Morning came to quickly for us oldies. We all had creamy garlic mushrooms to begin with. which was superb.Followed by a variety of main courses and lots of red wine. Tony who was obviously trying to keep that svelte surfboarding figure of his, had polished off a Chinese take away when he got home along with some more red wine.His children had brought home this earlier in the evening and he had not wanted to disappoint them by not eating it.
Hoping everyone gets a card from someone special tomorrow.Apologises if I haven't being blogging as often as usual but we are busy as the season is getting into full swing again. I planted over 500 bulbs this last week. The new bathroom is coming along nicely but there are things to get organised and paint brushes are being brandished. Jack has taken over with looking after the pups which are adorable but I am getting ready with the paperwork etc for them to go to their new homes soon..

Tuesday 8 February 2011

Yorkshire Pride .....

These smiling faces,Susie Brindley and Kim Broderick, were today in Pickering to run a course for on Yorkshire Pride.Staff from Castle Howard and Dalby Forest,caravan parks and self catering along with myself listened with interest to what the girls had to say.Ideas were all put in the melting pot. Interesting social and economic history snippets were divulged and spoken about. We had to say in our own words how we would sum Yorkshire up in a sentence. My answer "green,friendly and it is my home" Hard to condense into one sentence when books by the score have been written about it. From the whole room what did come through was the sense of pride we have for our county.Jack already has a "Y" badge which are given to ambassadors for the county. Today I came back with a smaller "Y" but which I will wear with just as much pride

Sunday 6 February 2011

Tony Fawcett and his invisible Scarbados surfing experience...

Tony and Liz went over to Scarborough this weekend.He said he was going to go surfing.Obviously with all the winds, we are experiencing, the sea would be very rough . Only the most fearless would be taking to the water and Tony Tyrone would be one of them. I have my suspicions though. For those of you who know Tony he does not look for walking the walk on the catwalks of Versace and Armani any more.He found this lifestyle was far too over rated.He is more rounded and grounded than that these days. I overhead him telling the tale when he donned his wet suit and stood under the showers to get his hair wet.Then walked down from their apartment which overlooks North Bay down to the water. Surf board under his arm . Had a paddle around and then climbed back up the hill. What a great story.What a great guy. So any photos that you may have taken this weekend of Tony riding the surf would be much appreciated. A hefty reward is the order of the day.

The Hare at Scawton...

was where we went to eat to celebrate our wedding anniversary on Friday night.Jacks not very good on dates and loves to wind me up.Telling his friends we were going out for my birthday. Good job I know him -less we might not be celebrating another year. He said he thought it was about 53 years I ask you -that would have made me a very young child bride -all of 2 years old. As usual the food was delicious. We are very disappointed to hear that it is up for sale. Geoff is now busy with his cheese souffles . I hope the new people keep the staff on as they are really very pleasant and hospitable.

Wednesday 2 February 2011

A touch of the Caribbean

As we wait for the light nights and sun to arrive we are bombarded with where to go on holiday. With the unrest in the world a lot of people are thinking of holidaying in this country.Jack thinks stay at home here in Yorkshire as there is no where better. Most of the time I agree but he doesn't cook the meals. This takes me back to 3 years ago when we went to the West Indies. They use a lot of fruit there and we ate this very simple but tasty dessert. Melt butter and demerara sugar in a pan,add a good helping of rum. Add diced fresh pineapple and sliced bananas. As quickly as you can say Robinson Crusoe your taste buds are whisked away to the Caribbean.