Saturday 29 June 2013

What a pretty wedding

A few photos of the day when Emily Thompson became Mrs Slingsby and Andy Slingsby was a bachelor no longer. We attend the evening reception of Andy and Emily who have since gone off in their camper van to spend their honeymoon at Glastonbury. It was such a pretty wedding and I can only describe the colour theme as sweet pea colours.There was so many different ideas that they had used to create such a different day . An ice cream stall was outside. To my delight on the bar was a basket filled with bars of chocolate.I promise I only had one a Wispa bar. Bunting decked the marque.We got them some mugs with a bunting theme on as I guessed right that Emily would go for this vintage look. The camper van was set up you could go into it and record a message of good wishes to them -all their young friends were lined up to do just this . There was the biggest cheese board I had ever seen. And the music was great, all those dances you could dance to- well Pip Garbutt's band was playing so you could expect it to a good time. One of the photos is of Ann -Emily's mum with Kitty Greenly who is looking good for 92.

It is all APP ening....

Herriot's Yorkshire and the World of James Herriot have recently made an APP. I am not into APPs as even though I write a blog ,have over 3300 followers on Twitter as @CarrHouseFarm and can change small detail on both Jacks and my own website Apps have somewhat evaded my world. I don't have a fancy phone but a lot of people do have and I understand that Apps are the trendy thing to do and this one is for free -so it can't be bad. The contents look amazing and if you search you will find I am on here too. Photo 3 -Sam Chaudry was the operation man behind it all.Fully supported by-Photo 4 - Ian Ashton - a director of the World of James Herriot attraction. As of it's name sake both Rosie Page and Jim Wight's -Alf Wights children were there to endorse this. The launch was held at the carpenters Arms at Felixkirk and we had lot of nice canap├ęs. As usual The CA always put on a good spread. John Beresford was there from Visit Britain and the local MP. Photo 1-Jessica Barker stood up and made a very commendable speech and looked stunning as always. Who would have believed her when she said half and hour before she was cleaning her self catering cottages. I do she is such a trooper. I think her words were -it makes a nice change for cleaning toilets !. I took my friend Shirley Nicholls and we meet up with Jane who runs Treasure trails in North Yorkshire who also stood up and spoke about her work. David Shields was there representing Welcome to Yorkshire and you can see him catching up in 2nd photo with David Crocker. Then after a couple of hours it was for us all heading back nose to the grindstone.

Friday 21 June 2013

Sam Sam the Lobster Man

We had pleasure the other week of having Sam Cornee come to stay with us. He was from France ,from a farm which produced lots of fruit and vegetables. Every Sunday his family go to sell their crops at Lille market. Sam came to us through WWOOFERS -the worldwide organisation of Organic farming . Now you can get good and bad helpers but Sam was top of the tree. Unfortunately he was only with us for a week -the last leg of his 6 month trip in the UK and was then heading home. On his last day I took him up to Staithes where Tricia and Sean Hutchinson live. They own a boat and their business is called Real Staithes. The sea was like a millpond as we set sail to fish for bait for the lobster pots. Alas there were no fish to be found.The lobster pots though had to be pull up. Not any easy task and it makes you appreciated how much work goes into getting a lobster on to your plate. Sam always the willing worker pulled the lobster pots up. There was 10 in all. Alas although there were about 20 lobsters none of them were bigger enough so they all went back into the water to grow a bit more. I hadn't quite got my sea legs so took the easy option and sat down as we went between the pots. Sean's boat is available for hire throughout the year to people wishing to go out on fishing trips

YO61ners at the Oak Tree Helperby

A lot of work goes into arranging these events. Jo Burgess along with Rupert Smith have set on to make these networking events a success and a benefit I feel to anyone in business. The host this time was the Oak Tree at Helperby and a glorious evening turned into into a indoor /outdoor event too .Here you see David Shields who is our main stay of the area for Welcome to Yorkshire with Jo Burgess to the right of him. David crocker was there and catching up with David. His support of local business has been very generous. Simon Wainwright of ETC who I have known all his life. He has a thriving electrical business along with a bathroom display area in Easingwold . Surrounded by women he looked to be enjoying himself but business was foremost in the go getter mind.His business also stock the most amazing array of bathroom accessories which even in a time when purse strings are tight makes it so much easier to treat yourselves. Keren -www.TheFlowerShopEasingwold was there from The Flower Shop. It is years since I have seen her. I am going to go along this coming week as I need so flowers for the Ampleforth Flowere festival. Better known to me as Keren Jackson, the vets daughter,she is now married to Paul Redshaw a local builder, who had one of the wildest stag parties at Ayr races that I can remember. They now have 3 children. She is just as dynamic and enthusiastic as ever and very passionate about her flower shop business. I also meet a lady from Hustwaite who I didn't know existed Jane Cluley,who does yoga amongst other things.very talented and very modest.

Trip out to Filey

My Dad has been very poorly again but with dear Dr Mechie's help he has rallied. It is 11 year since my Mum and dad went to the seaside together. I was really pleased to get them to Filey the other day. The weather has a bit on the cool side but they were well wrapped up and enjoyed watching the boats come in with their catches. They tucked into fish and chips from Inghams which they thoroughly enjoyed. We had to call at Yates in Malton on the way back to buy some washers for a pig water trough. Even on a day off my Dad was still thinking of what had to be done on the farm