Wednesday 25 January 2012

What you all been waiting to hear....

The Sparkling Breakfast Party was a terrific success.When I look back it has taken 3 months out of my life. I have had huge learning curves. Dipped into every corner of organising skill I have ever built up . Used every ounce of strength and stamina in my body. It may not have helped that I was up at 3am for the last 4 days working 18 hour days and forgot to take my blood pressure tablets. I had invaluable support down the phone from Christine Ryder -a veteran of such events. Louise Craig made the food ideas straightforward to whom I am eternally gratefully.Shirley for running the bar and making moutains of money.Phil Nicholls for doing lots of unseen work,making my life a lot easier. Susan my friend of 40plus years who kept me sane on the day when I couldn't find 2 shoes to match out of 50 pairs and all Jack could say as I was tearing my hair out in the kitchen -"Where's my cuff links"
Tina and James from Barclay's Bank kindly helped and donated their day for the YAA
It was a rip roaring success thanks to "too many to mentions"- donations of food ,drink,auction lots and raffle prizes.The venue had to be changed to holding it in Wass Viilage Hall as so many people wanted to come . In the end over £7200 was raised for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.Enough money to keep 2 helicopters in the air for a day. It was the most money every raised in the 10 year history of the YAA at a breakfast event.Phillip Place known to many for his dry wit entertained the bidders at the 42 lot auction. Henry Wharton the British,Commonwealth and European Super middleweight boxer drew the raffle making it a knockout event. Beautiful work was auctioned and also more pieces were on view by the talented artist Fiona Scott and jewellery from Wild Rose Glass -Judith Gill.
Around 100 people came to enjoy the breakfast party which was wonderful.I choose not to heard musings of "and when you do it again next year". I may have raised £7200 which is good.When my Dad said he was proud of me that is priceless. After all it was him who came up with the brainwave of an auction.

Wednesday 18 January 2012

When Henry Wharton meet Gary Verity- both men know how to pack a powerful punch

...One from a boxing ring ,the other as chairman of Welcome to Yorkshire,Today I had pleasure in introducing Henry Wharton to Gary Verity at York race course. We were there not to have a flutter on the horses but to listen to an address by The Secretary of State for Culture,Olympics,Media and Sport event RT Hon Jeremy Hunt MP. And what a nice chap he was- he sounded to really like Yorkshire -hopefully this was not just political talk. He spoke about Yorkshire very warmly and all that we had to offer. He had stayed in God's Own County on more than one occasion previously.
Gary was sporting a very colourful tie apparently a masterpiece of his daughter Lily. So maybe in a few years time we will be talking more of Lily Verity than Hockney. MP Hunt spoke how lucky we are to have Gary Verity working for us all and don't we know it. I am really looking forward to the Y12 which is going to be held at the Barbican in York in March.
Henry Wharton, the super middleweight British,Commonwealth and European Champion is opening a boxing gym and fitness centre in York very soon. It all sounds very exciting.Today Henry was accompanied by his charming wife Amanda who is just as enthusiatic about this new venture as he is.

Sunday 15 January 2012

Valentines Day

After I saw a display in a shop recently I realised St Valentines Day is not so far away. Time to choose a card before they get picked over.It is now the time to start to think about what you are going to do for St Valentines. What better idea than come to our brilliant little part of North Yorkshire. Sleep in one of our romantic 4 poster bedrooms.Take your loved one out to eat at one of the renown eating places that we have nearby.Borrow one of our dogs to take for a walk.You will have brownie points for the rest of the year from your Valentine.

This kitten doesnt need a pillar

Geronimo had a near escape yesterday when he came across one of the dogs for the first time. He turned tail and scrambled up on to the porch roof and then up on to the house roof. With a lot of persuading he came down. Since then he hasn't ventured out preferring to spend his time laid in front of the fire. Here you see him being a pillow for his sister.

York and its Minster

Not often I get into York city centre but nipped in the other day. The shops and streets were very quiet and I managed to get my shopping done in ease. Couldn't believe how quick 2 hours went by. Maybe it would have been a good idea to use the park and ride which is easy to find coming from Ampleforth.Certainly worth using the bus if you are going to spend more than a couple of hours there. I could have happily spent twice the time there and that was just window shopping .The Art Gallery is free and so is the Railway Museum. The Minster however many times I see it never cease to maze me.The sun was shining so brightly on the stonework showing up the intricate detail.With the brilliant blue sky it made for a picture postcard.

Friday 13 January 2012

Topsy Turvy World..

2012 -Is Winter late or Spring early. Is nature creating a new season and never told anyone. At the top of the photo you see holly and at the bottom daffodils. There is now quite a row of daffodils out as you go into Wass. The lions head gushes with water into a trough that was put there years ago by Newburgh Estate

Peru - No this is North Yorkshire

I thought the back drop and colours of these photos were amazing.No it isn't some far off land. It is here in North Yorkshire although it may look rather like a landscape in Peru. It was taken in one of our fields in front of the farmhouse looking back to the hills. It is a different view to what you would normally look at. These woods carry on to the right and the house in snuggled down at the bottom of them. Yes it is a llama that you see.

Sunday 1 January 2012

Boxing Day

Another big day in our calender when Jack's friend has a team of guns shoot at Newburgh. I went as well as I want to get some photos of the dogs working.It is a really nice day and everyone is in good spirits.Here you see Jack happy to get back out in the fresh air.Everyone seems to enjoy this day to walk off Christmas indulgences. Tara and Rollo are on standby until the guns stop shooting.I went along the hedgerows picking some really plump sloes. I was surprised to see them as it is getting very late for them now.I bought Jack a new game bag for Christmas and so it got christened. Tara did a prefect retrieve bringing a shot partridge off the water.Home to watch Kauto Star win the King George -what a horse that is. Afterwards we went to the White Swan in Ampleforth. Another wonderful meal although I was wise and refrained from drinking the port. I bet there was a few more who should have thought like me when they woke up the next morning.

Christmas Day

The stag even gets decorated at the farm . My dad did a marvellous job of decorating the Christmas tree up to the top of the stepladder to put the decorations on. The main farmhouse was built in 1881,the ceilings are over 10 foot high. The tree hit the ceiling so it was a fair feat to decorate it.We all did our bit towards getting the dinner ready. Thanks to John Teal for supplying a really plump bird.Vegetables from the garden and even some new potatoes my Dad had grown in the greenhouse.I watched Santa at bang on 12.30am start delivering presents in London via I rushed to bed. Well he doesn't come it you are awake does he?. Jack gave me a 2 strings of pearls. Not to be outdone the kittens got collars. Mini Ha Ha got pearls too and Geronimo a black collar with little jewels on.Here you see them laid out baking in front of the fire.