Saturday 31 January 2009

We have been recommended......

This morning we received a letter from the Times newspaper telling us that our establishment is recommended in the first edition of THE TIMES BEST OF THE BEST COUNTY GUIDES.What a good start to 2009 for us.
We would like to thank THE TIMES for including us and for letting more people know about us.

Wednesday 21 January 2009

Stanbrook Abbey

The new Stanbrook Abbey is been built just over a mile from here.We understand that it will be finished by March 2009 . This is very interesting for us as my great-uncle farmed there many years ago when it was called Crieff Farm.We have already had guests stay with us who are involved and have an interest in the Abbey and hope in the future to welcome many more.
A peaceful retreat from the stress of modern life.
We welcome our guests to walk through our fields and the woodland to get from here to the Abbey.You may like to go alone listening to the birdsong and catch the occasional glimpse of a deer on the way or take one of our dogs with you on your walk.Looking down to see wood smoke curling from the chimmeys in the village of Wass below.A field further along you will see the spectacular ruins of Byland Abbey.

Saturday 17 January 2009

The Laceys,Wass and Yorkshire Sounds.

Over the New Year I meet up with the Laceys from Wass.They told me of all the exciting things they are involved in. We discussed it not over the kitchen table but in their delightful Kota-the orginal ones where used by the Lappish farmers for shelter for their reindeer.Tony and Linda have theirs in the garden overlooking the stream but minus the reindeer.It is very warm and welcoming if not magical.Around the Kota, Linda has made clay holders,little houses to put candles in all beautifully decorated.Maybe if you are lucky you could persuade her to sell you one. They have websites you may be interested in having a look at do have some of their CDs of Sounds around Byland -guests who are staying with us may like to buy a copy to take home.
Also which tells you about our village and what is going on. A lot happens here for such a small village . Tony with his violin-making and Linda with her story telling - She acts as promoter for the Traditional Arts Team .Linda has been busy making another CD for you-Stories with a touch of Magic-.
Also Exmoor ponies are here in Wass for the winter -a rare delight to see.

Friday 2 January 2009

Keiko Igata

Keiko Igata is a well-known writer in Japan, and we had the pleasure of her staying with us just before Christmas with her photographer,Seiichi Taguchi.After sampling my home-made cakes, we are to be featured in her new book which comes out in May. Apparently Keiko has written books over the years for the publishing company Mr Partner -for real life. and has stayed at over 100 places.Her comment in our visitors book was very complimentary -British no 1 farmhouse and great people! *****[cakes,bed].We are looking forward to seeing the book as there was lots of photographs taken even if we cant read the script.The book will also take in Wensleydale Cheese,the Settle to Carlisle Railway ,and Haworth -home of the Brontes and also the Yorkshire coast.