Sunday 24 February 2013

A New Business -Ampleforth Business Concierge

For those of me who know me very well you remember we used to have a sign near the front door which said "You don't have to be mad to live here,but if you do it help".Now that was left here by the people who lived here many moons again. My dad always says how true it is. I would say I have more of a creative mind and on better days than Sunday -a vivid imagination. I have now set up a business should anyone need any help with marketing or ideas on how to get more public awareness and haven't got time to do it for themselves. The business I have named it Ampleforth Business Concierge, as simple as that A,B,C. I am often getting asked on how people should do this, that and the other from setting up a Twitter account to promoting their business into the big wide world. So here I offer friendly advice and help. Previously I have done all this for free. Free - unfortunately doesn't pay the bills so I am charging a fair value hourly rate. It can be so much fun to get your business noticed. I don't admit to being able to help in every aspect of your business that is why my business name included the word Concierge.If I cant do it you can rest assured I will pass you over to someone who does. Please get in touch on 01347 868526 .The first steps to making your first million.

Spring is on the way near the Holbeck

We are lucky to have a stream which runs at the bottom of the garden and then down through our fields for about 3/4 of a mile.To us it is called a beck to other the Holbeck. When I was a child I used to tickle trout in it with my Dad. It is surprising what wild life there is still in it . But why not take deck chair from the house and go and sit beside it as it is so peaceful . Even if the weather is still a bit on the chilly side you can wrap up well and the very tenderest of you can fill a hot water bottle. Even after a short time near the stream you will feel very refreshed with life. A great way to get away from the busy world we live in .There is so much to see and hear of you just pause for that short while . To see more or the stream we have a Youtube called Ampleforth,Carr House Farm and the Holbeck

Tuesday 5 February 2013

9 month old Labrador dog for sale

Anyone interested in Labrador dog please get in touch. Born May 2012 he is been trained to walk on a lead and that is more or less all.Reday to start bringing on He has an impeccable pedigree. Sire is Copperbirch Winnebego who picked up 100 days last season as did his dam similar days Cuckavalda Touch of Gold . Sire - the dam is FTCH Ernvale Maud who was top Ret IRE 2008 . he has 2/2 hips .Eyes clear and PRA herd test clear.Dam's sire -top dog in Scotland FTCH Leadburn Viceroy -2nd in IGL 2008. GrandDam sired by FTCH Talsibrook Rhum of Bolton Abbey 4th in IGLS owned by Duchess of Devonshire. Hips 0/0 eyes clear. Optigen PRA tested clear. No time wasters. No offers -£1000 . Sale due to overstock . If this dog is not sold by March it will be trained on further
next season as a peg dog .

Monday 4 February 2013

Our 5th wedding anniversary

Cards are getting so expensive and you can't eat them. It is 5 years as today that we got married in St Lucia and couldn't let the day go by without doing nothing. I had hoped we were going to eat out at the Hare at Scawton. The Hare recently changed hands and is getting rave reviews. It was always a favourite place of ours and that of guests to go. It is closed on Mondays and tomorrow is another day .So when I was in Filey I went to Sterchi's a wonderful wonderful chocolate shop// Easter eggs are in already -it looked more like a hatchery as the lady explained that St Catherine's Hospice get a lot to raise money thought raffling them locally. As it is St Valentines Day next week there was a good selection of romanticy things on offer.Always beautifully wrapped.
I just got this little heart. Jack ate the chocolates inside and I ate the shell.So it was nice to share it . That's what life is about.

Pleasure after work

I took Shirley over to our beach chalet at Filey this afternoon .We had been studying and listening hard-see previous blog- and Filey wasn't that far away. We got some fish and chips in town and took them down to the chalet to eat them .It was a lovely day to say it was only February. The tide was just going out and it was surprising how many people there were about going for a stroll. Kettle on the coffee was soon made and the table set for lunch.It is surprising how warm it was as we settled down in the chalet chairs out of the wind although we did keep our coats on. All to soon we had to head home. The sun lit up the waves. The tide rippled the sand. Each time revelling a longer stretch of sand around the bay.If you would like to have this unique experience you are welcome to use our beach house for free when you stay 2 or more nights with us.It is there on a first come first taken basis so don't
miss out

the Moors and More

Susan Briggs and Katrina McLees have been busy working behind the scenes on the new Moors and More project. Today was the first cluster meeting throughout the North York Moors National Park. So off I trotted to the Downe Arms at Wykeham near Scarborough. It was lovely to meet, at long last, Tricia from They have a great article in the Coast magazine March 2013.... But I saw it first.... As you know I love the sea and have always wanted to go on one of their day courses but they seem to be held when I have lots of breakfasts to cook so have never got yet.Tricia and I are hoping to work together to offer guests staying here the opportunity to stay here and also to sample the delights of the sea. Coast and Country. Robin Hood Caravan Park and Treasure Trails are busy hatching a plan too. Jack is set to do doggy days with both his gundogs and another kind of dog too.This will be of interest to old and young alike. Holidays are about relaxing but often people like to learn a bit too and this is what this is all about.Here you see Susan and Katrina getting my undivided attention. I didn't want to miss anything so it was eyes forward....

Sunday 3 February 2013

Katrina called it Landladies Lunch

After having all the winter blues it was nice to receive an email headed Landladies Lunch and bring the husband. Kind Invitation from Katrina and Derek Gary of The Wold Cottage at Wold Newton. We started off at their beach chalet which is next to ours at Filey. The weather was good for the time of year.There we were to have coffee before going back to the Wold Cottage for lunch . The coffee turned out to be port. Jack who rarely misses going out on a Sunday lunchtime to the pub was well impressed at such a start.We bid Filey Au Revoir - we must keep practising our French as Le Tour de France will be here in 2014. We headed across Hockney countryside to get to the house. Not quite as colourful as Hockney's painting are but then it is winter. Lunch was a feast as you can well imagine .The Younger Grays live in Dubai and I guess this set the idea of the menu. Delightful Oriental chicken that was so tender it just broke with a fork ,a medley of baby vegetables in a sauce which was more Dubai than Yorkshire and salmon with an interesting crust again with a touch or the orient to it -very tasty -cooked to perfection.Puddings, desserts,sweets whatever you like to call them it didn't matter .There was a big big selection.No diets today girls. Then Katrina took me for a tour of the house. Very impressive bedrooms and touches that Katrina Gray could only do -stamping her personality into each .She is currently updating and revamping as we all try to do at this time of year.One of the bathroom is amazing .So amazing that I pulled Jack from his comfy throne in the lounge to give him a tour. We had a lovely lovely few hours at the coast and in the Wolds.We thank the Grays so much for our invite and hope to see them again at our beach chalets soon. I chauffeured and my passenger said as we were getting closer to home "Aye it was a grand day but I am glad to be back into the hills". And then off he was off to let his dogs out.You would have thought he hadn't seen them for a week.Here you see Katrina busy in her kitchen.The temptation of the
sweets .Katrina with Jack in the hall just before we left. P.S. Katrina I forgot to sya wow I love your top.Lady of many talents, did you knit it?