Thursday 29 August 2013

Alistair Griffin & Leddra Chapman - The One - Official video

I met this young man earlier in the year and now he has released another record this time with an accomplice. Another talent from Yorkshire

Sunday 18 August 2013

Suzi Quatro eat your heart out....

I think I missed my vocation in life. When I was young, many moons ago, I always admired Suzi Quatro back in the early 70s with Can the Can and Devilgate Drive. On Saturday night as the weather was not that clever we decided to give Castle Howard a miss as it was The Last Night of the Proms. We went to The Grapes at Slingsby instead. Paul Judge was playing . I think he is very famous,but I know him more as Lorraine@s husband who I went to calligraphy classes with. When I saw his chrome 1920 guitar I just knew that was what I should have done . Never too late to start, I picked it up and there I was "not quite a nearly Suzi Quatro. A big thank you to Paul for letting me pick it up and posing with me I think he was more worried I dropped it as it was quite heavy. Lorraine then told me he never let anyone touch it.She had only carried it in a case so I felt very honoured. He is a right good sort of a guy. Jack was happy to stand at the bar and said the beer was on good form. It was nice to catch up with Peter Plaskitt who had bought Bert from Jack and catch up with him. If you are interested in his music and want to buy a CD, visit his website and you can also find out more about him .... Paul Judge has built a reputation as an outstanding musician and skilful songwriter, with an innovative slide guitar style Using an electrified resonator guitar and a small valve amplifier for solo performances, Paul has developed a unique bottleneck style which goes beyond the influences of Elmore James and Ry Cooder to incorporate walking bass lines, jazz chords, false harmonics and right hand tapping His debut solo album, 'Person to Person', produced by Steve Phillips, was released in 1998. Following the release of his second album, 'Love and Hard Work' in 2002, he formed his own band (Paul Judge and the Jackals) to provide a broader backdrop to his incisive song-writing and masterful guitar-playing, but he still enjoys the intimacy and creative freedom of solo performing. Paul has played with top-ranking musicians such as Steve Phillips, Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges, Johnny Mars, Matt Smith and Steve Fairclough, and has supported Paul Jones, Dave Kelly, Catfish Keith, Michael Roach, Geoff Achison and many others. He is also a highly regarded teacher with many years experience, a former slide columnist for Guitarist magazine and for several years was a member of the teaching faculty for the prestigious International Guitar Foundation (IGF).

Buddleia and Butterflies

It is well known fact that if you plant buddleias in your garden and it will attract the butterflies.With all the sun we have being having of late the flowers are now at their best and the butterflies are loving them. There was 5 butterflies on one head but they don't stay long and I wasn't quick enough to catch them with the camera. They are starting to come into the house now as the nights draw in they are looking for a place to sleep for the winter.They like the top of the staircase and behind the wardrobe in our bedroom.They latch on to the beams too. For us it is a yearly event for others they view them with interest. All part of living in the country.

How does Princess Emmy Rose sound ?

Prince George of Cambridge need look no further. His Princess -Emmmy Rose made her debut on Wednesday evening. Her Auntie got a marvellous photo of her,practising her regal wave. A healthy 7lbs 3lbs and is No 3 granddaughter. She came down to the farm on Saturday afternoon to meet us. Nearly 91 years between the oldest and youngest in the family. Grandad was the first to have hold of her,Granny soon took over,by the time she got to me her older sister was watching to make sure I didn't drop her. With 3 little girls under 4 Nick and Claire certainly will have their hands full.

Saturday 17 August 2013

Wine tasting anyone ?

When we were recently at the Carpenters Arms in Felixkirk I picked up a leaflet which had their forthcoming event on. Now one was a wine tasting evening ..Those who know me well will tell you I think wine is like vinegar I just don't like it unless it is something ridiculously sweet like a pudding wine.I stuck to water. But what did interest me was the food that went with it. A duo of starters - both a white and a brown crab dish as well as crispy fried bely pork. A duo of mains which comprised of sea bass and breast of guinea bird and topped off with pudding. We have a Kiwi girl staying with us helping so she came along with us too .There were 5 glasses of wine and between them Jack and Libby polished off not only their own but mine too .So everyone was happy. The dinning area was packed and Debbie Whitwell was looking after us all perfectly. The wines were Australian and hosted by the very easy going and delightful Scott Patrick from Corney and Barrow. he was very down to earth and not stuffy at all. He even supplies a wine, a Merlot 2009 from Pyramid Hill,Hunter Valley that are no longer in production so I did just taste that just to say I had had some. Libby had been to The Lane.Adelaide Hills where the Unwooded Chardonnay 2009 came from so they chatted away for quite a time. Scott was very good and spent time at every table talking to people. Apparently all the Providence Inns do these sort of events so you may like to go along and see for yourself. It made a nice change Sorry I had nearly eaten my main course when I remembered I hadn't taken a photo of it

Friday 16 August 2013

A Papa Kata evening

Derek and Katrina Gray's son got married last weekend. They decided as the Papa Kata tent was still stood in their grounds that they would organise a fund raising for Macmillan Support. It was a lovely evening,I went with my friend Louise who I hadn't seen for ages so it was good to catch up with her too. The grounds,the food,the company ,the atmosphere everything was perfect.As dusk fell candles were lit and it all took on such a magical effect. Around £2000 was raised and the committee worked very hard. I gave a stay here for 2 people in the raffle. It was really nice as they lady who won it had been the local school teacher and has lived in the village for 61 years.I hope her daughter will find time to come and stay the night with her.

Sunday 11 August 2013

Returning Guests....

It is always nice to welcome guests who have stayed with us before. Some guests come a few times a year or for their yearly holidays. Others come on their honeymoon. It is 28 years ago that Mark Leach arrived with his bride Louise.They had always planned to come back and this weekend they made it. They would see many changes -all for the better I hope.In those days everyone stayed for a week and had evening meals too. I keep my old guest books and I found their entry from back in 1985.just as they were leaving Louise rushed back in to say how much they loved the "Mousie" Thompson bread board I had bought them all those years ago from the famous woodcarver from Kilburn just 4 miles from here .They have twins now aged 22 and ended up buying another piece -a cheese board so they had something special to hand to their children at some stage. I am glad we were able to be part of their memories. I told them to come back but before another 28 years as I couldn't guarantee I would be still cooking breakfast at 85 -but then you never know.

George Pickles and then Lockwoods..

Ripon is quite that undermentioned gem. I am one of George Pickles biggest fans ,-George's role is the Ripon Hornblower and every night dutifully George blows the horn at 9pm to set the watch to keep the town safe. This is a ritual which has gone on unbroken for 1100 years. Most place stop serving food at 9pm but not in Ripon and one of the ladies who works in the Ripon Museum directed us to Lockwoods. Just before 9.30pm and the staff were so helpful .The food was delicious and the puddings outstanding. I had a terrine,toast and a huge pile of chips with aoili and this wonderful chocolate and raspberry creation. Libby our Kiwi helper had seafood linguine and was also tempted by the chocolate dessert. Certainly a place I would go again and happy to recommend to guests

Angry Birds at Lightwater Valley

Another great evening thanks to Welcome to Yorkshire networking event at Lightwater Valley. It must be 20 years since we took Nicholas there so it was good to return to see how much they expanded. David Shields was there to make sure things ran smoothly and here you see him having a bit of time out. we were invited to see the Finnish £1m venture of Angry Birds.This will be for littlies to about 8 years old. The staff were working late and thanks to them we saw a friendly snake which I just to say managed to touch. Then there was a bird of prey display with an hawk and my favourite was the barn owl. It came so close you could feel the draught as it passed but so silent. Although Rubi-Sue and Martha are a bit young to go there it wont be long before they are old enough to take . Another great attraction to visit in North Yorkshire

Sunday 4 August 2013

August 1st - Yorkshire Day

Mary Pearson rang me up the other day inviting me to a Yorkshire Day celebration at her home near Northallerton. What a good idea to raise funds for charity.Late as usual but I need not have worried as Mary had made mountains of food.I first caught up with Val Anderson from Ainderby Myers Farm with Graham.She was sporting a rather nice straw hat.Then headed to get something to eat. It was delicious. There were 2 teapots in the marquee so we could put a donation in .What a novel idea.We were invited to go into the garden,this is where I found some very old and dear friends - Fairlie Turnbull,Jenny Pybus and Diana Greenwood. if I added up the years separately it would total over 150 . I have known Mary and Lady Mary Furness slightly less.Must say Lady Mary was doing a sterling job clearing the tables.When I first knew Lady M business meetings had to fit around her days hunting, she had shorter hair then .Today it is elegantly swept back and makes you think does she now hunt riding side saddle.I must ask her. We all have run past and present bed and breakfast or self catering. So I said "ladies -a photo and I will say it is the 3 monkeys -see no evil,speak no evil and hear no evil " I got a lovely email from Jenny later that evening saying she couldn't believe she had sat out under an old apple tree talking for 2 and a half hours. She said also added "Good on you girl.I have always thought you amazing and you still are" I was really touched by that as Jenny herself is very much a business woman and her head screwed on the right way.She says we must all keep in touch and meet up again - meaning not in 10 years time .So I guess I will have to set the ball rolling and set a date for them all to come here. I was telling my Dad what Jenny had said and he replied that his best friend,Brian Otterburn, used to say about me " A party is never a party unless Punch is invited too" -meaning me. What a lovely thing to say about me. Time flew and we said our goodbyes and I set back on the road towards Northallerton as I past another farm gateway if I had held a glass in my hand I would have raised a toast to Rosemary Metcalfe -the one who got us all together in the first place.