Sunday 23 November 2014


November can be damp and dismal with fog and shortening day light hours .But there are advantages to November too. Those heart warming meals that we forget about in the Summer months. My favourite soup book must be the Covent Garden Soup Co one they are so simple and so good. My dad doesnt need a cookery book he cooks up stewing meat .Pulses,potatoes, swede and carrots from the garden. My Mum adds the salt and pepper and I guarentee you will come back for more. At 92 I thought it most be a hassle for him to dice up the vegetables, so offered to do it for him as he set on to make a panful to feed 20 plus people the other day .No he didnt want any help .He gets great pleasure from cutting vegetables up from his own garden - It takes all sorts ... Today being Sunday and Yorkshire puddings I made a bread and butter pudding. Made with saffron fruit cake I then added a nice red apple from our garden with some honey. It made all the stings I had bestowed on me worth while to be able to use our own honey .Jack was able to tuck into this and there is still a bit left for tomorrow.

Sunday 9 November 2014

Sunday Lunch Time is always Special

It used to be when we had a large gathering of family around the table. All sort of subjects came into conversation from a cow calving to the local fundraising as well as the local scandal of the area. Today my Dad came out with the below poem. I dont know what started off the conversations. At 92 he reeled it of word for word . He couldnt believe he hadnt told me it before. That is why Sunday Lunchtimes are so special. So I have shared this poem with you because in this day and age things such as this often get pushed aside for plastic toys and high tech games, I hope it will be passed on for generations to come Oh dear, oh dear sobbed the tiny mole, A fairy has tumbled into my hole. It’s full of water and crawly things And she can’t get out ‘cause she’s hurt her wings. I did my best to catch hold of her hair, But my arms are so short and she’s still in there. Please help her white rabbit your arms are so long. They say you are good and I know you are strong. Don’t bother me the white rabbit said, As he turned up his nose and his ears went red. There’s lots of mud and it’s sure to stick, To my beautiful fur so white and thick. Oh dear oh dear sobbed the tiny mole, Who will help this fairy out of my hole? A little brown rabbit popped up from the gorse, I’m not very strong but I’ll try of course. His little tail bobbed as he waddled in And the muddy water came up to his chin. But he caught the fairy by the hand, And helped her back to fairy land. She kissed him first on his muddy nose. She kissed his ears and his little wet toes. And when the day dawned in the morning light, That little brown rabbit was silvery white.

Friday 7 November 2014

Staithes on a dark November evening

Had the pleasure of going to the opening evening of Vicky Dixon and Matthew Asquith's new venture. Better known for their Whitby Seafood co and Whitby Crab co. Vicky has now got another string to her bow.They have taken on a b and b in Staithes with a restaurant underneath. It has even been renamed The Endeavor Kitchen with rooms. There was quite a gathering of foodies including Amanda Wragg and Jill Turton, both who write for the Yorkshire Post. The last time I met Amanda was in the Michelin starred Pipe and Glass kitchen run by James McKenzie.Tonight we tucked into soul warming seafood chowder . Followed by pulled pork and apple sauce rolls along with other tasty goodies rolling out of the kitchen. Tricia Hutchinson was in the kitchen tonight. We shared a table with John Stokoe the journalist and his wife and young daughter. We all agreed to return sooner rather than later. The Kitchen is going to be open from 8am throughout the day. So if you are venturing to the coast why not pop to Staithes and make the Kitchen your port of call.

Monday 3 November 2014

Hovingham Farmer's Market

On Saturday, Matthieu who is our French helper and I took an hour or so off painting the kitchen to go to Hovingham. There is a market there every first Saturday in the month. Last Saturday for once I remembered. Haxby Bakery had a great selection of bread.Matthieu said it reminded him of home. He declined a crossiant as he was watching his waist line -bless him but was drooling for bread.So I loaded him up with loaves. On top of this he carried some tiffin which again he gave way to the chocolate temptation from the young Mrs Rooke - Apple Charlotte and then I found Justin Staal . I had never met him before but heard a lot about him Justin and his amazing smoked fish - not only fish but duck and chicken. He had samples and thought he did very well to keep his cool when a lady took a generous sample and fed it to her dog. I love his logo, it is so Justin Staal. Sarah Stark was there with husband Peter and baby Stark -Sienna with the biggest blue eyes bouncing about in her pram quite content as she was amused by the crowds of people around. It was a great way to spend an hour out in the Autumn sunshine.The village of Hovingham is also well worth a look around.Hovingham Hall, seat of the Worsleys for generations and childhood home of the Duchess of Kent is the jewel in this North Yorkshire village.