Sunday 29 August 2010

Marcus Wareing's Vanilla pickled vegetables and BOOKS

I was given this incredible book Nutmeg and Custard written by Marcus Wareing. It is not only a great read- I read cookery books like Jack reads The Shooting Times- it has some really good and easy to follow recipes. Recipes that you think why didn't I think of that. So while I am waiting for the vinegar and the spices and seasoning to boil I thought I would come to my blog to tell you to buy this super book and of a few others.
I went to the other day in Helmsley Town hall . Book sale- yes, I thought I would take a look as I had ten minutes to spare, well seven really but it led to I was drawn into this Aladdin's Cave of books. You must read from their website- when the dates they are selling in the area. Stock up for Christmas .birthdays and for those times when you need a book.Cheaper to buy than a Sunday newspaper the one you can use to light the fire with for the rest of the week. Why you may think do I want to write about a book sale. You go to the sale choose your books,they take your money and off you trot. The helpful man,as I was short of time I had to keep dashing to him to ask where I would find certain books, who took my money not only gave me a book mark with 3 good pictures of Whitby on with the dates of his coming sale, he politely asked me why I had bought what I had .You can tell books are his passion not just a money making venture to him. After I read the website I felt quite humble, Nigel and Louise obviously have their hands full with their children and made the move to come to the countryside to give them a better life. They work very hard and run their business from their home in Glaisdale, despite their family circumstances. They also have on-line sales for those of you unable to get to their bargain sales.
If you at Hutton-le- Hole on the 4/5 September no doubt you will see me staggering out of the Village Hall with some more wonderful books.

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Is it Tuesday or is it Wednesday...I suppose as a woman of many talents

The weeks seem to fly by let alone the days and if I miss a day or two that is allowed. I have been beavering away very hard to get the teddy bear finished for Rubi-Sues 1st birthday. It was 12.30am the other night when I finished sewing the paw pad onto a foot and then I had to start on the ears. Eve showed me how to stuff the bear and how the jointing goes together and put the eyes in- these were antique brown leather shoe buttons.What a collection Eve has collected up over the years to make these fantastic bears. The finishing touches have been added and I do hope Rubi will love her little pink girl bear.Thanks to Eve for all her patience and again to Louise who made another glorious lunch in between cleaning her very impressive chandelier which hangs over the kitchen table.Louise is amazing as she is always cooking and welcoming the volumes of people who step over her doorstep and making them meals.
Thanks also to the man who I flagged down in a car today when I was coming back from Helmsley I had spotted a deer that had been run over on the grass verge just at the top of Wass bank. I tried my best to lift it into the back of the car but it was a Seka and it was just too heavy . I was out of signal with my phone and waited for some kind person to stop to help me lift it into the boot. Most just drove past-wimps I thought not wanting to dirty their hands, the deer was dead for goodness sake it wasnt going to bite them. Then a kind man reversed up who informed me he was a butcher-its a wonder we hadn't dressed it at the side of the road there and then. It is all dressed and ready for the oven now and I will make sure Louise gets a joint to feed her hungry five thousand.
Sorry you can only see the back of the bear now as I dont want to waste the surprise

Sunday 22 August 2010

Hydro Water Power at Carr House Farm,,,

Now this is really a chicken and egg situation and we are just starting to make progress into finding out what has to be done so we can generate our electricity from the stream which flows at the bottom of the garden. We have been in touch with the North York National Parks and have now visited Bonfield Ghyll where we were kindly shown around by the owner. This was the first one of its kind in the country and is working very well. The family are not on the grid so it was a good thing for them. Apart from it being very interesting to see the hydro turbine working, we had a lovely ride over the Moors and saw quite a few grouse- they were too quick for me to get the camera out. The heather carpets the moors with its vibrant purple no wonder people come from all over the world to see it. We will keep you posted on how we are getting on to produce green power and the feasibility study we will have done.

Friday 20 August 2010

Real Staithes and real Yorkshire people

Ahoy there,Welcome aboard. you sea-faring lovers. I am hoping that guests staying with us here at Carr House will be interested in joining Sean Baxter and Trish Hutchinson from Staithes in taking a trip out on Sean's boat "All My Sons" on a fishing trip where you can go fishing -wreck and ground fishing or just a pleasure trip. Times depend on the tides. You will not have to be late as time and tides waits for no man not even Sean. Tricia,a contemporary textile artist runs different courses including natural dyes. Did you know sea slugs actually produce colour. We learn something every day and I am sure you would learn more than one thing if you went on one of Tricia's courses.
What I am really looking forward to is going on one of their day courses which takes you for a walk on the coast line. The highlights for me is to find jet and other fossils,check and bait pots for lobster and crabs ....Think crab risotto here...,and then have a lobster lunch in an old fisherman's hut. This is a small family run enterprise which is borne out of their love for the sea ,the coastal environment and the unique village where they live.

Butterflies and Buddleias

The Buddleias are now in full bloom and you can see why they are called the Butterfly Bush. We get an amazing amount of them coming and dancing round the flower heads before finally settling on them . Yesterday I saw 6 on one flower all jarring for a settling point. So I was out with the camera this morning but I wasn't as lucky today. It is the regatta at Whitby this weekend so hopefully it will not be too windy as to disrupt things and also it is the Last night of the Proms at Castle Howard tomorrow evening which is a great draw to people. I often ride down to near the Great Lake around 9pm it is something I have done since Nicholas was little -he is 30 now- so he could watch the finale fireworks light up the sky and hear everyone singing Land of Hope and Glory.

Friday 13 August 2010

Field Mushrooms and Cheese

Nothing taste better but it is rarely you can find them these days .Jack went with his brother Frank the other day to look at his cattle and came back with a wonderful amount of mushrooms. So talk about having them for breakfast ,lunch and supper. Fried for breakfast ,soup for lunch and save the best for supper which I made into a risotto. We have had quite a drop of rain over this last couple of days so I guess this will make them grow even more. Jack has promised to go down in the morning to get me some more. It will be supper at home tomorrow night and mushroom risotto will be on the menu- just let me know when you will be arriving.
I have got some really delicious Parmesan from Ryedale cheese-mongers. Nigel Seymour and Cathy Leete- she's Mrs Seymour now,who is Bobby Leete the blacksmith's sister.who I have known since they were children grew up around Helmsley and have now taken up the cheese stall in Helmsley market on Fridays. They certainly know their cheeses and I call most weeks as they have some of the best cheeses I have come across including the Old Amsterdam which is first class.They sell eggs,cream and yogurts too. It is so nice to have local people looking after you as besides selling their wares you can catch up on the village news,get tips on all sorts of subjects. Last week I had a stye coming on my eye -Rub your gold ring on it they both repeat in unison and what was more it worked. They are such a lovely couple and deserve to do well. They also offer a service of supply platter of cheese for dinner parties.

Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown

Well not quite ...We are having a log burning stove put in our living room -Jack is full of good ideas and as he chops the wood he has the say. The fireplace has come out and there is now a great hole in the wall and the builder is going on holiday. With it being a very old house most of the walls are 2 foot thick and I was quite excited at the idea of when the fireplace came out we may find a really old one like we did in the dining room .The wall was in fact 4 inches deep and we could see daylight through in parts and further up the cracks were so wide you could get your hand through. And this was an outside wall. But I have faith in the builder,Phil Nicholls, who has reinforced the wall and put huge planks of concrete in and me talk pins through. We have some very nice old clamp hand made bricks from Alne brick works and I will have to be going round the farm to find a piece of old oak to act as a mantle shelf.
Jack has been on the grouse moors for the last two days so I have held the fort at home and being in charge of the puppies. As they get feed quite a few times during the day and need a walk out it is quite time consuming. Also I took the adult dogs out and they so enjoying running round the field. Snowflake and Snowball go like lightening trying to catch the swallows skimming low over the field .I wish I had their energy.

Monday 2 August 2010

Back to School....

Today I spent a few very pleasant hours at Louise's home when I met up with her and her mum, Eve, who makes the most wonderful teddy bears . These are not just ordinary teddy bears, they are very special ones.Instead of buying one for Rubi-Sue for her first birthday I thought it would be more special if I could make one and Eve has kindly said she would show me how to start. Eve and I had been to a tassel making class years ago in Malton and I have done lots of cross-stitch over the years. Last year some of my work was exhibited at Castle Howard. I never seem to have time to pick up a needle now, but I am determined to get this bear done for the 11th Sept.The fabric was chosen -some antique mohair and of course it is pink -well what other colour could you have for a little girls teddy..Today I have got the pieces pinned together and a pink suede pad stitched on. Everything on these bears are hand stitched in tiny back stitch.Eve has given me lots of instructions on what I have to do before I see her again. Thanks for her patience and a big thank you to Louise for a very moreish lunch cooked on her new Aga.