Sunday 15 March 2009

Jack -one of the 50 friendly faces of North Yorkshire

It has just been confirmed that my husband, Jack, is one of the 50 friendly faces of North Yorkshire.This is a campaign run by the North Yorkshire Moors and Coast Tourisn Partnership.The initiative spotlights the people who best reflect and represent the welcoming nature of the Yorkshire Moors and Coast area.
They were asked to share their favourite place which brings a smile to their faces. Jack said "The triangle taking in the Abbeys of Ampleforth,Byland and the new Stanbrook at the top of Wass Bank.Every morning I walk out of the door I couldnt imagine living anywhere else but under the backdrop of these ancient woods with beautiful views in the peace and quiet. To round the day off what better way than to mix with friends down at the local village pub just a mile away."-