Monday 24 January 2011

Dinner Menu- the Robbie Burns Way

Christmas has long gone and we all like an excuse for a good party. Many will be having dinner parties tomorrow night to celebrate Burns Night. If you haven't yet got you menu together you can use mine.Haggis,neeps and tatties -Quick and easy. Instead of me running about ten minutes before everyone comes trying to find a sword to cut the haggis I have decided on a safer option. Roast partridge-one per person -they will be stuffed with haggis. This bird is very easy to cook. Roast breast down for 25 mins. Turn over to brown the skin for another 10-15mins.On a hot plate spread you mashed potato into a round. Divide it into 4 making a gap between each portion. Add your mashed Swede to fill the gaps .You will then have the effect of the flag of Scotland. Sit a partridge stuffed with haggis on the top. Stew some pears lightly and have these in a little dish to accompany each plate.
Aldi you will find sells very good smoked salmon as voted by one of the top newspapers and far cheaper than most of there competitors. I will serve this as a started with a prawn souffle. Why people think souffle are like volcanoes I do not now. As if they re going to explode at any minute.As long as it isn't undercooked you will have no worries.
Raspberries will have to feature in the pudding as Scotland is renown for its raspberries.My Grandmother used to have them deliver from Perthshire to Coxwold railway station. My Grandfather would go with his horse and trap to pick them up.I guess around 100 years later I will be able to find some locally but I do hope they are from Perthshire. To start the pudding take some pecan cereal and soak in whisky for a few hours. Add maple syrup and whipped double cream. This needs to go into he fridge until you need it. Divide up when you need it and top with raspberries. I like to roll mine in Demerara sugar as I have a sweet tooth.
Lewis and Cooper for us but any good cheesemongers will be able to supply you with good Scottish cheese. You will also need oatcakes not digestives this time. As for the drink I will leave that to Jack. He had Geoff trying out some malts on Sunday.But I see a bottle of two survived the tasting along with a bottle of 10 year old Jura. Slainte mhath