Thursday, 17 January 2013

Disappointment and excitement all in a day

I was very honoured to get an invitation to the Black Tie Dinner in Leeds to welcome the Tour de France to Leeds.It is to celebrate LeTourYorkshire will be coming to Yorkshire in July 2014. To dine with 349 of what was said on TV as the goods and greats of Yorkshire would have been wonderful. 60 Tour de France officials will be flown in from Paris to attend. Unfortunately I have had to decline the invitation as I have not been well and don't want to upstage the show by keeling over. Gary Verity and the team at Welcome to Yorkshire have worked very hard to bring this great sporting event to Yorkshire,It is hard to believe, YES it is coming. To celebrate the occasion I have bought 2 Dawes Diploma cycles complete with baskets from Ralph Yates of Malton . I choose Dawes because they are English and Yates as they are a very old established firm in Malton.They will service these bikes and for years have given reliable service. That is what its is all about. The bikes will be here for guests to use for free. Hopefully I am sorting a deal out with delis in the area for you to enjoy. The excitement is that LeTourYorkshire will be coming. Here is your opportunity should you wish to try out the roads that le Tour de France bosses saw which lead to Yorkshire clinching the event. All you have to do is come and stay and a couple of nights and book to use our bikes for free.