Thursday 18 September 2014

Going to Scotland today

My Dad and I set off early this morning to St Boswells. This is a yearly affair as we go to buy gimmer lambs. This year was much the same as any other. but with the voting going on I was not sure if we would get back or not .So I took my passport. At the border there was a Scotch man dressed in his kilt with the bagpipes. I dont know if he was called Donald he didnt stay longer enough for me to ask.It was quite windy and guess he would have been happier in his troooousers, along with some Japanese people and their cameras .I guessed the latter were tourists and asked if they were here on holiday. No, came the reply they were come over to film the coverage for the voting. My Dad is wise beyond his years said where has the saying gone."United we stand,divided we fall" Tomorrow we will here the outcome .Hopefully the sheep we bought up there today will get here without a passport but I took mine just incase.