Monday, 2 February 2015

The outcome of the Chelsea Pensioners visit

Between the breakfasts and the dinner the Chelsea Pensioners visited St Benedicts school in Ampleforth. At school it was Williams 6th birthday and so he had his photograph taken with the Chelsea Pensioners and his granddad was in the Army so it was nice this happened. We also had a raffle and with all donations and the monies we would like to thank everyone who helped us raise £1000 that went back down to London. It is to be used in the Margaret Thatcher Infirmary which is for the frailer and ill inmates of the RH Chelsea. I handed over the cheque which they were going to drop off at the Hospital before they headed straight out again to watch Chelsea football team play against Liverpool. Just before they went there was one last presentation and that was to our lovely local lady Doctor Mechie who is retiring. My mum and dad donated one of the Ampleforth roses to her and here you see her with a smile who has made many an ill person feel a lot better.