Sunday 24 July 2016

What makes the Great Yorkshire Show GREAT

Perfect weather for the Great Yorkshire Show this year, not too cold not too hot. Not too crowded by the time I got there in the late afternoon .
I suppose spending my childhood Yorkshire Shows having to tramp round endless cattle, sheep and pigs has left a mark as I have a quick nip round. I can only appreciate all the time and effort that goes into the quality of these show animals.  I think my favourite tent is the flower tent. Maybe it is the smell that draws me to it.
I have never been to Chelsea as much as I love watching it on television .I always seem to be held up with something which has meant I have never got to the Flower Show at Harrogate in Spring or Autumn.
My Dad always ordered his sweet pea seeds when we went when I was a child. Not only was I always amazed by the colours of the blooms but the black posh cloth that they stand only. It was all "posh and extravagant like " .
This year I felt the flowers grown on farms display should have won gold . It  was amazing. I have bought flowers from this band of growers  before  and they certainly do last longer than most other shop ones and you can save the seed heads to sow later too .
I also like the weird and wonderful ,thought it was something out of Harry Potter and this too was a great display.