Thursday 5 September 2019

The Shambles with Harry Potter and then there is the new Downtown Abbey

This is the Shambles in York in the evening  and a perfect time to get that special photograph without having to wrestle with the crowds of people, who are about during the day .Also The Shambles is where there is now a Harry Potter Shop which delights my grandchildren . I prefer to think of it at the time when ladies wear elegant long dresses and gentlemen walked the streets in top hats and carried walking canes.             
Maybe I have been watching to much Downton Abbey. But what I think is really exciting is that there is going to be a new Downton Abbey film out soon  and some right on our "doorstep". 
I am lucky to have a friend who was part of the cast and so I have the low down on where the new Downton Abbey was filmed . So whether you prefer to go and check the film locations under your own steam or prefer to have an organised tour with your own personal chauffeur ,we can arrange it when you stay with us here at Carr House Farm .
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