Wednesday 2 February 2022

Rievaulx Shoot Dinner

A grand evening was had by all, as the Birkett Family hosted their end of season shoot dinner. It was held at the Feathers in Helmsley. Young and old faces mixed together as I sat next to a lad who went beating from Malton . He worked at the Farey yard and had spent some time up at Willy Mullins, so Jack and him chatted away as they both had something in common .Jack used to ride in point - to -points as you may remember and occasionally over the sticks. Both agreeing what a great horse Kato Star was. Kieran was born and bred a Maltonian, we had even gone to the same school even though it was 40 years apart. Numbers are scary things !. We were treated to a very nice steak and ale pie and even though I am not a lover of gravy it went down very well. The staff did an excellent job as they were rushed off their feet with 3 shoot parties on, but Tracy, the manager, still had time to have a word with us. After dinner there was speeches which saw a standing ovation for Rob Parish as he retires after working on the Rievaulx Estate for 37 years and had been head gamekeeper for many years . He was presented with a stuffed white pheasant that had lived in Low Gill for the last 3 seasons . He had been very disappointed when someone had shot it ...but you always get some clever dick shooting such a bird. It has happened on our shoots before. Anyway it looked very spendid. It was way pass Jack 7pm bedtime as it was after 10pm before we got home. As you see he was rubbing his eyes, but kept going. There will probably be a few sore heads this morning as we heard one lad had booked a taxi to pick him up at 1.30am . High spirits and antics were starting as we left as a certain young man exchanged his clothes with one of the female beaters and pranched round the dance floor. Shame I didnt get a photo of that.