Friday 30 June 2023

Roses - We have a rose garden

How did that song go ....I didn't promise you a rose garden ... but then Oscar Wilde came up with Be happy, cried the Nightingale, be happy; you shall have your red rose. I will build it out of music by moonlight, and stain it with my own heart's-blood. You will always find interesting quotes and sayings about roses. When Jack came here I was surprised how much he liked roses and he planted quite a lot in fact they extended well into the woodland behind the house. I think they are the quintessential flower of an English country garden. We are very lucky to have lots here and also across in the farm garden. I have a very light pink one which is over 80 years old ,I would be very disappointed if it didnt survive. I am sure Monty Don would be pleased with my show of roses this year. Now I havent got a clue what most of them are called, but does it matter not really. I think the "Peace" rose would be the one I would always be able to identify. I started writing this blog before watching tonights programme and lo and behold a section of the programme was about roses. It is the Rose Festival at Rogers Roses in Pickering next weekend which we have supported for many years and donated a salver for the best smelling rose. It is well worth a visit if you are in the area. My Dad always liked a rose that had a scent and why not.His favourite colour was an orange one. I have a row which my dad bought me probably 40 years ago they were old then and what someone had grown and tried to make a business out of extracting the oil to make soap which sold in Harrods for a crazy amount of money. Rose petals I put in jam, make rose water for the finally washing rinse and have made potions up as face cream -not that it has done much good. Maybe I need to apply it every night not just every day for a week, then forget for a couple of months. Nothing looks nicer than a bowl of roses in a silver rose bowl as a centre piece on a table . Easy to take cuttings and grow on and there is no point in spending mega money on buying plants just find a friend with some one who has different to yours and swap them. I think gardening is about sharing it makes it fun and competive too. We have some very nice ones which we bought for a couple of pounds and some bought for special anniversary which cost a whole lot more .Give them a year or two and you couldnt tell which you had spent the most money one. As I plan the garden at the farm ,roses will play a major part of it. Roseson trellises, alongside Lupins, Delphiniums and Hollyhocks in borders . With thyme and lavender lines walkways and I seem to grow lady's mantle like weeds, so will incorporate them too . I have apricot and peach trees already waiting to be planted against the garden wall. The ground has to be cleared fist and the wood sawn up . We had a bit of a set back today as there were 2 wasp nests and a hornets too to sort before we could go any further. My Dad liked nothing better in his vegetable garden to get the first tomoato,potato or even sweet pea. I have lost that now, but I have joined the Helmsley gardening club and some months we visit other people's gardens. Last week we went up to one near Hawnby. The lady there had a sloping garden. Many plants she had split and increase the size of her garden which had only cost her time and patience.We just need to learn, when to do it for them to grow on . Roses, Brenda White who used to lived at Water Gates Farm, would say you had to take cutting on the 15th Ocotber. Probably this date came from being mid October is a good time to take cuttings. Superstition would draw me to take cuttings on a waxing moon rather than a waning on. So here are a few of our roses to show you. And some I picked to take to the church yard for Fathers Day.